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Pcat's Retirement Post

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I'm retiring!

I've been giving it much thought, for a very long time now. Today feels like the right time to step down as community admin. Today's Witcher episode, the last I will post on the forum, is called "The Great Escape" which amuses me so much.

It has been a long long time since I started this adventure, all those livestreams, the guild, starting the original forum, and all; it has been a very great pleasure. I wanted to thank particular people who've been there along the journey but they're so numerous I don't even know where to start. And so I will just o/ to you all.

I'm not leaving, just retiring. I'll be flitting around Minionland, on Steam, the forums and suchlike as always. I'm definitely down for more Pathfinder, especially. :)

So, in closing; be good. Be kind. Have fun. gopherVaultStiv

And Blue is True.

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Honourable Philosophercat,

We of the Knights Verdant salute your long service.  A model (some may use the word "definitive") Minion, one who has always upheld the highest ideals of the Gopheric Order of Service, we applaud your long service before the mast.  

Rest now, noble one, Founder of the Olde Forum, you've earned your retirement.

Three cheers!




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Actual Sicarius here, and I will admit to being a little teary eyed to learn that you were retiring from your role as Community Admin, but it is a retirement well earned, and a community so much the better for your devotion and love. I feel I must second our Lord Gopher's words when I say that I cannot imagine this community being where it is without you. Thank you for everything you have done, and hopefully you enjoy your retirement and all the stress it leaves behind. Thank you.

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Best of luck to you in your retirement, Pcat!

Now to more important matters. Who shall be the new community admin? Will we decide by the theocratic method by having Pcat or the dark lord himself name the person for the position, or will we go for the democratic route? If you ask me, a popular vote sounds like a wonderful idea.

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Did anybody say 


more Pathfinder

?! :o:o:o
Where? When?! TELL ME!!


Kidding aside; I haven't been that ac... uhm... I haven't been active at all for quite a while now but I'm sure you did your job very well in that time. As for the time before that... thanks for only giving me a warning that one time :P

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