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Fallout Alaska Fan Lore

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Now this is a place for my Fan Lore, but any suggestions will be welcome. I intend to use this in a few RPs that I may currently be in, or have planned. Some may make the cut, others are just for fun.

Updated At August 5 2016 

Let me take a minute to thank my contributors in no particular order.


Schmuty Buncis


And a few friends from work

Flora and Fauna



 From the common squirrel, to the Great Mountain Bear. We shall talk about the dangers that await. The most common predator is the wolf, pack hunters by nature they can surround and overwhelm any foolhardy adventurer.

Cannon Fallout Creatures. Note these are existing creatures already found in Lore not new creatures created just for Alaska.
Brahmin, Rats, Giant Rats, Haired Mole Rats, Chickens, Goats, Raven, Crows, Yao guai, Bloatfly, Boom bugs, Bighorners, Fish. All of these will be found in Alaska. And all have appeared or have been mentioned in a Fallout Title.

Animal: The Great Mountain Bear


The Great Mountain Bear, another predator. Other than the second set of fore legs and larger mass, give them space and they’ll generally leave you alone. Unless hungry or threatened. The Great Mountain Bear, is a four armed Grizzly mutated to be stronger, and larger, the smallest never go below 1,500 lb, in weight, and could well be over 9.8 ft tall on its hind legs, some hunters have said that they have seen them grow to 15-18 feet on their hind legs. Though their natural counterparts are less impressive

Animal: The Wendigo


The greatest danger any man can face is the Wendigo. It is a herbivore. A very aggressive, and territorial beast. A mutation of Moose, Wendigo have been tainted by radiation or some other unknown contaminants; there are however Moose who still roam unmutated in parts of Alaska these are not them. With it’s long claw like hooves, and sharp antlers, it will normally charge and use it’s antlers and claws to disembowel and kill those who find themselves in it’s territory. A Wendigo has three long claws one an independent finger, which they curl up and walk on all fours, usually they'll stand on their hind legs and use them to pull down branches, but their most distinguishing feature is their Fan like Antlers, which they shed annually, as they would continue to grow and down them under their weight. They are typically used to spear any unknowing trespassers who venture into their territory. The independent finger can be used to stab closer targets. And pull down branches. 

This image depicts a Mature Wendigo just before the winter shedding season it’s palmate antlers beginning to weigh down the beast. With a quilled neck and hind area predatory animals often avoid hunting this beast and prefer to find easier prey. The Local Natives and Survivors of the Great War still hunt this beast for sustenance and for sport, at great danger to themselves.


Animal: The Huntsman Spider


The Huntsman Spider. Descended from the Carolina Wolf Spider. This Mutated Monster is the fastest land arachnid, or I should say land Animal. This Spider is roughly the size of a large dog, not including the length of it's legs. This predator moves almost constantly except for when it sleeps, it's always searching for prey and it's nearly always deadly. It nests for short periods of time, hidden by a thin web covering.

Animal: The Bald-Faced Hornet


The Bald-Faced Hornet. A poisonous and deadly insect. It moves almost erratically as it buzzes about. Gathering pollen and building the nest take priority. It's Queens are massive. And the nests can be House sized. They are most prized for their honey which many brave deadly unrelenting stings as they protect the nest. The only way to harvest the Honey safely is to smoke them and put them into a state of rest.

Animal: Northern Stags


Northern Stags. Mutated Elk and or Caribou are collectively called Northern Stags. These creatures are often tame, and usually flee from predators. They stand about 6, to 7 feet tall and once corralled and broken make perfect Mounts much like Horses. They are faster but more skittish. Many long Weeks of proper training is needed to prevent them from bucking and breaking away from combat.

Plant: Devil's Club


The Plant the Devil's Club. Is a carnivorous plant, mutated by radiation. It's long stem is covered in spines, as well as the bottom part of the leaves. It uses nectar to lure small birds or animals into it's trap. It closes it's leaves forming a spiked club, in a matter of seconds which it uses to bludgeon it's prey. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Club

Is a carnivorous plant, mutated by radiation. It's long stem is covered in spines, as well as the bottom part of the leaves. It uses nectar to lure small birds or animals into it's trap. It closes it's leaves forming a spiked club, in a matter of seconds which it uses to bludgeon it's prey. It has a rather thick stem, which has vines wrapped around it that contract and expand to control the club. It has many long hair like strings that detect the movement of prey. It has many believed medicinal purposes that make gathering it worth the dangers.

Plant: The Forget Me Not




Next we have the mutated Forget Me Not which has turned into a mess of tangled poisonous vines, these vines have small poison tipped barbs on them which if you're not careful walking through the forests will begin to wrap themselves around nearby objects. Including you.


Other Plants:

Animals: Dogs


The three most common breeds of dogs are the  Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Husky and the Alaskan Klee Kai. There are many dog breeds but these populate the most among them. They are used from Sled dogs to Guard dogs, and everything in between. Many run wild, and are corralled and captured to be domesticated for use.

Taken from the Wiki.
The Malamute personality is one of strong independence. If a dog owner cannot cope with a dog that will not comply with the owner's every command, a more submissive breed should be selected. This dog has a long genetic foundation of living in the harshest environment imaginable, and many of its behaviors have adapted to survive in such environments. Independence, resourcefulness, and natural behaviors are common in the breed. Because of their intelligence, they can be difficult dogs to train. However, if the trainer understands Malamutes and how to keep them motivated, success is possible.
Malamutes, like other Northern and sled dog breeds, can have a high prey drive, due to their origins and breeding. This may mean in some cases they will chase smaller animals, including other canines, as well as rabbits, squirrels, and cats; however, this has been difficult to document in detail beyond anecdotal, observational data and many Malamute owners have observed varying levels of prey drive between individual dogs. So while Malamutes are, as a general rule, particularly amicable around people and can be taught to tolerate smaller pets, it is necessary to be mindful of them around smaller animals and, as always with the larger breeds (and some others such as the Chihuahua), supervised around small children.

Malamutes are very fond of people, a trait that makes them particularly sought-after family dogs, but unreliable watchdogs. Malamutes are nimble around furniture and smaller items, making them ideal house dogs, provided they get plenty of time outdoors meeting their considerable exercise requirements. If they are year-round outdoor dogs, letting them play in a baby pool filled with cold water in summer keeps them cool. In the winter, they love snow.
Malamutes are usually quiet dogs, seldom barking. When a Malamute does vocalize, it often appears to be "talking" by vocalizing a "woo woo" sound. It may howl like a wolf or coyote, and for the same reason.

Taken from the Wiki

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a highly intelligent, curious and active breed. Unlike Siberian Huskies, whom they closely resemble, Alaskan Klee Kai can be standoffish and cautious around unfamiliar individuals. Because of their inherently reserved disposition in the presence of strangers, continual socialization throughout an Alaskan Klee Kai's life is highly encouraged. They are moderately active and have a strong prey drive. This means unless they are properly introduced and raised with smaller animals such as rabbits, hamsters, cats and birds, they will hunt them.

