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Just saying hello :D


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So, I've been watching Gopher's videos and reading the forums, even playing in Minion Land for some time, and decided it's time to introduce myself here :P

(I took my time because I wanted to get used to the rules here before I start posting.)


Some of you may know me from Minion Land... I'm Sebngarde, from Argentina.

Currently living in Japan, so i woke up like at 3:30 am to assist the party today :P 

You can find my place in Minion Land on the east Nether highway, just north-east from Shovelot ^^


hm... I'm not good at this kind of things, so I think I'll leave it there xD  

See you guys in the forums & Minion Land :D


PS: Sorry if my English is not very good, it's my 3rd language :/ 

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Well, I'm late to the party. Hiya welcome to the forums. Your English is really quite nice, especially with English being your third language. Seems even better than some of the native speakers I've encountered in my life. LOL Good job with that. You don't have to worry as much about the flying rutabagas for now. My softball team is in their off-season for the moment. So they aren't practicing as much as usual. But don't worry, they'll be back in force smacking around rutabagas before you know it. I guess it's just a general rule to keep an eye out for them. Who knows if they're practicing a bit from their own house.

I'm a month late, so I'll spare the goofy posting of links, and just give you the basic here's a link format.
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