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Gophers New Project


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Just a thought I had so I'll throw it out here. I was thinking we could build it in the end. A few hundred away from the main island. The beacons are already in place at the lowest point so it's just a matter of bridging of of that and creating a platform. Very dramatic having it surrounded by the void.


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1 hour ago, Sicarius001 said:

what are we talking about?

Gopher announced his next big project for Minionland. It is a huge statue of Stiv's armor designed by @Spellcaster just throwing out  an idea for a location.

@Dalitasdrain I'm in no matter where the location I was just thinking of the space restrictions of the area around Gopher's claim. I'm sure it will get worked out and when it does I can't wait to see that built in game. :) 

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I love the idea of this new community project.  Some of us may have limited time to build, but we can all mine some blocks.  Cobble with a sandstone skin is probably very feasible (granted, it will destroy a desert - above or under the sea).  

While the Stiv statue looks awesome, I agree with the idea of putting it further out from Gopher's place for several reasons. One reason is the very real possibility of lag. That is a lot of blocks to place in such a heavily populated area.  It should also be noted that some large statues irl would be carved out of a mountain in out of the way places. (For example, Mount Rushmore or the giant stone Buddhas.) That would give it more support and we know how Gopher feels about support.  It also could help on reducing the build time.  Everything removed from the mountain could be used in building the rest of the statue. If Gopher wants a lava tower to be opposite the statue, Minions could build it for him and match it to Stiv's scale.

Second reason is that it gives people a reason to travel. If the statue were in the opposite direction from the throne room, it may cause people to spend some time out in regions that don't get seen. Tourism to those areas (and building in them) may pick up. 

Third reason is that it will require a community effort to build the support mechanisms for the statue. For example, we'll need a town with beds for people to set their spawn; community farms for food; tree farms; beacons; enchanting rooms for tools; warehouses for materials; blacksmith forges; and of course, a mining operation with scaffolding. Maybe a small city built like Erebor or Markarth might do. This might bring more people back to playing on the servers.

Fourth reason is that it will be possible to add to the statue if desired. For example, if you want it to look like Stiv is shooting a fireball, you need to have the extra space for the fireball. (Personally, I like the idea of Stiv creating a magically barrier while a conjured creature looks like it is coming out of an Oblivion gate.  But that would be a huge complex set of statues. Instead, we could make it look like Stiv is blasting a tunnel through the mountains.) Gopher could have a chance to limit building around the statue so that he could add to the area.  

But most of all, I think it is time for Gopher to have a new base. If we think of the contruction of Gopher's house, lava tower, nether rail and spawn area as a "season one," Season two would be the opening and build-up of Minionland/Far Lands, the construction of the Throne Room and transportation systems, and Gopher's subsequent tours. This could be a great beginning to Season Three...as if he were almost starting a new world. That way, Gopher and others could plan to build new houses in this new area after the completion of the statue. It would be an opportunity to build a second Crossroads. (And hopefully Gopher will spend more time playing Minecraft.)

Hope these thoughts are helpful.

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As long as we're throwing about ideas, here's my 2 cents.

As the resident professional spatial planner/map groupie, I'd say step one could be getting an image of the statue's footprint (not the actual feet, but the entire area it'll cover), and scale that to the dynmap so we can move it about and look for build sites that way. As much as I love the idea of having it in a central location, the sad truth is that the immediate surroundings of the central area (Gopher's base / spawn / xroads) is already so developed that it would not be feasible to build it there without removing a lot of existing builds. That, in my opinion, would be a shame, as it's really become the "historic city center" of Minionland. Even the ocean to the immediate south of Gopher's house is already full of artificial islands (notably the grand cathedral). A site slightly further out might thus be a better idea, though I'd still prefer somewhere not too far away for those of us travelling by more conventional means.

MsClaireB also raises a good point with regards to lag. I saw someone suggesting the statue could have an interior as well, but as @jeancly can no doubt confirm from experience with the world tree, that would really to put a strain on things. I am not sure how much a solid statue would affect things, but better safe than sorry. I do like the idea of a mountain backdrop, but that would mean we'd have to find an uninhabited extreme hills biome, further limiting possible sites. Having a village for local workmen/-women nearby is also a nice idea, but I suspect that Ministry of Transport will make short work of any transit routes once a site has been chosen regardless. Perhaps a donation facility somewhere central might be a good idea though, so that minions can help out without having to travel to the building site to drop off supplies.

And I will add that this project has me quite excited - if not for the actual statue then certainly for the positive effect it'll surely have on the community. gopherVaultStiv

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The end would at least solve the problem of space, such an enormous statue would need. However, as epic as it might be, having the giant statue surrounded by the void, i think the sun should shine on the glory of the Dark Lord's statue. So I would prefer a place in the overworld.