They can be a great family dog if raised with young children who are careful with animals: Alaskan Klee Kai are not likely to tolerate being mistreated and should be monitored when with children. Because of their intelligence, they do well in obedience classes and have a high drive to please their owners which helps them to excel in this area as well as many other types of activities. Another such activity is agility in which the Alaskan Klee Kai almost seems to have been bred to take part in.

Other dogs nearly as common. The German Shepherd although not as common, they are the third most common dog in Alaska and are used mainly as guard dogs. And are very aggressive if untrained properly or wild.

Then we have the St. Bernard, and Akita, which is not native to Alaska. It was introduced by dog owners mainly due to increasing popularity in 2030.

Animal: The Wolverine


No other name strikes terror into the would be traveler than the Wolverine. Armed with powerful jaws, sharp claws, and a thick hide, wolverines, like most mustelids, are remarkably strong for their size. They may defend kills against larger or more numerous predators such as wolves or bears. At least one account reported a wolverine's apparent attempt to steal a kill from a black bear, although the bear won what was ultimately a fatal contest. In another account, a wolverine attacked a polar bear and clung to its throat until the bear suffocated. While wolverines have dominated wolves in competitions over a carcass, some wolves habitually prey on wolverines and can eradicate them from a given area.
Additionally some Wolverines voracious eaters that they are, will devour literally anything from refuse piles to discarded weapons. In doing so they ingest potentially dangerous items but an odd mutation occurs once in a while. Wolverines that ingest Energy or Micro Fusion Cells physically mutate, energy cells become embedded into the flesh allowing Wolverines to absorb and discharge energy by way of a constant plasma stream via the mouth, a plasma breath. Studies have been conducted to uncover the source of this particular mutation but no substantial research findings have been found. These are especially dangerous and if encountered it is suggested to run.

The American marten, and Fisher, are just two of the animals hunted for their furs.

Now we have the Wood bison, and Muskox. Which are more common if not outnumbering most cows or brahmin. It is unclear if the radiation affects them. Unlike the Brahmin.

And finally we have Bighorners and Mountain goats or Mountain Bighorners. Mountain Bighorners are very similar to regular Bighorners, except for their long black horns.

There are other mammals like the North American porcupine and various rodents but they are largely unchanged by radiation.
Walruses and Seals are other animals who've gained a higher intelligence, but rare encounters have made in difficult to understand how intelligent they really are.

Animal: Stone Sheep
Stone Sheep: Not too uncommon in the Arctic Wasteland that is Post War Alaska. Stone Sheep are mutated Mountain Goats that have grown in size and have formed large stone like callouses on their heads. They are known to be extremely aggressive and are deadly in combat known to pulverize a man's bones in one charge.

Radroaches, Brahmin, Giant Ants, and Mole Rats are common as well.Animal: The Marabunta or Army Ants


Giant Ants live in huge underground nests, connected by long winding tunnels and offshoots where food is stored, or eggs hatch. From the workers, to soldiers, and the Armored Ants that protect the Queen.

There are three types of Ants all of which follow a Queen.

The Winged Ants, scouts gatherers and the eyes of the colony. They lay the scent trails for those to follow. They are the workers, who care out the spiraling tunnels, and scout for new nests and food sources.

The Soldier Ant, the protectors of the colony. They form a strong offensive against all that threaten their home and Queen.

The Armored Ants. Thier exoskeletons guard against even the highest of caliber bullets. Their exoskeletons have been used to line buildings as they often shed to regrow and strengthen their armor. Either it becomes too tight, or gets damaged during various activities. Falling rocks or even gunfire. Their armor is highly prized for it’s natural defense, making it very suitable for protective gear.

Although they are highly territorial, they are a passive species, and outside of the colony. Won’t show any unaggravated aggression. Some have even said that they touched a few of them before, so long as they didn’t feel threatened. However, they all posses strong mandibles which chew through steel like clay. And often nest in cities, or even settlements. In truth they tend to nest everywhere there’s food, which a large city has in abundance.

Radroaches are very common, though small compared to their counterparts of the lower states, what they lack in size they make up in numbers. A single female can lay over a hundred eggs, many will hatch, and they spread like wildfire. Thankfully many natural predators exist for them.

Animal: The Carrion Pigeon


The Carrion Pigeon, as it’s known. Is a large Hawk like pigeon, that feeds insects and Humans alike. Scavengers by nature they’ll never hunt a prey larger than themselves, but they’ll help themselves to any meal they come across. With a long wingspan they circle prey for hours if need be, or reportedly days? A long pointed beak, and dull gray plumage define this common bird.

Animal: The Bald Eagle


Writer's note  still working out the name. Nix this creature, maybe save it for something else

The Bald Eagle. America’s symbol of all that is Freedom. But not anymore! Once the majestic bird of prey flew through the skies drawing awe and wonder. Now it’s shadow casts only fear.

It is unknown what caused it’s change into an abomination. What is known, is that it’s the most feared bird in the sky. Torso of an Eagle, legs of a lion, or something close. It is reminiscent of the mythological Griffin. It walks around on the tips of it’s wings, which have a pair jointed fingers, they are the greatest danger of the sky. Reaching the size of a mountain lion. They perch upon the highest vantage points they can find, while they scan for prey.

Plant The Crimson Death:


The Crimson Death, a five leafed flower which takes root in those who pluck it, driven by hallucinations the flower produces via pollen. It slowly kills the victim and converts the calcium into faux rubies. Earlier I said that it converts nutrients into nutrition for itself, it does this by adding a chemical to strip the body of nutrients and converts it into it’s food source, the main reason for this is to propagate and germinate. The seeds grow all over the hosts body that survive the long cold winter inside it’s crystallized shell, then burst free in the early spring spreading the seeds out in a cannon like burst.

Shoriders just pest eliminating spiders, nothing more, things that mainly kill insects.

Animal: Ice Lurks


[King crabs that mutated nearly like mirelurks, but have a tougher, spikier, shell than their southern cousins. A mutated king crab that has adapted an almost diamond like crystalline shell, that doubles as a hard barrier against attack and the elements. Unlike its lesser cousin the Mirelurk, the Ice lurk has a crystalline plate that drops over its face almost like an eyelid, leaving its only weakness its unarmored joints. Ice Lurk's also are known to burrow underneath the snow along the shores of oceans and lakes attacking prey when they sense vibrations around them.

