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top 5 favorite game characters


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so i got nostalgic playing some good ol' games, and hence this topic.

Which are your top 5 game characters, playable and nonplayable counts.

mine are:

  1. Tiny Tina, Borderlands, 'cause badonka-donks 



  2. Mordin Solus, Mass Effect, because sea shells *cries*


  3. Yuri, Red Alert, your thoughts are mine


  4. Kane, Tiberium sun/wars !absolutely not twillight!, Kane lives!


  5. Elisabeth, Bioshock, Time rots everything, even hope


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Barry resident evil:

"Stand back from the door jill im going to kick this door down"

John marsdon red dead redemption, he was a man trying to rebuild his life and had it taken away.

Cesear from gta san andreas, he does the right thing as opposed to following the gangs ethos.

Crasious from morrowind, playfull and flirtatious but menacing and cold when needs be.

Codsworth, loyal, insecure and judgemental.


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  1. 3lgedbU.jpgPostal Dude (Postal 2) "I know what you're thinking, but the funny thing is, I don't even LIKE videogames..."
  2. ds7LjFc.jpgSerious Sam (Serious Sam Series) "Double the gun, double the fun!"
  3. CesHcIj.jpgHercule Satan (DBZ Budokai) "Wow... he has three eyes! I wonder what his glasses look like?"
  4. efIlJPJ.pngHaggard (Battlefield Bad Company) "[when the player picks up a Specialist weapon] Is...is that a silencer? That's kinda girly."
  5.  fXEgYFt.jpgMurray The Skull (The Curse of Monkey Island)
Guybrush: Can I call you ‘Bob’?
Murray: You may call me ‘Murray’! I am a powerful demonic force! I am the harbinger of your doom! And the forces of darkness will applaud me as I stride through the Gates of Hell – carrying your head on a pike!
Guybrush: “Stride”?
Murray: All right then, roll! Roll through the Gates of Hell! ... must you take the fun out of everything?
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