The center of Minionland is close to Spawn and Gopher's Island. The problem with a centered place is simply the space, the statue needs. 

For those, who don't know: The statue is supposed to be 256 blocks high, so from bedrock to skybox. One even had to remove the bedrock, as long as Gopher doesn't find a way to shrink the statue a little bit.

However, for such a giant statue, there are more or less three options how to place it. 

1. It could just stand in the sea. That would need the least space, maybe one could place the statue then even close to Gopher's island. But i think it would be a little undignified to let the Lord stand with his legs in the water.

2. One could create a giant whirlpool in the sea, so that the statue would stand on dry feet.

3. One could built a giant crater, kind of an arena, where the minions could pilgrimage down, maybe in a giant spiral, and lay sacrifices to the feet of the lord.

Options 2 and 3 would need a lot of space, i estimate a circle at sea-level of a calibre of 180-200 blocks.

You won't find a land area near the center that large for option 3. So looking over Crossroads won't be a thing. You can't even see the Worldtree from the Crossroads. 

A whirlpool could maybe be realized north of the throneroom. There seems to be just enough space.

However, if option 3 should be realized, one needed to head out a little further and in that case i would infact propose a place close to my settlement. 

I really don't want to sound selfish, but even, if it wasn't me who build Fivetowers, i would propose it nethertheless. ;)

The reasons:

- I already build some big monuments dedicated to the characters Gopher created in his Let's plays. So a giant Stiv-statue would fit very well. 

- I even build a museum with a minion's hall and a Dark-Lord-exhibition. (You're all welcome to visit it and eternize youself on the wall of minions. ;) )

- I'm building a city there. It's still under construction, but there are already two inns and a public warehouse. So there is already a supply of food and resources.

- It maybe a little far out (~8000 blocks east) but it's close to the x-axis and it's already connected to the Nether-Highway and Slipstream. So getting there is not a problem.

- And finally the main reason: There is lot's of space around. I practically have no neighbours. So one could even build more around the Stiv statue if wanted.


So, hope i could offer some inspiration. If you want to get an impression of Fivetowers, you're always welcome! :)

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I made this but I'm not sure of the scale :

I personnaly think it would be better to shrink it a little bit, so it would be easier to see it in its integrity. Start from sea level would be more appropriate, like 200-210 tall.
But that's just my opinion...



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Would be cool silver but thereally is the slipstream down there, also I think it will be bigger than the tree. As an answer to someone, indeed it will hammer the performance to carve it out, as the tree is a massive complex system of shadows and such. Persobally I want it east of the tree high fiving the tree ( or pointing at it even better xD). On a more serious note, the place should be in the overwork Imo.  First of all minionland is actually the overworld, the nether and end are actually more like an extra to me. Second I think it should be in a mostly empty area, I agree that it being close to spawn would be very cool but not sure where to could be placed... maybe near naf place? Looking at it? If it will not be filled with torches inside it won't have performance issues, what needs to be avoided the most is that. A simple big stone construction will be very performance friendly given how java works. For the love of god DO NOT build it near the throne room. Yup i'm a salty person and the rivalry between shady Glen and the throne i's well known to all,  but really it got enough love from gopher, another thing there would be annoying. 

Said all this I suggest :

1) in the overwork

2) near gophers house ( near naff naff) if possible

3) if not possible then far away in all  nice place, maybe easy to reach  like the main portals at the 4 nether ways ( if not with something already build there

4) claim a huge area so that nobody can build near it, being it so important it would be wrong it people could claim around it and build huge things. It would be silly. 

5)do not make it empty or so. If possible literally 0 torches so that we can look at it with shades with 0 performance loss. 

6) if you want a way up then a single tunnel 1 wide straight up with a glowstone at the bottom and a ladder all the way to the head is enough. This will reduce performance issue to the extreme.

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With Stiv's personal proclivities in regards to rabbits I would feel remiss in not suggesting it point towards the resumed project formerly known as the Easter Exhibit, now known as either the Bunny Temple or Spring Salute (Naming conventions are still a work in progress).

Here's the map location for interested parties:


And a spoilerific screenshot for those that can't wait to see what the 396,000 peices of wheat are for:


The shadows are a bit intense because shaders, but it gets quite dark regardless due too the rendering engine. The black splotches at the bottom are just artifacts of the awkward shadowing. Obviously this isn't constructed yet on the server, large scale wheat collection is possibly the worst thing minecraft can offer but be sure to stay tuned for the final product. Hopefully you can see why I suggest the statue orientation with regards to this ;)


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