Animal: The Tyrant or Kushtaka (The Otterman)


The Tyrant is a beast that holds a misleading name. While it may look fierce and dangerous it is quite the opposite, unless provoked of course. The scaly skin often lead people to mistake this creature as reptilian but it's closest relative is the Sea Otter. Yes believe it or not this creature is a Mutated Sea Otter. Preying mostly on marine invertebrates, and sometimes fish. It has done much to keep the Mirelurk populations in check. But villagers find this creature a problem animal as it often roots around in food stores for Mirelurk meats and fish. And with pungent scent glands they taste something awful. They are a playful lot and are sometimes too inquisitive for their own good which forces hunters to either run them off, or if they've taken to human company kill them.

Animal: The Qalupalik, Or Mirelurk King.


Qalupalik is an Inuit mythological creature. They are human-like creatures that live in the sea, with long hair with green skin and long finger nails. The myth is that qalupaliks wear an amautiit (which is a form of pouch that Inuit parents wear to carry their children) so that they can take babies and children away who disobey their parents. The story was used to prevent children from wandering off alone else the qalupalik would take the children in her amautik under water and keep them forever.

Qalupaliks are supposed to have a distinctive humming sound so they can be heard before they appear. Of course that is just a Myth given more credence due to the Mirelurks appearance. Here's an image of what a Qalupalik looks like.

Animal: the Narseal


The Narseal is a Narwhal that has undergone mutation to become a land and sea creature. It’s not exactly a seal, it’s physically closer to a Crocodile in terms of movement, with four webbed limbs, that allow the beast to run quickly covering short distances. With it’s long  helical tusk, It charges any who’d dare bother the herd. It’s thick paddle like tail, and strong limbs make it deadly in close encounters. But normally it is a peaceful creature.

Animal: Alaskan Emperor Penguins  


Alaskan Emperor Penguins. Introduced in 2058 by Mountain Genetics for research into their declining numbers. The Alaskan Emperor Penguin has a better reproductive capability than their Antarctic counterparts, partly due to Mountain Genetics and Alaska's climate. With plenty of food they have a healthy population, but have many natural predators.  Their vocal cords produce a targeted sonic beam? Blast? You get the idea. To defend themselves from predators.

Animal: Worca (inspired by SPLICERS Patrol of the Akhluts by ChuckWalton)


Worcas. They’re Wolf and Orca hybrids, whether due to mutation, or gene splicing. They exist. Much like Horses that act as mounts others to ride them. Once tamed. They have a fine layer of fur, and thick blubber to insulate from the cold. They’re both Aquatic and Semiaquatic animals, like seals. They live in packs, on the sea ice, and around the coastline. They thrive in all of Alaska’s environment and often travel along Canada’s coast. They are strong and predatory creatures, with massive jaws capable of crushing bone with ease. While they don’t hunt Humans exactly. A shortage of food will force them to seek out other means of prey. With webbed feet, a dorsal fin and a tail fin of Orcas. The dorsal fin, located on it’s back is not supported by bone, or any other similar structure. Usually the force of them swimming keeps it upright. Otherwise it tends to bend to either side.



 Lurches are  Forget Me Not Vines that slither along the forest floor growing as the years pass. Sometimes they'll unwittingly crawl into a hollowed tree and attach and continue to grow inside of it until it's mass is too much for the tree to bear. It then continues forward bringing the tree roots and all with it, eventually something happens a side effect of radiation perhaps the mass of vines and the husk of the tree become one living entity a living swamp thing. Though rare they have been documented as bipedal creatures with a human likeness through the overgrowth of moss and vines that make up the creature. Lurches are blind and harmless, until provoked. They cannot see, hear or smell anything. For they lack the five senses, they merely lurch along the forest floor moving slowly in and out of sunlight to seek water.

Earth Whales


The Humble Earth Worm, long since has mutated into a massive giant. Within it's potentially massive frame which can grow upwards to thirty feet is an semi ridged skeleton which would appear to be like that of cuttlebone.  With a pointed beak that breaks open into four segments Earth Whales feed off of living or dead matter under and below the surface. Capable of traveling great distances within a single day Earth Whales constantly breach the topsoil to consume plant matter, this would be a problem if Earth Whales didn't have a long and slow maturity rate.  It takes upwards to ten years for a Earth Whale to mature and reach twenty feet long, and around six feet wide, Earth Whales like Earth Worms are hermaphrodites so each Whale can become either gender making them a fast breeding species. Earth Whales have many natural predators including The Huntsman Spider, the Devils Club, the Bald Faced Hornet, the Carrion Pigeon and of course man. So overpopulation is of no concern.
With a thick leathery hide, and many spikes similar to setae of Earth Worms along the sides of the creature they are incredibly fast and difficult to kill when fully mature. Thankfully they're mostly harmless to humans, seeking mainly plant matter. However it has been noted that they can swallow a Adult Man whole if they happen to be unlucky when it decides to surface. Having no eyes nor any need for them they may often ingest items that are harmful to them, they expel these foreign objects with great force and speed so if you find yourself swallowed by an Earth Whale it will be a short and unpleasant experience for both you and the Whale. While the meat of a Earth Whale is often tough, it is plentiful a single Adult Earth Whale can feed a Village of three hundred for weeks. The meat may not have the most savory flavor in the world but there are recipes that help with the odor. 
The Blood of an Earth Whale is greenish blue as it contains Hemocyanin which are proteins that transport oxygen throughout the bodies of some invertebrate animals. These metalloproteins contain two copper atoms that reversibly bind a single oxygen molecule (O2). They are second only to hemoglobin in frequency of use as an oxygen transport molecule. Unlike the hemoglobin in red blood cells found in vertebrates, hemocyanins are not bound to blood cells but are instead suspended directly in the hemolymph. Oxygenation causes a color change between the colorless Cu(I) deoxygenated form and the blue Cu(II) oxygenated form. - From the Hemocyanin Wiki. The Blood also has Anti Cancer benefits as well, leading to an overall low risk of developing many major forms of Cancer. 



Intelligent or Humanoid creatures

Writer's note . Since Super Mutants would be completely unrealistic in terms of setting, I’ve decided against them.




Humanoid: Ice Wraiths/Wraiths - Normal Ghouls

Ice Wraiths are a different type of Ghoul, exposed to the Radioactive Snow. It's skin is  blueish glass like translucent skin showing the bones and organs. It's touch is cold as ice. They are just as intelligent as their normal counterparts just standoffish, they're not any more hostile. They have a low tolerance for heat and often stay in dark locations away from the summer sun.


Humanoid: The Autleeir Tah



Writer's note 
Yeah they're a bit out there, though I wanted them to be the Super Mutants of Alaska, as I couldn't for the life of me come up with a valid reason why there'd be more Super Mutants let alone living in Alaska. So they are an experiment by the German Think Tank  Scientist Dr. Winfried Stroheim. Who kept testing his modified F.E.V. Formula to fix it's sterility, and promote the growth of life. Through immoral human experiments of course.. What else would a mad scientist use. So far they are his best creation, and one step closer to being God.. Yeah he's a mad scientist and his only goal is creating mythological creatures.

