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My heartfelt thanks to Gopher


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Dear Gopher,


I've been a fan since 2013. I first started using your mods when I got my own PC to play Skyrim on and I have followed your work ever since.

I've made many comments on your videos (of which I've watched hundreds, literally) but recently discovered that I was "ghost banned" some time after Google took over YouTube.

I have no idea why... I'm polite and mild-mannered when compared to the majority of commenters. Of course, since realizing this, it dawned on me that you were unable to see the many supportive comments I wrote. I wish to amend that now.


I'll keep this short, because I know you're a very busy man. I'm sure you get messages like this all the time, but I hope you don't mind if I add my two cents worth.


I love what you do. Your mods are extremely useful, your playthroughs are a delight to watch and your tutorials are a Godsend. I use your HUD mods for both Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas, and I've downloaded and currently use all your Advanced Recon gear for FNV. Of course, I've endorsed and stand by all your mods. I can also admit to being very intimidated by making manual changes to game files and without your patience, your thoroughness and guidance I doubt I'd have dared to go beyond what NMM is capable of on its own. I am not a tech-minded person, but with your considerate help I have overcome many boundaries. You are a great teacher.


I watch (at the very least) one of your playthrough videos every day. Almost always during meal breaks LOL. I am a very reclusive person and I rarely get out. But having your pleasant voice playing regularly through my speakers makes up for a great deal of what I lack. I really appreciate the fact that you always remain true to who you are, even to a certain degree when you're roleplaying. There are so many overbearing and hammy YouTube personalities that rub me the wrong way with their overacting, pomposity and exuberance. But you, my good sir, have never been in that category.


True, I might not always agree with your manner of utilization of followers in Fallout 4 (I think Piper is adorable and quite loveable, despite the typical Bethesda follower antics for which she cannot be blamed). As an avid fan, I understand the way you like to play and I can sympathize with your irritation towards anything that takes away from your realism-embracing nature, like immortality, for instance. But when playing as Jack, Frank, Geralt or even as Ming, your kindhearted and deeply contemplative personality shines through.


Many thanks to you, my friend. The gaming world wouldn't be as enjoyable without you and I hope to continue following your work for many years to come!





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Don't care if this ends up a necro post. I agree 100% with the original post. Thank you for letting Gopher know how many of us feel. :D

Usually I'd put some inane commentary here about the weirdness of the forums and such; but I'm rusty, out of touch, and still am enjoying your original thoughts, as they sink in.

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2 hours ago, Quarico said:

Oh god yes. So much this.

This is why I only take companions with me on my first playthrough on a Bethesda game, so I can have the experience of getting to know them and hear their lines of dialogue. 

Every other playthrough, I never take them, especially because I always tend to play stealthy characters and they just get spotted, get in my way, or get on my nerves. 

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