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The Sentinel and the Temple of the Bunny-eating God (Minecraft Gigantic Stiv Statue)

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@Spellcaster stupid question maybe, but is it possible to save the full finished statue as a schematic-file so that it is compatible with schematica?
If this is impossible to do directly through the program u are using, then maybe it is be possible to import the statue directly into a singleplayer-world and use worldedit/Mcedit or schematica itself to create a schematic file?
I mean I don't know what program u are using and what it is capable of, but I think horizontal slices are easier to manage then vertical slices, especially if you can get a in-game preview of where to put your blocks which is possible with schematica.

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Maybe, but as I said, I don't even have Minecraft. I'm doing this only with knowledge that there are blocks, stairs and slabs :) And the name of the program is in the OP.

Anyway, hold tight - I'll be making dedicated thread for all Q&A as well as discussion (most likely today if not in next few hours). 

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