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Gopher's Minions

Lets see your awesome screen captures!


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And now for something a little less... intimidating than the above. :) My fort project has turned into a bit of a harbor extension over the last few months, with other minions coming in to help spice it up. Some screenshots below (as always, using Chroma Hills and SEUS):

Fort Sunguard (left) and Harborside housing (right), as seen from the south


Fort Sunguard gate, and patrol aircraft by @jrRedek


Fort Sunguard defenses, by Minioncrafter


Harborside garden, by @Xanthir


Harborside home furnishings (bunkhouse, harbormaster's house and community grill), by @ubberblox and @Brinicio




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Having this opportunity now, I have to post some before and after comparisons of my settlement in minionland as well.

This palace was my first build and when I arrived there, I didn't expect to build more and stay for such a long time. I just appreciated the location at the edge of a mountain biome with lots of other biomes nearby.


The terrain inspired my to some of my builds, especially to this one. That mountain top was just straight in line of my palace's main entrance, so that I just had to build something on top of it and as I already had created a Gopher Logo, the idea of the temple was born.


After that I decided to build a proper city nearby, as I had this rather flat terrain between the mountains and hills. Of course the space wasn't enough so I had at least to remove the hill on the right, as I needed the space for my museum.


This is probably one of my best builds, a completely handcrafted survival build of the Witcher Wolf, only designed after screenshots of the medaillon. It was worth removing half a mountain for it.


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