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[XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

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gopherMinion Salutations Minions! gopherMinion

This thread is the official place for twitch raffle winners to post their soldier details.

How to become a soldier

  • Be subscribed on https://www.twitch.tv/gophergaming.
  • During the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen livestreams, there will be subscriber-only raffles. Take part in them. You can only enter once per raffle (spamming !raffle is pointless).
  • Are you a lucky winner? A soldier will be named after you.

Did you win the raffle? Here's how to post your soldier details

  • Create a post in this thread specifying your Twitch Username and a manual description of your soldier. Think of things like gender, nationality, hair style, hair colour, hat type, armour colour.
  • You can download the War of the Chosen demo here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/433050/XCOM_2_War_of_the_Chosen__Propaganda_Center/ It lets you create characters and take screenshots to add to your post. Requires 3 GB of your disk space and it's entirely optional.


Good luck. gopherVaultStiv


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gopherMinion Links to soldier details (winners only) gopherMinion

Clicking the name takes you to the right post.

19 Nov

03 Dec

17 Dec

14 Jan

29 Apr

08 Jul

09 Jul

07 Oct

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gopherMinion All Raffle Winners gopherMinion

  • Valensestaria
  • Jimmydeans
  • Matw65
  • Lordofallfrogs
  • Shaysinclair
  • Ellanjellan
  • Narga_89
  • Caloss2
  • Crusier_prinz_eugen
  • Nailcake
  • Thomas_ct
  • Surfacehealer63
  • Grizzinfarl
  • Xbadges
  • Calirohe
  • Jeancly
  • Crazytok
  • Jakitaseal
  • Moonsongstress
  • Jaybytez
  • Larry995
  • Lumaan
  • Crystalpalace 
  • Antiquatedflipphone
  • Taulurium
  • Carringtont
  • Inxane_
  • Windlancenightcaller
  • Eliorim
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Caloss2 (The 2 doesn't matter)

If just a first name is possible, just Caloss

If not First :- Caloss 

Last: - Red'shirt


Appearance, that's me in my forums avatar.  Have at it hehe

Welsh (Probably not available so British )

Class: Anything/Red shirt sacrifice.


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Appearance for if I make the cut.


First Name:  Jakita

Last Name:  Seal

Nickname:  Red

Nationality: United Kingdom

Gender: Female

Voice: UK English 1

Attitude: Happy Go Lucky


Face: Face E

Hair: Pigtails

Hair Colour: 18

Eye Colour: 5

Race: 0

Skin Colour: 0

Helmet/Hat: Headband

Upper Face: Aviators

Lower Face: Cigar

Face Paint: None

Scars: None


Main Armour Colour: 88

Secondary Armour Colour: 94

Armour Pattern: Tundra or Arid

Arms: 0

Torso: 1

Legs: 1


Weapon Colour: 88

Weapon Pattern: Shemagh



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Jimmy " Baby Back" Deans



dirty blonde hair/ more towards the darker side

darker colored beard as well

English Voice 3

A tab bit more hair that is currently on the avatar

short boxed beard

and i do like the color green and black!! i leave the rest in your hands Gopher!

as for his class we will see when he levels up!

last but not least armor that covers all extremities (Never played Xcom before so ill let you choice)


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Matthew Watkinson "Matw65"


Grey/White Hair (Hair Style your choice)

Grey/White Beard

Square Glasses

Cigarette in mouth


English Voice

The Pink and Lime Neon is great, but could you please edit them to have Tiger Camo (or similar)(if possible)

Weapon Colours (as per uniform)


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First Name: Estaria

Last Name: Valens

Nickname: Doc

Nationality: United States

Gender: Male

Voice: American English 8

Attitude: Twitchy


Country of Origin: United States

Date of Birth: 10March1992

Raised in a remote community in Pennsylvania, Estaria is no stranger to hard work.  He is always the first to work, and the last to leave. Instilled with a strong sense of self-reliance, he tends to excel at supportive roles.  He will always be the first to lend a hand, but the last to ask for help.  However, unaware of his own limitations, he often pushes himself past his breaking point; resulting in periods of downtime for recovery.  But he is the best at what he does.


Face: E

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Muted Blue

Race: 0

Skin color: as pale as it gets

Helmet: Delta 2

No Face props

Scar: Cheek Slash


Main Armor:  The brightest yellow there is

Secondary Armor: A darker yellow

Armor Pattern: Classic 2

Arms: bare

Left Arm: Bare forearm

Right Arm: Knuckle Duster

Left Shoulder: Pauldron

Right Shoulder: Bare Shoulder

Torso: 1

Legs: 2

Left Arm Tattoo: None

Right Arm Tattoo: Shadow Wolf

Tattoo Color: medium brown

Weapon Color to match armor

I would prefer Medic.  I know Healer wants medic too, but you can just alternate us until we have some skills.  Then just decide on a by-mission-basis.

I prefer high movement to high hp . . . within reason, of course.  

I prefer armor that is lighter to allow for greater manual dexterity when dealing with the wounded.

