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Horse insurance.

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1 minute ago, Rodzyn said:

And would still use those values when copying horses into the Vault.

Can't you just point at entity and create exact copy of it?

Sorry, I have no knowledge of MC console/admin tools...what I think is possible I derive from how entities work in Bethesda games, or HL (first one) map making...

I think it comes to place when only good old animal cruelty would help finalize this discussion.

Breeders will give their champions to science... Using mod tools you copy them, using their HUD mods they will check how precise this copying is. And then copies will have to go to real Horse Paradise ;-)

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4 hours ago, Rodzyn said:

I've been trying to find that mod but because the name is so generic I'm not having good luck with it. Could you post a link here so I can check it out. Sounds like it would be best way to get precise values for summon command.

Oh, sure, and my mistake actually, it's HorseAttribs, I just keep misremembering it since it's in some places referred to as HorseStats...


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So I just looked at current snapshot of ZHorse plugin. It's not a release yet so I'm not going to use it yet (had to make small fixes to the code to even compile it). What it does is introduces completely new way of tracking and storing horse data. Instead of current way of keeping only location of a horse and then finding it (which often results in plugin not finding a horse for some reason giving you that sad message), it will keep ALL data about a horse (stats, colour, location, inventory etc.) and if chunk the horse is on unloads, it will remove the horse. When the chunk loads again, it spawns new horse from memory. Additionally in case something bad still happens, I should be able to manually lookup database to see the stats myself.

Don't know when exactly proper release will happen, author says he's very busy atm so it might take a while but if everything goes well, it should solve that problem once and for all.

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