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I'm dunforce. After two years of having an account (and forgetting the password) i finally decided to post something. Why, you may ask? Well i have exams and desperately need some distractions.

Who am i, you wonder? (or not, wouldn't blame you). I'm a student (3 yr pharmacy), live in Belgium and my native language is dutch (hence the mistakes against the english language).

I mostly play rpg's, but also football manager, civ, cities: skylines, rocket league and some others. Problem is that i only have a shitty laptop (640m), so i'm 'doomed' to play older games. But hey is still have to play/finish games like DA:O, Planescape torment, witcher 2, KOTOR 1 and 2, FO3, the stalker games, dishonored...
But i'm looking to buy a better PC in the near future, and when that happens i may come looking for minions to play divinity: original sin 2 with (would also love to see our high lord play this game if he ever finds some time in his schedule in the next couple of centuries).

Well, have a nice day, i'm off practicing my alchemy

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welcome, welcome do enjoy

 your eternal stay as a minion of the dread father.

And also 

Have a cookie or a Maths proof!

No no, Really, do come in. It's lovely

 in the forums right now.

 Perfect time for a visit.!


warning: cookies and chemistry


Synthesis of Dehydrated butyric polysackarid vanillin-benzaldehyde complex

  • 300ml of a mixure of 80%polysaccharides mainly amylum and and about 5% each of fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose
  • 100g of a mixure with 33% oleic acid-, 21%myristic acid-, 16% palmitic acid-, 16% stearic acid-, 7% lauric acid-, 4% butyric acid- and 3%caprioic acid-glycerides esters
  • 150g of Sucrose (C12H22O11)
  • 2ml of Benzaldehyde C6H5CHO
  • 5mg vanillin C8H8O3


Mix in a 1000ml Beaker with an impeller until homogeneous, divide into spheres of radius 2cm.
Dehydrate in a kiln at about 473.15K for about 10minutes or untill golden brown.
Serve with milk of cow or DHMO.

warning: maths


how to kill a maths fly with a maths thermonuclear bomb

-how to prove that the n:th square root of 2 is irrational (irrational==cannot be written as a fraction)

we will use a proof by mathematical thermonuclear bomb, we assume it can be written as a non reducable fraction


now we raise both sides to the n:th power


we simplify


and it follows 


which is the same as to say


and this last equation has no solutions for n>2 as proven in Fermats last theorem(big deal==bomb)

thusly our original statement of the (n>2) :th square root of 2 is capable of being written as a fraction was wrong

proving it is irrational

im Dalitas, chem student in sweden,

i like sithis i.e gopher, schnitzel and Explosions, in my early days i played the c&c games, specifically Red alert I & II. Later i spend most of my days exploring tamriel during the oblivion crisis... those were the days... and then came the "new"  c&c:s which more or less sucked save tiberium wars, and then skyrim, alot of it. update: ive just got a new pc with a 1070 so whenever im not studing chemistry im patrolling the wastelands or building a base in CnC  

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Hello THERE!!! Boy am I late to the party. I've been dealing with a lot of IRL crap last couple months. It's nice to have a moment to swing back through the forums and do some catching up! Normally, I'd warn you to keep an eye out for flying rutabagas, but my softball team is in their off-season at the moment, so you don't have to worry about it... yet. Time moves... differently here in Gopher's worlds. So no telling how long the off-season will last this time. ;)

Usually I'd come up with some clever way to humorously include a couple links from the forums. But since I'm an entire month late here. I'll just post and go.
We have A Recipe Box where we keep a collection of delicious recipes. Feel free to add some of your favorites.
And here's an outlet for The Insanity... Intended for those days you just need a bit of craziness to keep you grounded. Or to prove you're more sane/insane than you feel. ;)

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6 minutes ago, Shiroi_gaijin said:

*assassinates the term "necropost" and its derivatives*

boy, Jean, it'd be a goddamned shame if someone saw a post for the first time welcoming someone and thought "oh, hell no, I'm not going to be hospitable. That would be necroposting." 

mine was trolling, true and shameless trolling :P

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