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Gopher's Minions

PREY (Nightmare Difficulty) #25 : Running! Running! Running!

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When I said in a previous episode thread that Gopher would NEVER be able to find Josh Dalton, I didn't think he'd have trouble finding him on the computer Crew lists, too. :P

I was hoping Gopher would go back upstairs after the Nightmare thing ended to see if it just vanished or if it like...expired and left a corpse or something. Not sure what happens really if you just evade them like that. He's also found a really strong combo with the Psychoshock + Q-Beam setup, imo.

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8 hours ago, Sebngarde said:

or the new skills lighting up in the neuromod menu... or even the information about abilities in the scanned typhon pages xD
Oh Gopher, you're amazing :P 

Then he unlocks a really good skill, Ether Resistance, and says, "That's only one neoromod and makes it fifty percent resistance to the damage of.. That does sound useful doesn't it ." Then he doesn't take it. 

Why does he keep looking at the red locked neuromods... :P

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