Considering we had talking Deathclaws, Harold, Big Mt, and Vault Tec. And cut content for intelligent animals. Goat People aren't the weirdest things, imagine if Dr. Mobius never reprogrammed his fellow Scientists? What horrors they could bring. I was going for an example of just what one of them was capable of.

The Autleeir Tah. Created using a variety of genetic research, they are a anthropomorphic mountain goat people. With a generally high level of intelligence. With thick muscular Plantigrade legs, and color variations regarding fur. They were not some hairless creature, no head to toe they were covered in fur. The only places where the fur was thinnest were at the head, and hands. The head appeared to be that of some demon with human like facial features with the exception of a rather large jaw and long horns which defined certain characteristics.

If the horns wrapped upwards curling around and pointing in front of their face, they were a more dominant and aggressive by nature.

If they wrapped downwards towards the jaw pointing in front of them, they were more docile and submissive. A trait more often associated with females.

And if they wrapped towards the back of the head and pointed in the back they were more intelligent and possessed more human thought processes than usual.

They're hands have rough with hard tipped fingers, almost like their horns. But only on the skin surface.
While they were generally intelligent and possessed human speech. They don't like humans and prefer to live on their own back in the mountains.

The culture divaricates not just amongst the two genders male and female. But between the different traits and ethos that diverge from them. For example females are often submissive and their horns grow to shadow that trait, males even the more intellectual among them who often lack the physical strength and stature of the more dominant find proper mates from this particular trait pool, giving enough diversity to keep different traits alive and evolving. They are omnivores and make their own weapons aside from when they find firearms. The technology they have is rather advanced, but no more so than the Humans that live in this radioactive world. 

The Autleeir Tah from sub groups where certain aspects stand out. There are at least four known to man. The Huerra  which are the war like and dominant among them, battles rage between them and other sub groups like them. They naturally seek out challenges from dangerous predators, the Great Mountain bear for instance. Hunting is done alone to prove one’s worth and strength. Any weapon may be used so long as it’s found or made during the hunt. Any weapon placed by others is strictly against their set of codes. Similar the the bushido code, Justice, Courage, Mercy, Honesty, Politeness, Honor, Loyalty, and Character. It was assumed that they modeled themselves after the Samurai  of ancient Japan. How they knew so much about them is a fact shrouded in mystery.

They are war like indeed, yet never incite it. Raiders and hunts are their main forms of excitement. They fiercely protect their own, even if they’re from another sub group. They rarely interact with humans aside from raiders who meet their end at the tip of their blades, guns. Should the off chance that they associate with Humans they act affably until such a time where the human party shows hostilities. However their disdain of humans forces the to keep their distance and rarely make contact with them.

Then there is the Bruttahs. Despite the violent sounding name they are the most peaceful of the Autleeir Tah. Farmers and gatherers mostly. They provide food for most of their kind, not just for their sub group. They are docile and fearful of other races, and cower at most natural occurrences, such as storms where strong winds or fire. The gene pool survives by their cowardly nature oddly enough. Males of either the dominant or intellectual nature find obtaining a potential mate easier, and males of the Huerra sub groups despite their strong ethos find protecting weaker females coincides with their war like and protective traits.

Now the Cserit. Or the wise ones, collect knowledge and create new uses for technology. Well versed in the Human language they experiment with new contraptions and tech, such as computers and robots. They also make decisions that have a great impact on their race, where to live, where to hunt. And when to make outside contact.

Then the last ones the Graten. The most common, they live with different and clashing cultures, like the culture of per-war life. They coexist in relative peace. Managing laws and order with a council.

With the Diverse beliefs and cultures they live in different territories often on the edge of another’s. Where they meet and trade goods, sometimes conflict breaks out, but this too is another facet of life for them.

The Autleeir Tah, have certain physical characteristics. They have an average height of about 12 feet, and under the layers of fur, which often time lead most to believe that they are excessively muscular, is quite the opposite. They have small skeletal frames, which are mostly comprised of muscle, to very little fat. Making them very lean, yet still stronger than any average Human. And while they may not be as strong as a Super Mutant, they have certain features that more than make up for that. Other features are a short tail, and long arms and legs.

They’re feet, have three toes, which they normally walk on, that allow movement on rock faces, and even buildings. It in conjunction with their hands which have calcium built up, almost like scales covering the hand, wrist, and feet. Allow them to scale sheer rock faces, and most building with ease. Thier fur may vary in coloration, but brown, black, and gray is the most common, with white being among the least. They are exceptionally quick and agile, and make for tough enemies. Should one anger them.

They have a first, last, and clan. Name. The first is simple enough, it’s what they call each other. The last name, is something that connects them thier birth parents, it also becomes the clan name, should one start a new clan, or become the new head. And the clan name identifies who they serve. With the long lifespan, about 130 years, though only the wise ones live that long, the others either wage war, or flee in terror, only to find something worse waiting for them. Sickness and disease are common for them, while they can deal with most illnesses they often succumb to them, if they can’t receive treatment with herbs, or pre-war medicine.

The Autleeir Tah; Reuut. Reuut is a coming of age ceremony for young Huerra, during this time their cognitive functions delve into utter madness as they begin exhibiting signs of mental instability. During this time their testosterone levels spike, and they become mad with anger. As the ceremony is underway their Horns are sawed off, and bodies restrained. As they take herbs for a month to calm themselves. And return their minds to normal. It is speculated that Reuut, is the rutting season that our descendants once underwent  each year after maturity. Why only the Huerra? That is unknown.

Mating seasons last about two weeks in the early spring, and partners are chosen about a week before.
The Tahs mate in new pairs every year to diversify the gene pool, back when the first of their race stepped out into the world, there were only twenty, ten male ten female. They were ‘Pure’ And only had the best qualities. But as time went on they quickly realized that they needed to diversify the gene pool least they face an early extinction. Thus Lifemates rare but not entirely uncommon.

We were hunted and killed like animals, stuffed and mounted.  Solomon hungered for war and conquest, as he tried to rally The Autleeir Tah into enslaving the humans. But Genghis defied him and showed the Tahs a better way of life. Tahs do not interbreed, they have no interest in human partners, there have been several cases though, most during their darker years when they were enslaved and hunted, where man has experimented. To say the least, no young was ever produced from such a pairing, as their DNA is too different from a human's.

As Kasta suggested. The clippings of Tahs, could be used for scrimshaw since there will be variations in keratin. Having carved their own symbols or hunting marks as a way to boast to others. then as they get older the marks get carved away to make room for elaborate designs to signify rank and name. like the ivory carvings of elephant tusks sometimes have and the carving of finger bones in the 13th and 14th century. It is a really cool idea Kasta, thanks for that.

