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Gopher's Minions

Skyrim SE Mod : Pumping Iron

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7 hours ago, jeancly said:

Hahaah is it more complicated to make it work on females ? Or is that Gopher does not care about female's as he does not play them ?( it sounds so wrong lol )

No, it doesn't work period because their models don't allow it. He'd have to make it so it somehow ties into racemenu with a bump/normal map of muscles and a few other things to make it appear that females have muscles, where as it's just a gradual slider on men from skinny to hulked out. Woodclaw, I don't know what mesh and textures you used, but since I'm pretty sure he never even attempted to make it work with women. So whatever you saw was in your own head. Unless somehow that body mod you used made it use the male base skeleton, etc etc.

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