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I've come up with many good runs for this game as the modding scene has progressed, and I thought I should share them, and see if you guys had come up with other interesting character concepts. Most, if not all of the runs that I will be sharing will be using my mod setup that can be found in this post

The Gun-Fu master:

The Gun-Fu master was an ex-Circle of Steel member before his encounter with Benny. He had been sent to assimilate the NCR by becoming a courier to intercept potentially important packages containing intel on ancient technologies. He always travelled alone, not being a talkative person. During his training, he specialised in the use of small arms, as well as unarmed combat. However, he was not a violent man. Preferring to either use non-lethal combat styles or avoid fighting entirely, he was not one to seek for revenge. He still upholds the instructions of the Codex, making him desire to protect the people of the wastes from dangerous technologies. Always looking to improve, he will never back down from a fight once it has started, using his expertise to pacify most human targets. He is no pushover, however. If the situation won't allow for non-lethal tactics, he has lethal unarmed techniques. He is also an extremely talented gunslinger, switching around handguns at ease. His training gave him almost superhuman reflexes, allowing him to predict the path of fired bullets and dodge or deflect them. However, his martial arts discipline and near-death experience made him empathetic to all forms of life, preferring to dispose of his targets quickly and painlessly with as few shots or hits as possible.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:

S: 8

P: 5

E: 5

C: 1

I: 5

A: 8

L: 8

Trait: Wild Wasteland.

Tagged skills:

Guns, Unarmed and Sneak.

Secondary skills:

Melee weapons and explosives.

Necessary perks:

Stonewall, Grand Slam, Six-Shooter, Cowboy, Better Criticals, Bright Side of Life, Art of Pain, Gunslinger, Finesse, Paralysing Palm, SUPERHOT, all ranks of SUPERHOT Deflection, SUPERHOT Superfocus, SUPERHOT Hotswitch, Soul of a Butterfly, Piercing Strike, Slayer, Run 'N Gun, Charge!, Second Wind.

Acquiring all unarmed techniques is advisable.

This run relies on the use of the Animated Combat Takedowns mod, Xilandro's SUPERHOT mod, and Project Nevada's sprint feature. You should bind all hotkeys to keys that are accessible at all time.

For implants, you should acquire the Monocyte Breeder implant, Sub-dermal Armour implant and Razor Nails implants.

In terms of gear, you should use the Elite Riot Gear and a First Recon beret for armour, get That Gun, Lucky and a Ranger Sequoia as your firearms and the Golden Boxing Gloves and Fist of the North Rawr as your unarmed weapons.

Edited by Matt

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