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[XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

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 Name:  Crazytok

Nationality: American

Gender: male

Voice: American English 2

Attitude: Laid Back


Face: Face A

Hair: Spiky Mohawk

Hair Colour: 24

Eye Colour:21

Race: 0

Skin Colour: 0

Helmet/Hat: Headband

Upper Face: Hippie Sunglasses

Lower Face: Cigar

Face Paint: None

Scars: None


Main Armour Colour: 94

Secondary Armour Colour: 88

Armour Pattern: Wild

Arms: 5

Torso: 0

Legs: 0

Left Arm Tattoo: Berserker Hunter

Right Arm Tattoo: Shadow Wolf

Tattoo color: 58


Weapon Colour: 46

Weapon Pattern: Wild

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Well I got pulled yesterday as the Templar



Char info
First    :LT
Last    :Lumaan
Nick    :MadDog

Gender    :Male
Voice    :Templar 1


Face    :G
Hair    :Buzzcut Fade
Facial    :Five O' Clock Shadow
HColor    :2
EColor    :18
Race    :0
SColor    :0
Upper    :Facepad
Lower    :Cigarette
FPaint    :None
Scars    :Maximum Slash

Helmet    :Templar B


MAColor    :74
SAColor    :81
APattern:Snake Skin
LArm    :Bare
RArm    :Bare
LShoulder:Shoulser B
RShoulder:Shoulser B
Torso    :DTube
Legs    :1
Thighs    Pattern A

None in the last 3

Hope I can survive more that 1 mission ;)

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Character info

Name:  Jay Bytez

Gender: Male

Nationality: Sweden

Voice: American English 9

Attitude: By The Book



Face: F

Hair: Brushed Up Short

Facial Hair: Short Sideburns

Hair color: 12

Eye color: 6

Race: 0

Skin color: 0

Helmet: None

Upper face prop: Half-framed Glasses

Lower face Prop: None



Main Armor Color: 77

Secondary Armor Color: 88

Armor Pattern: Stripes

Arms: 1

Torso: 3

Legs: 0



Weapon Color: 78

Weapon Pattern: Hex

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First Name: Andre
Last Name: Larry
Nationality: Germany
Gender: Male
Voice: American English 6
Attitude: By the Book

Face: Face A
Hair: Simple Short
Facial Hair: None
Hair Color: 15
Eye Color: 19
Race: 0
Skin Color: 0
Helmet/Hat: None
Upper Face Prop: Half-Framed Glasses
Lower Face Prop: None
Face Paint: None
Scars: None

Main Armor Color: 56
Secondary Armor Color: 1
Armor Pattern: None
Arms: 1
Torso: 1
Legs: 1
Tattoos: None

Weapon Color: 56
Weapon Pattern: Hex

Class(if Possible): Sharpshooter (or Specialist)
Biography: Change the Name/Gender in the text


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(He is a soldier not a fashion model gopher)


Twitch user name: AceShiroShirayuki

first name: Shiro

Last name: Steel

nationality: United Kingdom

Gender: male

hat: Beanie

arms: 0

legs: 6

torso: 1

glasses: Aviators

armor pattern: Wild

Gun pattern: Wild

scars: max Slash Scars

face: face f

hair: Brushed up hair

facial hair: Thick beard

hair colour 0

race 3

skin 6

main armor 94

secondary armor 97

weapon 72

voice Australian 2

attitude: Normal


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Twitch: Crunch Troll

Character Info

FIrst Name: Crunch

Last Name: Troll

Nickname: n/a

Biography: whatever works

Nationality: Canada

Gender: Male

Voice: American English 1

Attitude: Laid Back


Face: F

Hair: Wild Dreads Ponytail

Facial Hair: Scrappy Beard

Hair Colour: 20 (green)

Eye Colour: 12 (red)

Race: 0

Skin Colour: 1

Helmet/Hat: Headband

Upper Face Prop: Hippie Glasses

Lower Face Prop: n/a

Scars: Maximum Slash Scars


Main Armour Colour: 79 (bright green)

Secondary Armour Colour: 82 (bright orange)

Armour Pattern: Alien

Arms, Torso & Legs: all 1

Tattoos: none


Weapon Colour: 79 (bright green)

Weapon Pattern: Alien

Edited by Crunch Troll
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Twitch name:  crystalpalace

I got pulled as the new Major Reaper today.



