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Hello fellow minions! I have been doing some Let's Play content over the last few months, and I have come to the end of the first one of those, that being Papers, Please (the playlist of which is available just beyond that link for anyone interested). To continue the habit of providing alternating content, I chose Darkest Dungeon to fill in. With the new DLC released, there won't be a more opportune time to begin one, but in case you are interested in fast content, let me warn you: Darkest Dungeon is my secondary game, an episode released once per week on Thursdays with my in character Skyrim Let's Play taking Tuesdays and Saturdays. Anyhow, without further babbling, here is the first episode:

I made an attempt to record and render at 60 fps, but if the video stutters too much, tell me it does so so I can change back to 30. After all, a solid framerate hurts one's eyes less, even if it is lesser. Anyhow, I hope you find me worth your time!

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