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NUKA WORLD #18 : Barry vs. Mama Murphy

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1 hour ago, Sebngarde said:

So no way to get rid of the old lady then? :/

That's annoying... why didn't bethesda give us the option to destroy the minuteman :/

Actually there IS a way. What you do is keep providing Mama Murphy with all the drugs that she asks for. For spoilers sake I won't post how she handles the assistance.

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11 hours ago, jeancly said:

Aahahah well you could just shoot her xD I mean... bethesda your is a no open world game, give more freedom, weird to say this... But Like dark souls ahha

Yeah, the whole "essential" thing is kind of annoying sometimes... I get it, they do so that important NPCs don't die randomly and screw your game, but couldn't you at least make them "protected" so only the player can kill them... I mean, if players screw their own game, it's their fault, right? But I suppose that's why we have mods... xD

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