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Gopher's Minions

The official People's of Farlands and Commonwealth Palaver

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Welcome to Farlands


A welcome to all settlers and visitors and an invitation to get informed on the established community and the lay of the land. Ask around, we're always ready to help, get you started, get you settled, point a way, inform you on projects and regions.

We may be a bit reluctant at first, but once we melt, we're tasty and soft as butter. 


So, the big question;

'The difference between Farlands & Minionland?


Farlands is mostly a rural gateway. Quiet, peaceful, chill.

We are a bunch of people who enjoy playing in the Gopher spirit. The Dark Lord Gopher, traveling about Minionland, rarely if at all visits Farlands.

We are a small community.

We tend to be slightly reclusive. We build for fun and for ourselves mainly, enjoying the company of like-minded people without the need to prove anything.

Many Farlanders are storytellers. The community, by large, respects the generated landscape and builds within it to tell our tale and we chose Farlands for this very reason. We generally don't appreciate vast leveling of terrain, oceans or whatnot for 'massive builds' towering over everything else. And while we feel the map is big enough to accommodate the craziness possible in Minecraft, just be respectful around other people's builds and if you are planning something insane ask your neighbours if they are cool with it.

Many regular Farlanders are older, and thus also the community. While we cannot be sure of Minionlanders, Farlands could be perceived as a de-facto mature server (+30/40/50) . Naturally we also warmly welcome younger folk who wish to settle here but we aware of this fact and its influence on how we play the game, work and communicate together.

We blend together. Blend, blend & blend!


So, if you feel this is something for you… hop in through that portal. If not, try it out, we'll blend it. Don't forget Minionland, the folks are equally nice and welcoming, just a different flavour. 


Same rules and policies as Minionland. Respect each other. No PVP at presentMinionland offers limited PVP possibilities.



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General Information & Support


Need assistance? Require a moderator or administrator? Horse ate your portal? 

Send a ticket:



Official Farlands moderators:  @kmsparkli and Algerhard



The following regions are actively managed by Farlanders. Some are invite only and/or require at least communication with its principal contributors. Be advised, get informed. If you want your region/coop listed here, please contact me via the forum. A map of sorts, if deemed necessary by you, would be practical so folks know your coop/regions boundary.


Lake District @MsClaireB, @Dardhaz)

The Witch Coven - swamp south of spawn ( @SurfaceHealer)

East-coop & rim ( @Algerhard) (map/regular updates: http://imgur.com/a/zgRFk)

Crossroads ( @Libra Aera)

The Mesa Ghost Town & outposts ( @SurfaceHealer, @Bob_Bungle, @ebert1104, etc.)

Old Treeguard Province (@stentheugly, @Allatar) (map & coord: http://imgur.com/a/i4Bsj)



The Commonwealth and Farlands Archive: 


Is your neighbours grass greener? Want to talk about anything unrelated to Farlands and gossip over the back fence? Why not use:


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information update
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Hej Commonwellers & Farlanders alike,


To christen our new home on the forum, I prepared a selection of pictures from my time as tourist at the Mesa. (Visited using Conquest Resource Pack). Enjoy the Mesa through my eyes. :P


And, the latest addition to East-coop, the smallhold and old gate of Jotunoga with the start of the fens. (Conquest Resource Pack). While waiting for Bobs Waystone Inn, you can eat a local variety apple of its orchards and enjoy the landscape.


Next up, a map update B).




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And, to round things up for this evening :D.


A map update of the East-coop with Jotunoga added, the start of the fens, the restored farm of Stenmorden, etc.



You know the drill ^_^. Invite only this and that. More info, question and stories, ask away.


And, our team has been approved by Rod and has been created making team management and trust within east-coop easier to manage.

Team name: team_east_coop
Trust/permission flag: team.east_coop




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Hej Commonwellers, Farlanders & Co,


Project Presentation & Looking for helping hands - The Fens of Trahan


As most of you probably have heard by now, I'm doing a fen(land) in East-coop. Recently I added a mineral spring and extended the fens by many blocks (right side of the wooden causeway to Dunwich), but the time has come to present the project and ask for volunteers to 'enhance' this massive 'nature reserve'.


So, if you want to help out 'fenning' the place up somewhere next week make yourself known and when you can for planning purposes. My gratitude already. -_-


While I will do the chaotic small details. This part of the map (orange highlighted), at water height;


needs a 'random/chaotic' base layer of coarse-dirt, dirt and water (example)


And participants are advised to bring along following materials in copious quantities (coarse-dirt, grass, bonemeal) (dirt is already available by the ton, and only 1 bucket);



1) Make the base layer

2) plant grass and transform it into tall grass on the base-layer to imply fens (on site finished example of fenland is available for reference)


So, contact me in-game or via the forum :D.






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Hej folks,


Bob has built and practically finished the Waystone Inn, the fens have been expanded just a little more with a mineral hot spring and last but not least the causeway from Jotunoga/Waystone Inn to Dunwich has opened. Plus, some little things left and right… :D


So, time for another weekly map update of the East-coop.



An opening party will be held soon-ish with a horse race but don't let that stop you from visiting AND discovering the inn, its stories and rumours, its surroundings, the orchards and eat a local apple while you're at it -_-. Screenshots coming soon.



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Hej hej Commonwellers & Farlanders,


A journey in pictures to Ebert's place and the now completely finished Jotunoga & Waystone Inn.


Enjoy the journey through my eyes and resource pack. I added some commentary with the pictures… (click on them for full size and more detail)





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Hej folks,


I hope you've managed to get it working again Allatar. It's without question an game error on the player-side since the server is working nicely.


As for that, I'm not sure. Have you googled the problem or even youtubed it? Seems to be a launcher issue and pretty common apparently gopherMoo. My own google search is automatic in french so that won't help a lot. :D



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17 hours ago, Allatar said:

Launcher wont start up for me, giving me an error code 5 when downloading update

Yes I had this yesterday. It is apparently pretty  common. I watched a few video's and settled on downloading the .exe file from minecraft.net this was more of a work around than a fix. It does the trick though so good enough. :) 


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