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This is in regards to the Adpocalypse video. I think we as Gopher's supporters should petition YouTube on his behalf. I left a comment under the video both here and on YouTube.

Why I started this separate thread is to gauge community support for this idea. Many people may miss the the comments under the video having watched it on YouTube.

Also if this is an idea you support perhaps you could submit a short "complaint" that can be copy and pasted into the YouTube Feedback form.

I think if we make it relatively simple for subscribers to ask YouTube to review Gopher's channel and reverse the demonetization we could have a positive effect on this situation.

"Please review Gopher's channel. He is the definition of professional and ad friendly. A serious mistake has been made" this is the message I suggested we send but some inclusion of the actual chanel

names would be helpful. 

Thank you for your consideration of this topic :) 


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1 hour ago, Caloss2 said:

I would suggest in the strongest possible terms that people seek permission directly from Gopher before "acting on his behalf"

However well intentioned this idea may be there could be many permutations to an outcome  that Gopher would absolutely not want.

Good thought. Gopher does not seem worried about it.

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Gopher spoke about this issue at the beginning of the stream on  22/08/17 and the short version is, the "de-monetising" SEEMS TO BE based on a very careful algorithm; Gopher has been in contact with Youtube, who had an actual person look at SOME OF the videos in question and they are being re-monetised , some just needed an adjustment to the title. It's certainly not perfect, but these algorithms "learn" as they evolve.

To hear what Gopher had to say about it in full, watch the VOD.


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