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Have a small issue with a Whiterun NPC and I'm hoping someone can help.

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So Adrianne Avenicci, the blacksmith lady in Whiterun, was killed during one of those stupid random vampire attacks. I resurrected her using the console command and everything was working fine again with her until I came back to Whiterun a few days later and noticed she was missing. I had assumed she'd gotten killed again somehow, but couldn't find a body to resurrect, so I used the recycleactor command on her RefID and brought her back again that way. Again it worked fine for a couple game days, but she then disappeared again. I checked the Whiterun Catacombs to confirm my suspicion and, as expected, her coffin is down there full of her stuff for me to steal if I want to (which I don't, I just want her back as a merchant).

So I guess my question is, how do I get the game to basically forget the fact that she was killed in the first place, remove that coffin, and make it stop de-spawning her after I resurrect her?


Edit: Playing Skyrim Special Edition, btw.

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Yarp, dat bitch be dead, and will be forever thought as dead. She'll stay around till the cell resets, and then fwoomp! Back to the coffin she goes! Sorry, don't know why I wrote this with a pirate accent in mind, just woke up literally 30 seconds ago. But yeah, the moment any named npc dies, the flags em as dead and nothing i've seen can quite fix that. Part of the reason J'zargo said "Fuck you!" to Gopher during Stiv's playthrough. He just got flagged waaay to many times and got buggered up somewhere in the code.

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I *MAY* have solved my issue by spawning in a new instance of Adrianne (using her BaseID and player.placeatme) rather than attempting to resurrecting the dead one (using her RefID and resurrect or recycleactor).

I left Whiterun for a while after doing this (when to Ivarstead, High Hrothgar and Riftan), and when I came back the new one was still around. I keep an eye on her for a while longer, of course, but for now that may have solved my problem.

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IN SSE, you could try one of the various AI 'Run Away' mods (eg; Immersive Citizens), or a mod or console command that makes the NPC essential (ie; setessential <base ID> <1/0>). This could stop the problem, but may spoil the immersion depending on how you perceive such invulnerability.

Will the Timing Is Everything mod work for SSE? I have not installed it yet, as it was made for Skyrim Vanilla.

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