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It was bound to happen eventually ..

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So, some of you may know I have my own tiny youtube channel, 99% of which concerns a game called Anarchy Online content.

I've previously also published playthroughs of FO4 and The Witcher 3, and I've now finally succumbed to the Elder Scrolls itch I've had for a while.


Feel free to join me for the journey.



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1 hour ago, OutandBack said:

Hi Cal thanks for the heads up. I have been enjoying Hekazu's Skyrim LP and look forward to watching yours.

You talked a little bit about mods you will be running do you have plans for more?

Yes indeed, I'll be adding to those listed in the vid as I go along.

If it were not SE the list would be very much longer hehe.

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14 minutes ago, Caloss2 said:

Currently Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

The same as what I happened to pick, I see. It's a good set-up, leaving no really big gaps at any point of the week.

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