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My McNamara is stuck Ever experience this?

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So After chasing off the NCR ranger I didn't follow McNamara back to his command area I left the bunker for a while and did other things like Vault22.

Along the way I picked up Veronica and finely went back to the BofS Bunker. McNamara was not in his command chair but in sick bay and said What I have to say to you needs to be in the command center. He never goes there. I managed to push him into the hall and even down in this hole but no amount of time or save and reloading makes him spawn in the command center.

Any ideas or suggestions?  I am running the J Sawyer mod NVSE plus a few others I do a screen shot of my NMM page.

This was on a clean install with all fresh mod downloads. So there should be no old junk hiding in the background. The game has been very stable and this is the first glitch I've had so far.


Do you think I could CC him to me in the command room?

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