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Obligatory Introduction Post

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Greetings Minions,

Just felt like writing a little intro of myself.  I've gonna by the name Handyrefuse(anagram of my real name) for many years, but mostly respond to Handy.  I've been a casual fan of Gopher for awhile.  Discovering him a some years ago as I got into modding FO3/NV/4 and Skyrim.  Recently got back into those games and watched his modding vids again.  Never really got into watching streams or Let's Plays of anyone before.  Decided to try watching his FNV Let's Play and became instantly hooked on this and many of his other Let's Plays.  It's gotten so bad that I've been watching pretty much only his Let's Plays and ignoring my own gaming and tv show episodes are piling up.  They're so addicting to watch!  I had to join the forum to try and be more of a part of this great community of Minions.

As for me, I'm pretty boring.  I mainly game on PC, but have a PS4 for some exclusives.  I like watching TV/Movies, some reading when I feel that itch. Some  Anime/Manga here and there, but pretty much just One Piece nowadays.

Enough rambling, never know what to say... 

So Hi Everyone!


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Well, ... Howdy Partner! Pour out a shot of whisky and join the fun.

And since you provided the traditional obligatory introduction, I will give you the traditional introductory initiation!

Duck if you see any flying cats, bats or rats because many of them enjoy dive-bombing with their flame throwers and fire bombs.

Use a fly swatter if they become a nuisance at picnics.

Have a cookie, if they are offered. I ate all of mine. The package says they may cause blindness and loss of memory so I may have just misplaced them. So... have fun... join in... we rarely bite...

Oh... and welcome  :D 

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Hello fellow Minion !

Welcome to the forum ! I hope you'll enjoy hanging around here ;)
Beware the strange people like Cryzeteur though... gopherMoo  Prepare yourself, because your post is gonna be filled with utter nonsense :D Or maybe it does make sense after all :huh:
 See you around :D

PS : You can't be boring if you're a Minion btw :P

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Thank you All for the welcome...

Hopefully, I can ever pull myself away from watching his Let's Play and actually start playing myself again.

I'm terrible at actually finishing games.  Play for a month or 2, get distracted with new game or something else, forget about it for couple years, decide to start again from beginning, repeat.

Currently, trying to get back into FNV... with FO3/4 and Witcher 3 in waiting.  Never really played more than couple hours of Witcher 1 and 2 so currently watching Gopher play W1 and will watch W2 also before continuing on in W3 so I have better grasp of past events.

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