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The Tedium and Disaster of Lag!

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BTW, @Tirius82 , I think one of your butchers managed to escape, found one in the Nether, bottom of stairs. See pigman vid.



The Disaster of Lag! Coming Soon!




Thank you to Paws and Zantheran for recovering my boots and cuirass.
I will get them off you when I can next connect properly again, hopefully tomorrow, possibly next week.
Anyway, very grateful. Thank you.

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Haven't got time to watch at present (still at work), but good to see you managed to get in after the lag failure earlier yesterday (I caught the 3-minute vid then). I'm not missing any butchers as far as I know (but then again, they're not really the type of villager I want to keep). It's possible one wandered in from Andracos's place, his giant tower-of-nether-gates is double linked to mine so anything going in there will end up on our nether road as well.

Oh, and Zanth knows where we live, I gave him a tour of New Mistral and Seawatch (and through to Sucrose) last night, in case items need to be recovered... if you guys miss eachother I'll happily play postman, or he can drop them in my trade box at the MTC.

I'll update once I've wachted these later tonight. ;)

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