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10 MM SMG for FO4?


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Hey, are there any mods that add the classic 10mm SMG to Fallout 4?  I know there are mods that allow you to turn the 10 MM pistol into a rifle (I have that) and that allow you to change the ammo type for the SMG/Tommy Gun (I have that as well), but neither of those really works.  Only one I can find is in Russian and really not well endorsed.  (I searched 10MM SMG on Nexus under Fallout 4.)

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42 minutes ago, FMPhoenixHawk said:

Weird, it did not come up for me.  I set the search parameters to search Fallout 4 mods, typed in 10 mm SMG, and got some Russian mod with little overall downloads.

Weird. I tried this link and it worked for me. I was already signed in to Nexus. Maybe that helped.

If you go in to FO4 Nexus and type "10mm SMG" in the search box it should come up with this mod.

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