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YouTube WITCHER 3: Blood and Wine - FINAL THOUGHTS

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Gopher, the only reason you feel such closure is because you quit. I am still playing and the after game is a lot of fun. Geralt continues being a Witcher and having a villa does not make monster hunting any easier.

Also, settling down with Yen or Triss feels like coming home. My second favorite.

Settling down with Ciri feels like Witcher's life goes on. My favorite.

Getting the Dandylion ending feels like something incomplete and is not satisfying at all.

Getting the Detlaf ending with nothing more after might have been a bug but it was also not satisfying.

Getting one of the other endings feels like failure.

There may also be endings I did not find.

Anyway, I agree that Witcher series is wonderful and the DLCs are amazing. I don't know which is better Blood and Wine or Hearts of Stone... they are both superb. 

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