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To Nexus or not to Nexus (in Witcher 3)


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Hi guys,

As of three months ago I got myself a quite respectable rig and I'm about to start playing Witcher 3. Right now I already tested the game and it runs fine, but I wanted to add a few mods (mostly graphics and UI) and I was wondering if using Nexus Mod Manager is advisable -- or even required in some cases, like it was with Skyrim.

Can anyone out there help me?

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I used  NMM on W3 with no issues. There are only a couple mods I found must haves for this game.

No tripping down stairs is at the top of my list, haha Geralt is a dork when trying to walk down any stairs it will drive you crazy in no time.

Also don't put away your dam sword was a must for me as well. Although I believe that mod was incorporated into the game as a option.

On graphics mods I had issues with low frame rates. I would try the vanilla game with all options max'd and see what your frame rate is.

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On ‎12‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 1:22 AM, Woodclaw said:

Thanks for the answers guys. I'm still investigating the issue, but I think that I'm going to install the permanent mods (i.e. the essential ones) manually and keep the aestetic ones into NMM, so I can manage them more easily.

Totally agree... and I have tried this and it works nicely.... except I keep crashing windows and have to reinstall everything so often that I got tired of doing it this sweetly. I do everything by convenience and pretty much carelessly and roughshod. It is quicker. :P

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I used nmm and didn't had any problems 's,  given my "lap"top I didn't had any fps problems on ultra so used some texture enhanger bit on the witcher 3 there is nothing that gangs things so impressively as in skyrim  just to say ( being tw3 already awesome ) aside that I suggest you friendly hud froM ghost as a must especially if you are doing an alchemy build

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