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Twitch Prime Now Available Worldwide (ish)

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I have no idea how many people outside of the US have Amazon Prime (for the videos, presumably), but if you do then you can attach your Prime account to (Amazon-owned) Twitch. Doing so will give you, IMO, mostly a bunch of crap (usually miscellaneous preorder-type rewards for popular games). However, it also gives you one free Twitch subscription to use every month. It acts just like a normal Twitch sub -- including payments to the person to whom you subscribed. Only difference is that your Twitch Prime subscription must be reused each and every month - it will not auto-renew like a normal Twitch sub does. 

So if you have a Prime subscription, might as well sign up and let your favorite Twitch streamer get a little money from you largess - it costs you nothing!

PS, I don't work for Amazon or Twitch ;-)

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Awesome went I got myself twitch prime now and Like it comes with Prime video I did not know if it was possible to have prime video before as well when You weren't from select few countries.

Thank for sharing information, now need to decide Who to sub with prime now as I don't want to keep regular sub for Gopher as I am afraid I will forget to renew.

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17 minutes ago, Defectius said:

I'm surprised there are no payment methods other than credit card. If there were, I'd have gotten prime as soon as I heard it went global. Now I will have to wait a bit longer.

And here I don't understand. What other payment ways you could have ? Never encouneed a different method 

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11 hours ago, VATROU said:

Don't work for Amazon you say? Sounds like something a Synth would say. Are you? Not something I have but good for those who have it.

(In robotic voice) No, of course I don't work for Amazon. Why would you think that?

(in background) All hail Jeff Bezos, He is your creator. He is The Creator. 

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