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The Loopers - (Tech) - RIKSENERGI - State Energy

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At the end of World War II, it became evident that the power within fusion would be a changing force to society. Advanced research in fundamental physics could lead to great breakthroughs in military and civic development. Coinciding with the leaps in fusion, Soviet scientists pretty much by serendipity announced a new technology called the magnetrine-effect which brought forth the evolutionary mag-ships that would revolutionize the transport industry. 


In line of these scientific breakthroughs, Swedish scientists began a number of experimental research programs in fusion energy. This was when Sweden lay down the foundation to what would be the largest particle accelerator in the world. In 1952 it started to look like the Mälarö-Accelerator would outgrow its mother-project from Nevada, USA. 
The state agency RIKSENERGI was tasked with developing the massive project. Twenty research teams were working on different parts of the project. In total 129 scientists along with construction and service personell encompassed thousands of employees. The construction began in 1961 and took eight years. The first test was made in July 1970. From that time on, the accelerator was being added to at regular intervals. To the locals, this meant that places where they used to go, now were cordoned off as off-limits to unauthorized personell. 

In 1971 the The Facility For Research In High Energy Physics was ready, and functioning, located deep below the pastoral Mälaröarna-countryside. The local population soon called it THE LOOP. It provided an astounding amount of electricity and heat to the capital of Sweden and most of central Sweden. Resonance and spikes in the energy fields gave some erratic interference in radio traffic and the air sometimes seemed to shudder. According to RIKSENERGI, these irregularities were harmless. 

Unemployment was down to near nothing in the wake of the huge project. Security was tight and maintenance was rigid. If there was any doubt to what to do, start to work for the government. It was natural. And the pay was good enough. RIKSENERGI were all encompassing. Their service vehicles were everywhere. The mag-ships transported all heavy transport which liberated the roads to smaller traffic. This made the housing districts boom as the builders didn't need to consider heavy traffic to the plans when developing areas.

At Port Munsö, the largest mag-shipyard were built and a steady stream of vessels were being constructed. 


In the wake of all this construction, redundant parts and scrapped vehicles were being left behind by RIKSENERGI and subcontractors were supposed to clean up. Sometimes they did a good job - other times, they forgot some parts. These were the things our dreams were made of.

We were the Loopers, the scavengers of the wild. We, the children of a new age. 
The year was 1983.


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Early in 1943, Mikhail Vorobyev discovered what we today call the Magnetrine-effect. Vorobyev was a Soviet engineer during WWII who worked on a new kind of guidance system for long distance missiles. When he experimented different types of gyroscopes he found that if he enveloped a fast rotating neodyne rod inside saucer-shaped iron-capsule, the construct repelled against earth's magnetic field. Vorobyev soon fathomed what this meant and fine-tuned his magnetrine-disk. Later, he had a disk with considerable pull force. The first magnetrine-disk was created!



tumblr_mqphgjyH3A1rc69zjo1_1280.jpg                   tumblr_mqpip7Zalf1rc69zjo1_1280.jpg




The Swedish state, through the Nobel committee, granted Vorobyev the Nobel prize in physics. Through grants, a mutual exchange of services between the two nations were being made. The major field of the magnetrine-effect was considered the mine industry. The obvious military field was being cordoned off by a clause in the will of Alfred Nobel.  





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