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Chess - Dave's & Rona's tea retreat

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I took a test for a Leadership course I'm attending. It was some kind of Scientology crap.

I had to pick one of four skills I value most and one of them that I value least. It's kind of which is most fitting to describe you and least.

It all turns out we all have an area of improvement.

Anyways, I hope I'm wrong and it will be a fun course.




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I hope so too for your sake, otherwise it will be an useless exercise and a waste of time.

My mother is hopefully coming out on Thursday from the hospital, so let's hold our thumbs.

Have a great week, Dave, three weeks left until holiday. YES!

Knight at C7 takes your Queen at D5

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Hi there!

Got myself in the cash flow / cash flux dilemma. The house is up for sale. I'll see if it's sold before summer. We could be almost out of debt, if the sale is big enough. If not we'll have a smaller living and saving som cash on the cheaper rent. Hopefully things will go well.


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Just glad it is long weekend, it started before I could kill anyone in my register class. They have been very trying these couple of last days we've been writing mini exams. Like they were taking their frustrations out on me. So hopefully I will recharge my patience meter this weekend and it will hold until the holidays in 2 weeks time.

In the meantime, I have about 300 tests to mark this weekend, so I will do it with a bottle of wine next to me (:rolleyes:)

Otherwise my life is "mixed up", I wish I could just get it in line.

Good thing, I have been eating healthier and exercising, lost 10 kg, my mother is hopefully home next week, she really looks good.

That's all I think.....

Knight at D5 takes your  Bishop?(I think, I can't see) at B4.

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I think I have to watch myself. The white queen seems wicked, this time around.


Enjoy the wine! 

Enjoy the weekend!

My classroom plan for the months up to June 16 is to teach Astronomy, Geography (Europe) and Languages plus maths. For art class, I'm using chrome books for image manipulation for the class. We'll be discussing source critique. It's a year 5 class with 11 year olds. Only 21 pupils, I have to add.


Good that your mom is getting better and home.

Congrats on the less weight! As long as you feel better, it's a good thing.


I spoke with my boss yesterday and got the all clear to have half a year off to try the principal job. I'm signing the papers on Tuesday at the new job.

Three months to Dave the Principal enters the house!


This is the location of my new job. Floors one and two.


They have a small 'beach' where we can spend the afternoons.


And the fact that the new salary in my mind is two months extra pay compared to my current salary is awesome!

Great job at the space ship mess hall! It grows slowly but I hope it all turns out alright in the end.

Over and out.

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Hi, the new school looks amazing, I envy you your beach.

You do know I was joking about the wine, if I was drinking I will be snoring(sleeping) all over the tests, instead of marking. :lol:

This school,  is it a private school?

I am a little hesitant about the RP, still finding my feet, you lot intimidate me as experienced RP players.

Bishop at B2 to C3

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Don't mind the official space speak by Mr. H and Lee. They are just pretending to be space engineers!

So far we're doing this from the top of our heads. No rules no real guidance. 

Just have fun!

The school is a private school, yes. I do have the pedagogical helm. I set the schedule for the staff, but I don't have the HR-role over them. Nor do I 

have any economical responsibility. Those tasks lie with the HR of the company and the financial clerk.

So, it's fun and bathing over the summer. Add a few learning goals and report to the state's education board!

Wine... I had two glasses just now. But I only have to prepare for the months to come. No grading papers.

That's another relief!

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Have a great week, Dave!

It all sounds good with your new job, may it continue like that forever :lol:

What is happening with the spaceship?

Busy with a modding project for Skyrim, named The Gatherer- The lost lovers. I hope I have the stamina to complete this, already put a lot of work into the Haunted Inn. CK isn't very stable.

See you! hugs & kisses


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Not forgetting you, guys. I just am fixing up our apartment for the sales. It will be sold in three weeks. So, I'll be busy April out, I guess. If need be, we'll stay at the cabin and the caravan till we find other housing. 

The class I've taken over is taking its toll, as well. Busy, busy. 

We're well over here, anyway! How are you?

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Hi Dave, sorry for being absent, not taking ground it seems, playing this text RPG Ron introduced me to, Torn.

Yes, my mom went back, she had an oxygen shortage, and didn't wake up, so I called the ambulance to come and pick her up, then she got that hospital virus and needed to be isolated from everyone. We had to wear protective gear when we visited her, felt like science fiction.

And did you take that apartment?

Pawn at D2 to D4

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Ah, sorry to hear.

No, did not take it. We have to sell our apartment before agreeing to rent. We'll see how it goes. I'm in turmoil about the sale and am taking a few days off during the bidding process. Can't be at work worrying about my "business" - better to be at work at full capacity.

Hoping for a solution before Wednesday!

Games can engulf us, I know that! Great you found a game worth playing!

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