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Gopher's Minions

FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS (MOD) - The Better Angels #Prelude

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3 hours ago, OutandBack said:

I had to chuckle listening to Gopher try and understand Texas English.

No state in the US has bastardized the English language more than them.

Except Bostontonians and Creoles... and street kids...  :huh:

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2 hours ago, Cryzeteur said:

BTW... Loved the video. I don't remember the ghoul companion.   :huh:

That's Raul. Jack rescued him from Tabitha. Gopher's running some kink of mod that really changed his ghoul features. Can't say I like it. I don't like any mods that change the faces of the original characters. Their cloths and guns fine but not their faces.

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