Basically they file and trim their armor, otherwise it causes overgrowth. The Race took inspiration from Saytrs, Gargoyles the T.V. Series, Abominable Snowmen, Sheepsquatch which has had apparent sightings in Alaska as well. And good Ol Krampus from the folklore of Alpine countries. So Basically a Goat Humanoid creature. With Demonic features.

Once a new Tah is born it takes 4 months for it to move about on it's own. They are born covered it fur, and once they are washed and cleaned off they are placed with the Mother to care and warm. Sometimes newborns need extra blankets during the colder months. Since the Mating season starts in March, and offspring are born roughly in June. There's a few cold months that they must endure before their coats fully come in. Once their thicker coats come in around December they are able to live without the warmth of their Mothers. At 6 years they are old enough to be on their own. Usually the races have their own methods of raising them, though the Huerra are the most brutal. At this age they are cast out of the home forced to build their own life. They need to make a name for themselves as hunters and warriors. At age 16 they are Sexually Mature and begin to find partners of their own. And at age 25 they are Physically Mature reaching a height of around twelve feet.

There is times where the newborns are fur-less. They are called Thera-Mal. Or Winters Prey. It is one of the few times where the skin of an Autleeir Tah is visible. They have a pinkish hue which will darken to a deep red under long term sun exposure. Those call Winters Prey, the fur-less ones never grow a coat of fur and they lack the ability to survive the harsh cold. Often just after birth they are put down. To spare them from the frozen death they'd otherwise endure. It is not known what exactly causes this condition. Genetic Mutation, too much Inbreeding or just a possible side effect from Genetic tampering done by the Scientist that created them

"They came from the Mountains, the cliffs and peaks. They're Demons with black horns, and they'll kill us all." Referring to the Autleeir Tah and their first appearance. Around 183 years ago. Or in 2117.



Intelligent: The Ghost wolf


The Ghost wolf. The last predator on the list, but not the most dangerous beast you can face. They can grow to be as large as  deer. They tend to be solitary beasts, who can somehow change the color of their fur, like a chameleon changes it’s color. It has been recorded that sometimes great men have been given the companionship of these great beasts, some even speculate that they understand human speech, this though is unfounded. The Ghost Wolf, has been the rumor of many stories, many of which portray them as a harbinger of danger. Some records show the Ghost Wolf appearing before man as a warning, or a guide. The Ghost Wolf while  a predator, is also revered. And as such they are usually left alone.





The Arctic Rangers



Writers note, this was before Far Harbor and Fallout 4, will need to rename Vault

Vault 118 commissioned in 2069 after several successful Vaults in the lower 48 states, the project is to be finished by 2081 located in Denali National Park. The Vault itself lacks, a waterchip, and food stores. While it has a door, and power, much of the inner walls are bare, with missing panels and very few furnishings. Much of what is there was added afterwards. Vault 118, is the main military compound of the Arctic Rangers, a branch of the Texas Rangers, and Alaska State Troopers.

The Arctic Rangers officially founded shortly after January 2077, when the city of Anchorage was finally liberated and the Chinese presence was removed.They were the combined forces of the Rangers, and the Alaska State Troopers. They were mobilized to control the pockets of the Canadian freedom fighters. They saw many successful operations, but a redesign was needed for Alaska's harsh climates. They were shipped out in March. to and a few factories were made on base to produce more of the prototype Ranger Armors.

The armor the Rangers wear varies between Rangers themselves. All of them line their armor with fur. While some remove the Dusters, in favor of fur coats. The helmets have blue tinted lenses, and are narrower. their armor is white/gray camo armor.

Vault 118 the military compound of the Arctic Rangers, and the best land for farming. It's citizens and military personal live a hunter gatherer lifestyle.

The Rangers form various military units. The Bear Guard are the Infinity they use mostly leather style armors, crafted by Natives. Many have the look of barbarian, like armors, with patches of metal, and furs lining the armors.

The second Unit is the Ghost Squadron, as the name implies the specialize in Stealth, Espionage, and Assassinations. With Females leading the Males in numbers. The wear light leather armor with ballistic vests or ceramic plates.

The Elite Bear Guards Wear Combat armor, and use heavier weaponry.

The last, is the Arctic Rangers, they are the best of the best from each squad. Capable of filling multiple roles, and are equipped with the Arctic Ranger Veteran Combat Armor. With blue tinted narrow lenses. They are equipped with whatever they have and need. Most choose Bolt action rifles, but many choose what they want. The Rangers are often called Arctic Wolves. Depending on rank or experience.

Arctic Rangers Duties and Organization

The Duties of a Arctic Ranger include criminal and special investigations; apprehending wanted felons; suppressing major disturbances; the protection of life and property; and rendering assistance to local law enforcement of various Faction in suppressing crime and violence. They are also responsible for the gathering and dissemination of criminal intelligence pertaining to all facets of organized crime. Though they often employ the services of the Bush in gathering evidence. But on top of that, and first and foremost their greatest duties are that of providing aid and support to any and all honest citizens that require it.
The Organization of the Arctic Rangers consist of a High Chief who bestows rank and creates policies to follow that are voted on by a Elder Council. The High Chief is responsible for any and all operations that the Rangers conduct.
From there the Rangers are divided into four Companies.
Company A located in the ruins of Fort Richardson, helps keep the peace alongside Clan Bearhorn and the Bush. They also protect settlers and work a large patch of farmland.
Company B located in Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks. Keeps watch on the Slavers of Santa’s Sweatshop. And intercepts shipments of Slaves, and disrupts their activites.
Company C located in Delta Junction. Provides support to Company B when needed. But mostly watches the border and railways to Canada. And provides aid to Eagle, Tok, Healy, Cantwell, Anderson, and Nenana. They’re also the Primary Airport into the Slope Territory that deliver mail and supplies to many of the Native Tribes on the Northern edge of Alaska.
Company D located in Kodiak. Is responsible for the protection of the Coast. In the former US. Coast Guard base. They use the ships to patrol their waters to ward off pirates and help tow stranded Fishermen and protect Trade Lines.
Each Company has a Commander that reports to the main Ranger compound in Vault 118.
Just under the Commanders are the Arctic Wolves and the Seven Highest Ranking Rangers. These groups usually have free reign but will often call in to the nearest Headquarters to provide a last known position and verify operations conducted. The Seven as they’re called are the most dangerous Rangers trained, proficient to an almost Legendary status. They are often seen on missions solo, mostly because they do what the other Rangers could never hope to do. What would be a suicide mission to anyone else becomes another success and yet another blow to crime.
From there the Minister of Diplomatic relations provides counsel to the High Chief. In order to provide the best possible actions regarding the needs of Tribes and Factions.


The Clan Bearhorn


The Clan Bearhorn founded by Morton Bearhorn, rule their Raider Tribe from the  Beartooth Theatrepub. Believing heavily in Gods and Religion surrounding a Great Mountain Bear God called Vltron, and his Pseudo Valkyries the Vulpines. Fox like creatures. They live a lifestyle similar to the Norse Vikings of Legend. Many Raider Tribes call Anchorage their home. But Morton Bearhorn was one of the few with the men and power to hold the title of King. They are widely the largest and most powerful Raider Tribe in Anchorage holding most of the city under their power.

