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Hello all


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welcome, welcome do enjoy

 your eternal stay as a minion of the dread father.

And also 

Have a cookie!

No no, Really, do come in. It's lovely

 in the forums right now.

 Perfect time for a visit.!

Synthesis of Dehydrated butyric polysackarid vanillin-benzaldehyde complex

  • 300ml of a mixure of 80%polysaccharides mainly amylum and and about 5% each of fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose
  • 100g of a mixure with 33% oleic acid-, 21%myristic acid-, 16% palmitic acid-, 16% stearic acid-, 7% lauric acid-, 4% butyric acid- and 3%caprioic acid-glycerides esters
  • 150g of Sucrose (C12H22O11)
  • 2ml of Benzaldehyde C6H5CHO
  • 5mg vanillin C8H8O3


Mix in a 1000ml Beaker with an impeller until homogeneous, divide into spheres of radius 2cm.
Dehydrate in a kiln at about 473.15K for about 10minutes or untill golden brown.
Serve with milk of cow or DHMO.


im Dalitas, chem student in sweden,

i like sithis i.e gopher, schnitzel and Explosions, in my early days i played the c&c games, specifically Red alert I & II. Later i spend most of my days exploring tamriel during the oblivion crisis... those were the days... 

But at the moment I'm PCless and I'm awaiting a new one

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Grettings vred. Usually I have something clever and witty to say regarding rutabagas. But I am somewhat tired, and the black-powder got damp, so iz not working...
Anyways, glad you've joined us here in the forums. There's plenty of interesting topics around. And don't forget to have fun.

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