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Southeast region map and coop thread

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Some screenshots of the New Mistral town center, under development. The town hall (not pictured yet) is nearing completion.

Town houses, along the old pond, repurposed as a beet field


Great East Road running into town, towards the old map plaza; butcher's shop on the right.


Marketplace, showing the soap/perfume and bakery stands.


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Hello guys, Finally got time to join the forum, and I am up to speed.... Lets get building

As we've seen a few players in the region pop back in after a long hiatus, here's an updated region map again.

Changes in the region since the last version:

  • Roads:
    • The Great South Road is now on the map. This runs from Crossroads via Magasai Farms across a new bridge built by Daalio, and enters the region in the northwestern corner. From there, it runs along the existing paths to Seawatch, where it enters a tunnel towards the nearby island and then on to Non's city of Astaroth and further south from there.
    • I've updated the remaining 'major' roads that are now part of the new road netwerk (see topic here), including a new branch running southeast to HiiPerMadMan's Blackwater City.
    • With the development of the road network, I've temporarily removed the railroad and the Deep Roads from the map.
  • Builds:
    • The BoteBoys Memorial and Rod's Coffee Break, community build sites spearheaded by Ubberblox, have been added in the northeast.
    • lomasm's build is new in the trees on the eastern edge of the map, just beyond Miniopoly.
    • Cliffton village has been dismantled, following a proposed redesign by ThatGuyBoom45. 
    • At New Mistral, the exterior of the town hall is nearing completion; there is also a new bear exhibit behind the inn.
    • Somewhere on this map, is one of the targets for an upcoming scavenger hunt!

New Mistral Town Hall, completed front exterior


Map in spoiler below




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It's good to hear your voice again neighbour. :)

Some replies to things you mentioned:

  • Your rabbit is probably an escapee from the hutch next to my stables; at one point a few got loose and I let them roam free. If you want a 2nd one to start breeding, just let me know.
  • For your bathhouse, it may interest you to know I have a modest sewer system running under my claim atm, that doubles as a network of secret passages. We could hook it up.
  • I'd guessed the town expansion might run afoul of the 'rural area' plans - I originally had farms there, and had to build over them as I was boxed in on the other 3 sides. I plan to restore the farmland further east, along the old path to Moonlam's place. Hope that's sufficient compensation - you can blame the other big cities on the server for making me feel New Mistral was too tiny before. Spending time with Z_Blackblue and Non will do that to a person... ;)
  • "You took away all my torches" - the town center is actually mostly mob-proof, I took care to bury lights under leaves and put up lamps. It's the older part around the cheese and the docks that are the problem now... that's been on the to-do list for a while now. I no longer care about mobs, now that I've got most of my villagers and resources settled.
  • "Turned the inn into a vegetable store" - the actual inn is further south, on the road to Seawatch where the blockhouse used to be; it has a sign board outside and is called the 'Tipsy Torch' in honor of the region.

Thx for sharing!

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