The Bush Company



Located in Anchorage, the Bush is a local brothel, where the customers Always come first. Unless they violate the rules. Owned and operated by Madam Valmet. A strong fierce and capable woman, with both brains and brawn. Her primary skillset is knives, blades, and swords. Suggesting she once had formal training with such items. Well into her forties, she has a remarkable well toned figure, one could easily mistake her for one of the service girls. With an athletic physique, short black hair, and tattooed body. She stands a cut above the brutes that may endanger her girls. She is of caucasian descent, with light fair skin, and amber eyes.

Don’t cross the Bush Company, sexy as they may be? They are well trained in the use of guns, blades, and stealth. And are often employed as Assassins, or Spies.


North Pole Alaska or Santa’s Sweatshop


North Pole Alaska, home to Santa’s Workshop and House. This idyllic town once known for as the home for Santa himself, has since became the largest slaver base in Alaska. People are kidnapped every day and hauled off to the North Pole. Every person, Ghoul, or even the mysterious Autleeir Tah are rounded up at every chance. One could barely fathom what horrors await those subjugated and brutalized. Some say wealthy individuals have certain tastes to be fulfilled, others just need manual labor. Whatever the case, the leader, always known as St. Nick. No matter the year or decade. Fills that need. The Slavers of Santa's Sweatshop have only existed because of their high security. Towers with MGs, and walls of steel. It is a very well guarded town, where the wicked do business. And slaves of all types are bought and sold. Located in North Pole Alaska, the Rangers have been spread too thin for a proper assault.

Armor 44 NOTE Idea needs expanding Armor 44- A group of bandits who use power armor salvaged from 44th Powered Armor Division base, and now operate west of Anchorage.  Only know how to use the armor, the rest strip off however much the can fashion into a non powered armor and still walk.

Chinese Detainee Remnants NOTE Idea needs expanding Chinese soldiers that were secretly detained in facilities across Alaska for use in US experiments.  After the bombs fell many of these unfortunate souls turned into ghouls and many of them went feral.  There are still a few sane Chinese ghouls still wandering the Northern Wastes.  Most still don't trust the descendants of those that left them to die or worse, while some may have a story to tell a passing stranger about a time before the bombs fell, a story of their land and their laments on it's unknown fate.

Individuals: The Sourdoughs



The term Sourdough was and still is used to describe any Old or Long time Alaskan. The name is derived from the yeasty starter many early pioneers carried with them. Now a days the term is used to describe Medicine Men. These often Older Men or Women in some cases, either live as hermits or along the outskirts of settlements just bordering the Wilds. It depends on the Man and environment.

These Sourdoughs craft herbal medicine in the form of tonics, potions or tea. They use their knowledge of plants and animals to promote healing and cure the sick. Often for a price. Since these men live almost solitary lives either as a Widower or by choice they hardly ever venture much into civilized lands unless they need supplies. They are heavily dependent on what people bring as tribute to heal their sick and thus provide the best care they can muster in exchange.


Debauchery Raid NOTE Faction Disbanded over a Hundred Years ago.




A bunch of Villains, Rouges, Renegades, Freelancers, and Adventure seekers go about on a random journey to at first kill a Giant Sea Creature - Legendary Mire Lurk King. (Image for size reference not the actual appearance. Not as large but still massive compared to most creatures.) Then after savoring their kill go on and continue just adventuring. Sometimes they save a Village, sometimes they raid a forgotten base for treasure, and other times they hunt more creatures. After all is said and done they amass a treasure they spent on various goods - booze and sex mainly. Then they depart reportedly never seen together again.

This all happened about a Hundred years ago. The skull of said Legendary creature now rests in Vault 118. Brought in by one of the members Roberto Spaceman Cobra who along with his newborn daughter eventually joins the Arctic Rangers. Roberto a former Raider/Pirate. Goes on to reform himself after all that adventuring and seeks a good life for his daughter. The Mother of his child. A notorious Outlaw Jane Ostwitch, a Bomb Maker and Engineer continues her life elsewhere.

In all the Debauchery Raid had a total of 25 Members. One of which was a Ranger. They all were connected by the thrills of adventure, cash and treasure. So they remained together for a few years before going their separate ways. They all had their reasons and after a time just felt they no longer had any remaining reason to stay as a group. Most went back to being criminals, some already had a legend which after their time together became even more powerful in name. Roberto Spaceman Cobra in particular was one such legend before all this. A suave and notorious Sea Captain who used laser weapons. He and a few others disappeared from public view. He worked and died a Ranger. And his children and children's children after him. His line continues to this very day.





(Stonewall is based on Predjama Castle)
Locations. Juneau, Mount Juneau, Last Chance Mines, and various others mined out during, and after the war.

Stonewall is a raider Faction that rose up to power. They fled into the mines dug out by the Government which saved many lives during the Great War. Afterwards while many left to find civilization elsewhere Fredrick Buregard Stonewall saw a new use for them. Using the mining equipment they dug into the Mountains surrounding the Former State Capital.

They dug massive tunnels and caverns that were to house their entire force. With only one opening to the city they were able to force any opposing army into a narrow tunnel. Over the two hundred years they built a massive complex with stone pillars that rose to the cavern's ceiling. And the greatest achievement is the Castle carved into the Mountain itself. Perched far above the ground into the face of Mount Juneau is Buregard Keep. A nigh impenetrable fortress one way in and one way out. Or so it seems. In truth the cave system that the raiders built offered multiple entrances into the Mountain. However since these tunnels always lead into the main encampment of raiders and to which the tunnels always narrow. No attempt to storm the Mountain has ever succeeded.

In time however Stonewall has become a Faction that rose beyond it's raider lifestyle and has in recent decades become a ally of sorts with the Good and Neutral Factions.

Still however the Empire of Zhang the Remnants of  Chinese Soldiers has relished the chance to conquer Juneau and all of Alaska by force. They are the main driving force of conflict in the city and hope to turn Alaska into a new China. Controlled by them and only them.

Buregard Castle is protected by 2 105mm Howitzers salvaged from former Juneau Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, used before the war to prevent avalanches. Stonewall also produces many different brews from their Stonewall Brewing Company. Their selection is quite varied mostly seasonal. And occasionally a mountain man named Erik Wulfsson will come to trade furs. The Tunnels and Mines of Stonewall run deep, farther than anyone could imagine. The raiders might not have looked like much, but many were miners employed by the Government and had access to powerful mining equipment. Thus the Tunnels run for hundreds, no perhaps even thousands of miles underground.


