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Gopher's Minions

PREY (Nightmare Difficulty) #18 : Less Heart Attacks Please!

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Ok, so he did a few bullets and then later (hopefully) realized he didn't do enough. :P  Also noticed that he not seen that all the emails and note's he reading is being stored in his device, running back to the computer to read the email and then only reading the 2 first lines instead of reading it all.  :rolleyes::P

I just finished Neurodivision earlier today, but when I got out from there I had a Nightmare waiting for me in the foyer ! :o  Which with my fully upgrade shotgun took a full magazine and a few extra to get ride of.  Looking forward to Gopher's first meeting with one.  B) (Yeah, yeah I know, I'm being terrible again ! ) 

Curious about the alien powers though, that flame induced one, is it suppose to be used directly on target or placed on the ground as a trap ??

Looking forward to next episode, hopefully he not running away to the G.U.T.S. right away but finishing exploring the Lobby area first.  (Yeah I know, wishful thinking ehh ? :P )

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5 minutes ago, jeancly said:
27 minutes ago, Caloss2 said:
46 minutes ago, OutandBack said:

When your suit is at 0 health surely none of the chips installed work. In fact I hope the perk is down graded based on the % of suit damage.

Pretty sure Gopher would survive more fights if he kept his armour higher than 0 hehe

yeah he really should run to a operator guy

Or better yet, using the Suit Repair kit he is carrying around in his Inventory ? :P

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But what amazes me is that, although he does occasionaly notice that he's low-ish on health and even comments on the amount of dmg he'taking while in combat, he does not seem to notice the suit condition bar even though it's directly below the health bar.

I mean, it's almost impossible not to see it when you're checking your health. It's still well within the visibility bubble.

Oh well. It's Gopher :)

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