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 I tried to download cbbe for skyrim special edition using nmm.  The mod will show up in download manager.  However when I click on it to activate in the mod activation queue, it will say problem c install.  I am knew to pc and pc gaming so any feedback and help is much appreciated.  Please simplify it like your talking to a beginner please.

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It sounds like you used the default installation in C:\Program Files. This causes all kinds of conflicts with software protecting your computer.

Go to Gopher's tutorial. Follow his instructions to put your game file and Steam file into another place:


Just to see what was going on with what you said, I installed CBBE with Nexus on my Skyrim Special Edition with no problems.

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1 hour ago, Cryzeteur said:

Check out my post on your other double post... Outlandback will fix this double post eventually...

Don't panic!


Welcome new Minion @tampabrad Are you in Florida? I used to live in Plant City I have an aunt and uncle that have a strawberry farm there.

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