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Gopher's Minions

Take to the Skies me Minions!

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The Admiral is back and able to fly once more. I've been grounded for a long while now, but with my new powerful "Ship" at hand I can fly once more. And so I wish to bring back events and to start it off why not go back to what started it. It has been too long since we've sunk ships in the name of our Lord Gopher. Too long since we've delivered Lunchables. Too long since I've laughed maniacally at taking a ship and ramming it straight into the enemy leaving nothing but fire and ash. So I ask you Minions to take to the skies once more and join me.

(Thanks to Pcat for showing me this song.)

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Monday nights are the single worst day of the week for me to do any gaming. It's usually full for me up until midnight (US EST) or later. I am off on the 26th, however, if anyone wants to do any kind of events (PayDay2, GoI, CK2), I can be a part of that then.

Unfortunately I work all day Friday. But you can ask many of the Minions to play a game that day.

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