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Serjo Sadras, parents don't approve

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NAME: Serjo Tenasi Ieniel of House Sadras, but just Tenasi works.


RACE: Dunmer

CLASS: Bard (Thief specialising in charm and distraction to pick pockets)


  • Average height (about 5'4).
  • Body type is a little curvaceous for the typically-slender and angular mer.
  • Very dark grey, almost black skin.
  • Red hair hacked short rather haphazardly.
  • Deep Dunmer-red eyes.
  • Freckles across her nose.
  • Features are a little rounded for the typically-angular and chiseled mer.
  • Pierced left ear point.



Strength: Poor

Charisma: Great

Dexterity: Great

Wisdom: Mediocre

Intelligence: Fair

Constitution: Fair

Magicka: Poor


SKILLS (Fill out as many as you want and feel free to add any other skills your character might have)

Unarmed: Poor. (Her parents thought fighting for a young noble was 'unladylike' so forbade her from ever learning combat.)

Sneaking: Good. (She snuck out of her parents' manor a fair few times and stayed out of sight a few times.

Fingersmith: Great. (Her private tutoring included music lessons since she was about five, including lute lessons. Unofficially, she got used to lockpicking her way out when she was locked in the family's Waiting Room to scare her as a punishment. Pickpocketing the key from her Uncle Versun Ieniel when he changed the lock on the Waiting Room was the logical next step.)

Spell Casting: Poor. (She's actually not all Dunmeri. Her mother, Councillor Favaeni Ieniel of House Sadras, may or may not have had an affair with a Redguard dignitary. Her Redguard side gives her less magical ability than a pure-blooded Dunmer.)

Speech: Good. (As a noble, she was privately tutored in eloquence, debating and diction. Added onto singing lessons as part of music tutoring, and her recent learning of how to get away with lying, and she's pretty good at it.)

Unarmoured: Great. (Armour on a noblewoman was considered extremely unladylike, so only clothing. Preferrably fine clothing. She got used to dodging a whack with a birch rod or a slap across the back of the head as a child, and is pretty agile from it.

Light Armour: Good. (Armour was considered extremely unladylike but it wouldn't be too dissimilar to the weight of her layered fancy gowns..

Heavy Armour: Terrible. (Armour was considered extremely unladylike, and the weight of it would topple her over as she's not the strongest.

One-Handed Weapons: Good/Poor. (Good for something small like a dagger, poor for anything bigger. Combat training was considered unladylike.)

Two-Handed Weapons: Terrible. (Combat training was considered unladylike, and she'd be unable to even pick up a greatsword, let alone swing it.)

Archery: Poor. (Not strong enough to draw the string back, but she's definitely got a good eye.)

Alchemy: Good. (Getting dirty from ingredients and actual alchemy would be terribly unsightly on a lady of her status, but mixing things like troll fat and vampire dust for face powder, berry juices for lipstain, and other cosmetics and beauty treatments taught her a little.)

Blacksmithing: Terrible. (Sweat and smoke would get her dirty, very unsightly on a lady of her status. So she was never taught.)

Enchanting: Terrible. (Lack of magickal knowledge plus it would be terribly unladylike meant she never learned and would start at a disadvantage.)



Alteration: N/A

Conjuration: N/A

Destruction: Ancestor's Wrath (her racial power.

Illusion: N/A

Restoration: N/A



Armor: No armour. Just some simple peasant clothes swiped from a maid when she ran away from home. Black, wide-legged pants, a beige sleeveless blouse, and a dark brown corset-top worn on top, with plain sack cloth sandals. A copper-gold necklace as a gift from her arranged husband is her backup in case she runs short of gold.

Weapons: A simple chitin dagger, originally used as a letter opener, she swiped when she ran away from her home.

Other: A simple lute "fallen off a carriage", a fistful of lockpicks, and a simple hooded peasant cloak for in case cutting her hair off isn't enough to hide her.



Tenasi comes off as quite stuck up and snooty. "Poor little rich girl" sort of thing. Used to having maids to do all the work for her, she's getting used to life amongst the everyday people. Though she does make the occasional slip-up. She's quite formal and proper, still trying to shake off all that her parents instilled into her, though she keeps the belief in the Reclamations and she does worship the Three on their summoning days and dreads the Four Corners on their summoning days.



Born in Narsis, in what was Hlaalu but is now Sadras territory, Tenasi is officially the daughter of Councillor Favaeni Ieniel of House Sadras and Serjo Revyn Ieniel of House Sadras. Unofficially, she's the daughter of Favaeni Ieniel and Ambassador Dinatu of Hammerfell, though only her mother knows about their little affair. The daughter of a Councillor, she was expected to do her family and her House proud, so she was raised VERY strictly. No unladylike behaviour, no playing with the commoner children, and definitely no independance. Her parents often punished her harshly for any slipping out of line. A sharp slap across the back of the head wasn't uncommon, neither was grabbing the point of her ear and yanking on it. Her uncle, Versun Ieniel, often locked her in the family Waiting Room amongst the remains of their ancestors and the family ghostfence to scare her into behaving.

As she grew into her teens, she became more and more defiant. The lute lessons had given her very nimble fingers, easily able to take a hair stick and use it as a lockpick when locked in the Waiting Room, or dip into her uncle's robe pockets and fish out the spare key as he dragged her by the ear. In front of nobility, even her own real father, she maintained the illusion of the perfect little Sadras noblewoman, but on her own she planned her ways of rebelling against her parents.

Though Sadras is on the Grand Council, it's still a newcomer and needs allies, especially with the other Houses. At the age of nineteen, Tenasi was told to pack her things and prepare, as she'd be meeting her husband, Councillor Vikram Dassur of House Dres, at the Temple of the Reclamations in Narsis in the morning. Councillor Vikram was well over ten times her age and had been married six times before, but he'd agreed to pay a very heavy dowry to her parents, and thus he was instantly perfect for their young daughter.

That night, she stole the keys off a maid comforting her, sneaking through the manor under the cover of night-time. First she stole a set of clothes and a cloak from one of the maid's dressers, leaving her silk gown behind. Then she stole a hundred gold from her parents' coffers. Finally, she took the copper-gold necklace Councillor Vikram had sent as a gift with his proposal, and snuck out of the house disguised as a maid. She took a carriage to Blacklight then a boat to Windhelm via Raven Rock, cutting off her waist-length hair so as to look different, and has been hiding out in Skyrim ever since, playing a swiped lute for coins and praying that House Sadras or House Dres never comes to Skyrim.


I hope this is clear!

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