Manticore NOTE Idea needs expanding


So I've been thinking of a Mercenary Faction that are anchored off the settlement of Dutch Harbor called the Manticore. They operate out of a battleship called the USS Sovereign Enterprise an old Super-carrier. While they are not evil, they can be merciless as they complete their contracts. They do protect the settlement of Dutch Harbor though indirectly so. Ran and managed by Basilio Favale.. Bringing him back.

The Vanderbilts


NOTE Idea needs expanding Also I've been thinking of turning the Buckner Building into a settlement/gambling hall. Under Management of Barron Vanderbilt, and his crime family. They'll run Chems, make counterfeit ammo, and working girls. Still playing around with that idea. It'll be Barron, his on again off again girlfriend Carol, his Underboss Smithe, and his Street Boss, who may be an Autleeir Tah. Need to work that out if I include one or not.

Faction Grindhouse Orchestra


NOTE Idea needs expanding Now as for new factions. Located off Bayshore and Klatt, is the Grindhouse Orchestra. A band of Raiders known for their love of heavy weapons. Hold up in the old Anchorage City Church. And the surrounding areas. They strike out at random travelers and plunder old ruins.

Faction Lythropes


NOTE Idea needs expanding I've also had the idea of Werewolves. But only in namesake. Since Fallout 3 has the Family. I figure there would be those hyped up on enough chems to believe they're Werewolves. Add in fur armors and battle claws. Things made of bone, metal whatever. And they are in all but form. I think they could be cannibal raiders, spread all over the state. They act like wolves, think like wolves. Perhaps called Lythropes?

Location Sully's Slaughterhouse. Or Sullivan Arena



Sully's Slaughterhouse is a area where combatants are pitted against
each other, and whittled down to 12. Then which they enter the final rounds.

The area is staffed by raiders of all types. The Floor Master Mr. Dandy who despite his name is anything but. The man is a middle age Caucasian with black graying peppered hair. The man wears a red and white stripped prison uniform tattered and worn. With scarp metal greaves covering his legs. He has dual Chinese pistols attached to chains mounted on his torso. The pistols chambered in .45 colt deal significant damage. With rough beard and hazel eyes.

The Slaughterhouse is a faction in of itself, many of the raiders are loyal to the Floor Master. Who are rewarded with guns and ammo. Each winner of the area is awarded great prizes. The Floor Master Mr. Dandy is violent and protective of his people and home. It is rumored he had a daughter out there somewhere.

The man Mr. Dandy is generally a decent guy, but his temper and violent urges make him dangerous and unpredictable.


The Bloodpack



The Bloodpack are a group of unorganized, violent, and chem fueled psychopaths. They exist solely to plunder, kill and get their next fix. Once they were random individuals perhaps looking for some semblance of society and safety. But after hundreds of years they have devolved into nothing more than Chem Fiends, who practice self mutilation, and affix any bladed or blunt objects to their bodies. They have a natural resistance to Chems, yet all the more strongly is their desire to obtain them. A trait often passed down from parents to child. These chem junkie raiders have mutated to get extra benefits from chems. Enhanced strength, agility, durability. And so forth. For example. Ashe Booldborne the bodyguard that Valmet has with her is one such raider descendant. A does of psycho and she could lift a grown man with both arms by the neck.

Sometimes those more, collected of the tribe conduct business elsewhere, buying food and Chems off other Raiders and Slavers. Most of their business is between Slavers, as no one else wants to have anything to do with them.










Alaska was granted statehood on January 3, 1959. And by this time Alaska had it's own culture, yes it had the culture of the 50s, but it at this time lacked many of the iconic themes, the classic Dinner, wasn't introduced into Alaska until early 2000, there were only three of them. Until they died off in popularity.
In the 1890s Alaska had a booming gold rush which many answered the call for gold and glory, they staked their claim and slaved for their riches. It was during this time that many settlements and camps were born only to be abandoned later. Towns such as Skagway, owe their existence to the Gold Rush. Still towns that sprung up during this time were later left to be reclaimed by nature, some still existing as ruins after the Great War.

Vault 118 commissioned in 2069 after several successful Vaults in the lower 48 states, the project is to be finished by 2081 located in Denali National Park. The Vault itself lacks, a waterchip, and food stores. While it has a door, and power, much of the inner walls are  bare, with missing panels and very few furnishings. Much of what is there was added afterwards. Vault 118, is the main military compound of the Arctic Rangers, a branch of the Texas Rangers, and Alaska State Troopers.
Between the years 2052 and 2053, Alaskans watch A television documentary revealing the withered husk of the Texas oil fields brings the oil shortage into American households and reveals how deep the energy crisis runs. Many Oil Slope workers wonder how long their Oil wells will last. During this time The New Plague was unleashed upon the United States, Alaska's border was closed, even though the Plague never spread that far.
In 2074 June 24: Negotiations between the U.S. and other world powers come to a dramatic end, with the president walking out of oil talks with the other world powers. After a much heated debate, the president stormed out of the meeting and declared that the last known supply of petroleum will be used exclusively by the U.S. and the U.S. will not sell or trade any oil to outside parties. Alaska is still the only petroleum producing state.
By October 23 2077, the Great War reaches it's peak. Several bombs hit Alaska, most strike their intended targets. It is unknown what military bases survive.
December 2077, Native Mushers, run their dogs across the state looking for survivors. Radiation is confined to hot spots, around the bombed military bases. Radiation as a whole is low. Due to the large expanse of land.
April 2078, many Native villages join hands, and begin what would later be known as the Native Alaskan Federation. Many Villages are still not contacted, and they are left to themselves. During this time, raider tribes grow in strength in the former cities of Alaska, mainly Anchorage, and Juneau.
2077. The unfinished Vault 118  is settled by the Remnants of military personnel, and refugees from Anchorage fleeing the nuclear fallout. Soon the Arctic Rangers. Are reformed and one day begin farming the lands of Denali National Park. They manufacture ammo, using ammo presses and other tools and machines scavenged from nearby bases, after the radiation settles down nearly forty or so years later.
2091. Raider tribes make contact with Vault 118, and the Rangers. The Rangers drive them off, sustaining minor injuries. A month later they begin offensive measures  against the hostile tribes, and send word out to the Native Villages.
There is a story of the earthquake of 2240, in which a coastal settlement fell into the sea, a few days before a Ghost Wolf began roaming just outside of town, and out of the two thousand inhabitants, only six hundred chose to leave. It is one of the many stories that are told, in which they foreshadow a disaster.
Anchorage has a few local landmarks, places like the Forth Avenue Theatre, which was built in 1947, by Austin Eugene "Cap" Lathrop, is a movie theater, also known as the As the Lathrop Building, the complex included facilities for Lathrop's radio and television stations, a restaurant, and a penthouse apartment added in 1959-1960. By 2000, the building has been owned and renovated several times. But never completely. Changing owners before restoration is complete. It isn't until 2017. That the buildings new owner, finishes renovation, and turns it into a upscale hotel, restaurant, and functional theater. It is assumed that after the war, it lays abandoned. Left to crumble.
In 1964 A burger joint called the Arctic Roadrunner, was built by the Sanches. With two locations. One on Arctic Blvd that is more of a 1950’s style drive in and the other is on Old Seward Hwy that is chocked full of Alaskan history. Walk through the front doors and immediately you are greeted with pictures of Alaskan residents and long time customers dating back to the 60’s.
Another local landmark, or landmarks is the The Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria built in 1996, and Bear Tooth Theatrepub in 2000. It is no coincidence that these two share a similar name, they are co-owned by the same people. Matt Jones, Rod Hancock and his brother Warren Hancock. The Bear Tooth is a 265-seat, with 125-seat balcony. These landmarks have been left on their own after the war, who knows what became of them in the years that followed.

