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Thanksgiving Event- Ornament Build Competition

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EDIT: Date moved to the 25th because of technical stuff

I'll be hosting a build competition (with free cake) at sucrose shores' Christmas Tree build site. The competition is to see who can build the best Christmas Tree ornament- and the best entry- or entries- will be placed on the Sucrose shores Christmas tree once its built!

Huge thanks to @BUNYANSaxe1943 for making this a thing.

If you're interested, PM me so we can add you to the claim!

There's also gunna be free cake.


To ensure this doesn't clash with anyone's schedules, The judging will be on the day after Thanksgiving. You have until the end of Thanksgiving (23rd) to get your ornament built!

That's when we'll have the cake too, but if you want some while building feel free. There's more cake there than any reasonable person should ever make.




It's the unfinished Christmas Tree at sucrose shores, or as I've taken to calling it, the Christmas Spike.

Basic Directions: Go to Sucrose Shores from the nether highway(south, then down purple), then follow the signs to the snowman. Directly Southeast of you is the build site.

There will be designated spots for players who have entered.

The Rules:


-Minimum dimensions for any side is 3 blocks, and the maximum allowed dimensions is 7 blocks. Anywhere in between is totally fine, as well as mixing dimensions- I.E. having a build that fits in a 5x3x7 space.

Having a hook is optional, but if you choose to have one it's allowed to go outside the 7 block limit.

Examples of largest and smallest possible shapes without hooks :


-You will need to bring your own blocks!

We will not be judging how difficult the blocks are to get, only how well they fit your build. If your ornament is just a rectangle of beacon blocks, it'll probably lose to the awesome angel statue made of Birch wood, or something. Of course if you lose you get your blocks back.

Show off your building skills and creativity, not your wealth!

-Don't tear up the floor, or tree, or anything.

Reminder that this is a build site!

That was like the singular stipulation from BUNYAN. Build up, not down!


And that looks to be it!

The winning build(s) will be left for Bunyan to move onto the tree, and everyone else will need to come over sometime soon afterward to gather their stuff, lest their rectangle of beacon blocks be lost to them forever!

Again, if you want to join in PM me and we'll get you added to the claim as fast as we can!

Good luck to anyone who joins in!

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The great food holiday has ended! Deadline! Unless it's still Thursday where you live, in which case you still have a few hours or so perhaps.

I'll be hosting the actual event around 5PM MT, or about 17 hours from now!

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All of the entries were great, and it was difficult to pick a favorite of the bunch.


@Zantharan's entry had a nice solid form to it with some interesting color elements, which is bolstered with internal lighting via some hidden internal torches.


@bumperhumper's entry has a very nice sculpted form due to being made of glass panes, and also benefited from color and internal light. There's also room for variation in what colors you use!


@Tirius's entry has a very cool "biome in a box" feel, with obvious variation options. Makes me think of the sort of ornaments you might see on an actual tree!


@ThatGuyBoom's entry speaks for itself, I think. "404 image not found".

So, between the four entries who wins? It was a close call, but everyone who had an opinion eventually settled on @Tirius's globe idea!

Not only is it the most like something you'd see on an actual Christmas tree, but it also has excellent variation possibilities plus still having internal lighting for visual interest. In my personal opinion it's the most visually pleasing as well. It's a great entry, so congrats man!

This wont be the final build competition for the tree! @BUNYANSaxe1943 will be hosting similar competitions for all of December, so If you couldn't get in on this one/want to have another go/changed your mind on not participating, keep an eye out for that!



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