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YouTube WITCHER 3: Blood and Wine #41 - The Man From Cintra

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38 minutes ago, Woodclaw said:

This was the really intense episode.

I suppose you are referring to the chase and  Detlaf showing up before the Queen.

What puzzles me is why Geralt is so hesitant and polite. He was not like this during Gopher's earlier play throughs of Witcher and Witcher 2. And saying things like, "Oh, I don't want to steal her things." is not helping to uncover the mysteries in the game.

There are some fine treasures he is missing. It actually doesn't matter as it is Gopher's quirky style, but I feel as though I am missing those treasures... That is really odd... isn't it?

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9 hours ago, Caloss2 said:

I was right there with Gopher reliving that W..T...F moment as Detlaf and Regis enter the party, some of, if not the best storytelling in a game.

And apparently, the host of the party is another higher vampire! :D

When I saw this I thought "Three higher vampires and two helpless human sandwiches..."

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