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One hell of a weird bug

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Been having the itch to play skyrim again for months, and finally gave it. Having reinstalled all my old mods from what NMM still had on my machine, only to have it completely broken, then deleting, uninstalling, and doing it all over from scratch....I got this weird bug if I aim anything less than straight on in first person.....my arms either go straight towards the ground or way up in the air, blocking my sight and missing completely, or just straight up firing into the dirt, even though my reticle is aimed maybe 2-3 inches above where it actually fired. I don't have anything that really messes with the default animations at all, but I do have xp32 and fnis installed, but that's it. I could use a hand here since this is making it impossible to play at all, period. My arms literally do not behave at all as they should.

It's now affecting third person as well.... Wtf is going on here.....I'm aiming straight, and my bow will be pointed straight at the ground for no reason...Or I'll be firing spells directly into the dirt at my feet.

Nevermind, fixed it by reverting to an earlier save....a save back to just before I installed perkus maximus...Oh well, it works, arms not wonky, I can actually aim.

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