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Erm..what do we make of this .. TES-6

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Pretty good info on E3.

As he says, Bethesda will probably announce one of the big games they have been working on. Last year everyone expected Starfield but despite the starfield background they said nothing, so maybe they will finally announce Starfield. However other information says Starfield has been delayed. So... maybe it will be the second big RPG they have been working on. Many people are saying it will be a Fallout sequel but that is highly unlikely. It is rumored to be something different, neither post-apocalyptic  nor sword-n-sorcery... something different. One rumor was something futuristic... possibly rivaling Cyberpunk. But they are also working on at least one unannounced mobile game that is thought to be based on one of the three major big RPGs.  Possibly an ES6 mobile game to hype a 2019 ES6 release. Lots of rumors... mostly uninformed wishes by fans.

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