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Home stolen :O

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unfortunately due to work and school I was unable to play MC during past months, now I wanted to continue building on my project but someone by the name of shadowfury2001 has stolen my home :( I've added screenshots with the location




can something be done? or is my hard work forfeit due to inactivity?

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As a generals rule you need to get permission before taking over someones existing build. Hopefully this gets sorted out  for you. Ive seen shadowfury's name on a couple builds near my place as well. I think this is just a case of not understanding the rules. Like Boom said file the redmine ticket and I would suggest you send mail to shadowfury on the server. /mail send (name)  Who knows he might just be an agreeable and friendly minion its been known to happen. :) It was good to see you come back and hopefully we will be seeing you in Minionland more once this gets fixed.

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