First name:  Crystal

Last name:  Palace

Nickname:  Wraith

Gender:  MALE

Voice:  Reaper 1

Attitude:  Laid Back



Helmet/Hat:  Reaper Hood D (has to be set to no hood to change hair and face, then added afterwards)

Face:  A

Hair:  Viking

Facial hair:  Thick beard

Hair color:  13

Eye color:  20

Race:  0

Skin color:  0

Upper face prop:  Hippie sunglasses

Lower face prop:  Cigar

Face paint:  None

Scars:  None



Main armor color:  94

Secondary armor color:  94

Armor pattern:  Stripes

Left arm:  Bare

Right arm:  Tactical

Left forearm:  Bare

Right forearm:  Bare

Torso:  1

Torso gear:  Tactical gear A

Thighs:  Insulated

Left arm tattoo:  Death sleave

Right arm tattoo:  None

Tattoo color:  94



Weapon color:  91

Weapon pattern:  None


Edited by crystalpalace
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I won the first Psi raffle today.

Twitch: CarringtonT

First Name:  Carrington

Last Name:  Telpman

Nationality: Germany

Gender: Male

Voice: German 6

Attitude: Happy Go Lucky


Face: Face A

Hair: Avatar

Hair Colour: 26 

Eye Colour:  19

Race: 0

Skin Colour: 0

Helmet/Hat: Googles on Eyes

Lower Face: Samurai Mask A

Face Paint: None

Scars: None


Main Armour Colour: 77

Secondary Armour Colour: 88

Armour Pattern: Happy

Arms: 0

Torso: 7

Legs: 2


Weapon Colour: 88

Weapon Pattern: Happy

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I won the raffle some time ago. But could register an account until today.

Thanks to 0Woldclaw0 for suggesting posting this on Discord, but since this is working now I thought I don´t need to bother you with this. :)

Here are my Details:

TwitchName: inXane_

Name: Seriously InXane
Nationality: Germany
Voice: german 1
Gender: Male
Attitude: Twitchy

Race: 0
Face: A
Helmet: None
Hair: bald
Skin Color: 0
Upper Face prop: Hippie sunglasses
Lower face prop: Muton Mask
Facepaint: Muton

Main Armor Color: 41
Secondary Armor Color 90
Armor Pattern: Wild

Weapon color: 41
Weapon Pattern: Wild

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first name: Antiquated

last name: Flipphone

nickname: (dont care, let chat choose if you want)

gender : male

nationality: China

face: A

hair: Receding medium

facial hair: horseshoe Moustache

hair color: 22 (blue)

race: 1

skin color: 6 (Dark)

upper face prop: sports sunglasses

lower face prop: cigar

main armor color: 82 (blue)

secondary armor color: 70 (green)

arms : 3

torso : 0

legs : 0

left arm tattoo : shadow wolf

right arm tattoo: shadow wolf

tattoo color: 88 (pink)

weapon color: 82 (blue)

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Twitch Name: WindlanceNightcaller

First Name: Windlance
Last Name: Nightcaller
Nationality: Ireland
Gender: Female
Voice: UK English 4
Attitude: Intense

Face: Face B
Eye Colour: 19
Race: 0
Skin Color: 03
Hat: Reaper Hood A
Upper Face: Eyepatch
Lower Face: Solid Bandana
Scars: Double Eye Slice

Main Armor Color: 36
Secondary Armor Color:77
Armor Pattern: Wild
Arms: 2
Torso: 2
Legs: 1

Weapon Color: 83
Weapon Pattern: Tiger

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Twitch name: Eliorim.
Pronounced: Elio-Rim [ elio(r) rim ] (quickly, with a silent rollable R, the capital letters are stressed)
Not eli-YOUR-im.
Gopher, please use your Mancunian power and roll the Rs.

Character Info

  • First name: Eli    pronounced [ ee lie ]
  • Last name: Eliorim
  • Nickname: (not important, whatever game or chat choose)
  • Nationality: Canada
  • Gender: Male
  • Voice: American English 4
  • Attitude: Happy-Go-Lucky



  • Face: Face E
  • Hair: Long Layers
  • Facial Hair: Stubble Goatee
  • Hair Color: 25
  • Eye Color: 7
  • Race: 0
  • Skin Color: 0
  • Helmet/Hat: Boonie Hat
  • Upper Face Prop: Thick-rimmed Glasses
  • Lower Face Prop: none
  • Face Paint: -
  • Scars: none



  • Main Armor Color: 94
  • Secondary Armor Color: 73
  • Armor Pattern: Alien
  • Arms: 3
  • Torso: 0
  • Legs: 0
  • Left Arm Tattoo: none
  • Right Arm Tattoo: none



  • Weapon Color: 82
  • Weapon Pattern: Alien




That went well. gopherMoo


Edited by Eliorim
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