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fix endorsement mistake

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does anyone know how to change endorsement mistakes because i got the endorsement pop up when i went into nexus now that i've taken the castle in fo4 again. i wanted to check if i'm supposed to do the armory quest 1st before i get the mod that fixes the walls. when i looked at mod gopher vids shows me in the vault. i didn't get it already because the mod said only after i take castle? / armory? i remember something about doors being blocked or something like that so i didn't do it with all the other mods i got for this modded play through i'm doing & any way i accidently clicked not to endorse on some i really like ( my .50 gattling rifle is great ) .

also does anyone know why you can't endorse some mods because when i click on thumbs up hand the thumbs up hand went away leaving only the crossed thumbs up hand? 

thank you

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