I prefer weapons that give movement boost, over greater damage


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Name- Israah (No last name)

Nickname- M'lord

Gender- Male

Face- Face A

Hair- Long Curls- Black

Facial Hair- Five o'clock Shadow

Hat- Headband

Upper Face- Aviators

Nationality- Mexican

Voice- UK English 3

Main Armor Colour- Dark Green

Secondary Armor Colour-  Slightly Lighter Green

Gun- Black



Now watch as he dies immediately. XD

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Name: Ellan "Elias" Jellan

Gender: Male

Nationality: Swedish

Voice: UK English 3

Face: Face E

Hair: Viking, Dark Brown

Facial Hair: Goatee

Race: 0

Skin Color: 3(White)

Armor: Blue(main) and black(secondary), Stripes(Pattern)

Weapon: Green(28), Hex(Pattern)

Tattoos: Death Sleeve(Left Arm), Earth Sleeve(Right Arm)

Attitude: Intense


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Twitch name: crusier_prinz_eugen

First Name: Prinz

Last Name: Eugen

Nickname: Huggle Bear

Nationality: Norway

Gender: Male

Voice: American English 7

Attitude: Laid Back


Born and raised in Denmark, but fled to Norway after political problems. 


Face: C

Hair: Pigtails

Facial Hair: Scruffy Beard

Hair color: 10

Eye color: 3

Race: 0

Skin color: 0

Face Paint: Arid


Main Armor: 91

Secondary Armor: 59

Armor Pattern: Digital

Arms: 1

Torso: 2

Legs: 6


Weapon Color: 91

Weapon Pattern: Hex

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Updated on Dec 6th (armor color & pattern), please update if possible :)


Twitch: Narga_89


Character Info

Name: Poor Skelly Narga

Nationality: German

Voice: German 6

Attitude: Laid Back



Face: A

Hair: Short

Facial Hair: Thick Beard

Hair color: 2

Race: 0

Skin color: 0

Helmet: Boonie Hat

Upper Face Prop: Half-Framed Glasses



Main Armor Color: 90

Secondary Armor Color: 87

Armor Pattern: Classic 2

Arms: 1

Torso: 1

Legs: 0



Weapon Color: 74

Weapon Pattern: Alien


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Name: Nailcake

nationality: Belgium

haircolour: darkbrown, long layers

facial hair: goatee and mustache

hat: Dress hat

Upper face: hippie sunglasses

armourcolour: yellow 21 as main, purple 78 as secondary

armour pattern: happy

weaponcolour: purple

Whatever class you want, same for any details I didnt list.

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Character info

Name: Grizzin Farl

Gender: Male

Nationality: Swedish

Voice: UK English

Attitude: Intense



Face: C

Hair: Long Layers

Facial Hair: Thick Beard

Hair color: 3

Eye color: 4

Race: 0

Skin color: 0



Main Armor Color: 29

Secondary Armor Color: 91

Armor Pattern: Wild

Arms: 3

Torso: 0

Legs: 2



Weapon Color: 29

Weapon Pattern: Wild

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  • 2 weeks later...

Character info

Name:  HairCannon Jeancly

NickName: LadderKeeper

Gender: Male

Nationality: Italian

Voice: Italian Voice 9

Attitude: Intense



Face: E

Hair: Short

Facial Hair: none

Hair color: 25

Eye color: 19

Race: 0

Skin color: 1

Helmet: Reaper Hood D

Upper face prop: Muzzle with glowing Visor

Lower face Prop: Tac Masc ( if you can only put upper or lower prop put the upper prop)



Main Armor Color: 42

Secondary Armor Color: 95

Armor Pattern: Wild

Arms: 1

Torso: 0

Legs: 1



Weapon Color: 47

Weapon Pattern: Wild





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Here we go for xBadges:

Character info

Name: Badges (no last name); Nickname “Mouse”

Gender: Female

Nationality: United States

Voice: American English 5

Attitude: Laid Back



Face: A

Hair: Dirty Braid

Hair color: 25

Eye color: 7

Race: 0

Skin color: 0

Helmet:  none

Upper face prop: Half-framed Glasses

Lower face Prop: Cigar


The rest doesn't matter ......

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Twitch name : Calirohe



First name : Calirohé

Nickname : Voodoo

Last name : Crowfoot

Gender : F

Voice : english 2

Attitude : laid back



Origin : 0

Face : F

Skin tone : 0

Hair : ruffled rasta* ?

Hair color : 26

Hat/Helmet : Top Hat voodoo 2

Facepaint : Etheral division*

Eye color : 6



Torso : 0

Arms : 1

Legs : 0

Main color : 91 (white)

Secondary color : 91 (black)

Weapon color : 78


(*I have the French version of the game, so the names might differ, sorry ^^'')

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12 hours ago, Elhanan said:

Just a suggestion, but perhaps Patreons could be named for purchased mercenaries?

As it stands we can't set up a twitch raffle for patrons and we don't know of any simple alternatives, i.e. something that doesn't force every patron to jump through additional hoops, like having to make a discord account and linking their patreon account to it (not feasible during a livestream).

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