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The return

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Darkness. Darkness, and nothing but pain. I drift through this plane of existence, unburdened by thoughts of time or space. But, out of the void, a voice emerged. No, voices. A monologue, glorious music and oddly enough, the dying whinney of a horse. And above it all, a call. "Wake up, minion. It's time to watch."

Whuh, what? /clattering of beer cans/ Hey, what day is it? The middle of July? Okay, but where am I? Gopher's forums? Sweet!

Hello friends! It is me, your glorious slavic friend, Nameless! I have awoken from a stupor of of exams and exessive alcohol consumption, and I have returned after I heard rumours of Richard coming back. So, it was desided by a committy of one that after so much time away, I must reintroduce myself to any new minions that might lurk around here. That, and I never made an introduction originally.

Anyway, I am back!

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[insert clever pun and/or rumors of airborne rutabagas here]
Shut up, I'm tired. Heck of a storm outside at the moment, and can't sleep all that well. Figured I'd swing by and see if there were any more vict... er... Intro-Posts... yeah, that. here. Hi, not sure if welcome applies here, but welcome none-the-less. You should/would?/do? enjoy it here. I think. Right? Back me up guys. lol

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