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Merging multiple mods with Mod Organiser

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Hi all,

After some help with merging multiple mods into one package using Mod Organizer.

Example: Hateful Wenches - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68090

There are two main files for this mod, one that uses vanilla armors and one that uses custom armors.

I want to use the custom armor version and with the customer version required the following armor mods to be installed as well.

-Draugr Skirts- by Tattooedillusions
-Ancient Draugr Armor- by Deserter X
-Sotteta Huntress Armor- by Deserter X
-Sotteta Necromancer Outfit- by Deserter X - Mitosuke
-Merta Assassin Armor- by Deserter X - Mitosuke
-Merta Black Rose Armor- by Deserter X
-Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit- by Deserter X
-Daedric Reaper Armor- by Deserter X

What i want to do if it can be done is to have the main Hateful Wenches mod and all the armor mods in one package, so when i activate the package it adds everything related the the mods in the game, but then when i deactivate the mod, it removes everything associated with the main mod in one click.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It is fairly easy to merge mods into a single mod but no one can do it for you because it violates the original modders rights to distribute a modified version of his mod. You could ask Deserter x to merge his mods. That would still leave out the mod by Tattooedillusions. 

For someone who is not familiar with making mods it might take quite lot of work to merge these mods together for personal use. Depends on how quickly you pick up the method. There are videos out there on how to merge mods. Some techniques require more work than others.

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This is basically why you do not want to merge mods.

BTW. I understand that your question was to put these mods in a "package" and when you have separate profiles in ModOrganizer you are "creating" mod "packages", but aside from profiles, this is all that MO does.

If you just want two versions of the game, one with the mods and one without just set up these two profiles in MO. It is much simpler that way. 

If you do not know how to set up profiles in MO, Gopher has a video in MO. 

MO Merging:


MO Profiles:


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