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Hey there its my | Xavier_Featherfall | you know the guy that now one knows ;) ^^

____________________________A bit about my self____________________________

Im form this small place called The Netherlands 

I have been a fan of Gophers <3 Videos since 2012/3

So yeah old memes, Where is J'zargo and Bill

this was it for now so have a nice day ^^ 

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Hey there Outandback, How your doing?:D

          ------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer -------------------------------------------------------            

Its my first skyrim modded Play trough charterer where i want to role play 

disclaimer  (still in the process of making / modding my game) and still need to make a endral character

-------------------------------------------------------Backstory -------------------------------------------------------

Hey is a breton who obsessed with time so mutch that every second needs to be use to the fullest, is not a fan of long talks with no goal. His goal is to become the master of time and travel the world, 

------------------------------------------------------- But why this name -------------------------------------------------------

The name was something i came up with when i though about a mage name 

fun fact Xavier means bright so i though he is a smart guy so this will fit :P

and Featherfall just sounds nice 

so yeah not really spacial


So what about your name?



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