According to records. A Corporation called Mountain Genetics, opened it's doors in 2058. Since, it has been under scrutiny as employees have stated questionable practices on animals. The facility headed by a German Scientist. Dr. Winfried Stroheim. Studied animal DNA in a supposed attempt to unlock it's natural healing potentials among other benefits. It is unclear to what extent the research progressed. Some who travel in Post-War downtown Anchorage where the laboratory is located say those who enter never return. Oddly enough the robots that are programmed to work for Mountain Genetics have been seen far into the woods, suggesting that perhaps they have a way to leave the city undetected. And gather samples and materials necessary for the continuation of the program.

Writer's note


Yeah, I plan for Anchorage to be one of Big Mountain's test cities. Explaining the odd mutated Flora and Fauna.





Various History and Culture



Terrain Three Zones, the Coast Line, the interior or the Bush; as we like to call it, and the Slope.


Alaska is separated into three parts, the Coast Line, the interior or the Bush; as we like to call it, and the Slope, located on the top of the map, near the Arctic Ocean. The Coast tends to be the warmest areas of the state, raising to around 30 F - 80 F, depending on the location in the summer. And as you can imagine it only gets colder as you move through the sections of Alaska.

Shelters and Bunkers



There were around 746 Government recognized Fallout Shelters. Most being in Schools, Churches, Malls, Government Offices, and Grocery Stores. All spread over the state. Say what you will about America during the war. But Alaskan Officials did at least one thing right they built as many Fallout Shelters as they could. Built to Government Standards, which grossly under estimated the Nuclear Fallout. Most of them either were destroyed by the initial missile strikes or leaked radiation and thus killed many hopeful survivors. The rest were unprepared for long wait ahead.

Although well stocked with food and water. Many assumed the radiation would last a few months at most. No one was prepared to last years, and once the food ran out, many starved or turned to cannibalism. Four weeks after the bombs fell. The Arctic Rangers broke radio silence as per ordered during War times. And tried to contact as many Shelters as they knew about, they tried to give as much hope as they could and they sat and listened to many take their final breaths. As there was no possible way to bring aid. After the radiation lifted. They vowed never again to leave the helpless to die.

Of the 746 Shelters only 302 saved any survivors who by the time the radiation fell, had gone from max capacity to less than ten or so survivors.

Vault 118 contained at max capacity 2 thousand occupants. Due to it's larger size, and the fact that it's the only Vault in Alaska.


Chem use in Alaska.



Many refer to Chems as either powders or potions, perhaps to make them less self conscious about using them. But don't be fooled. Many pre-war chems stillreside in Alaska. Med-X. Buffout. Mentats. Tobacco Chew. Psycho. Fixer.Rad-X. RadAway. Stimpak. Trauma pack. Though that's not all. There are Chems that function similar to Jet, Hydra, Turbo, Voodoo. Healing powders and poultice have also been made. Although these Chems function similarly, they are often composed of different ingredients. Sourdoughs have experimented with all kinds of ingredients. Things like Frost Root, Devil's Club, even animal dung.

Their creations are as follows. Swallowtail (Jet) Undergrowth (Hydra) Second Sight (Turbo) Bulwark (Voodoo, Datura hide) Antivenoms, Thin Paste, Blood Sausage, Ant queen pheromones, Ant nectar, Black blood sausage, Wolf Sight (Cateye) Tree Man (Steady).

Chem, or Potions as they're called. Don't quite work the same. Potions, or all liquid chems made by Sourdoughs. Like Swallowtail for instance has enough for three doses. And this is usually true for all Potions. The first does acts much like the effects of Jet. The second does is similar to Ultra Jet or Rocket. The third does however is often deadly. It gives the most benefits at a great cost. Those who drink all three doses at once have a 50/50 chance of dying shortly after. Unless they happen to have a resistance to Chems. Like a Bloodpack Raider has, or those from Bloodpack blood. The effects are still quite strong but far less deadly, Bloodpack users have a ten percent chance of death, and usually can be saved with a detoxing agent like Fixer or another detox Potion.

Potions fill the body with toxins. And addict their users albeit far less often. Still like any other medicine they are to be used carefully.


Culture Hearty Adventures


Alaska itself has given birth to hearty adventurers, many who till this day run dog sleds across this land, covered mostly in snow and Ice. It was these great heroes, who after the war, ran their dogs across this vast state, to connect the Villages, and bring hope to the people. Many Villages took decades to be discovered, some even now, have never seen any other humans outside of their own people. This led to various cultural differences, though those that we have discovered have been more than welcoming. Despite beliefs. Because of this and the vast span of open land, many Natives have their own ways of working leather, and highly favor leatherworking. Many make everything from fine works fit for even the most wealthy and distinguished, to sturdy leather that protects like steel, made for the strongest warriors.

Culture Nomadic Natives



In the years that followed the Great War, many Natives grew to become semi nomadic, moving when they needed. And soon, former soldiers and Rangers joined them. Not all however, most Military personnel, eventually settled down, in the ruins of Vault 118. And became farmers and hunters, they soon became the military force of many Native Villages. Keeping the raiders at bay.

And the city of Nome, which is the collection of Native tribes that gathered to form a community.
Native Population, not including raiders, Rangers, Tahs, or Bearhorn.

There are 36 Native tribes. They total up towards 380,000, on average. Many of which serve in the military, and patrol their tribal lands while hunting. There is also the descendants of Pre-War military personal and Rangers, who didn't join tribes and live in Vault 118, they number around. 120,000. Many of them are young with most under 30 years of age.


Culture Outdoorsmen


Many in Alaska, are avid Outdoorsmen, and Survivalists, who hunt native animals and raid ruins of the past for forgotten treasures. Most of the Economy is in trade, things like hide and furs; meats and fruit. Are valuable. Alaska's great forests are filled with trees, and on it's seas, fishermen, cast their nets. Bringing in fresh fish mostly uncontaminated, by the rest of the world. Unlike the rest of America, Alaska doesn't have the technological advantage, or mountain of pre-war weapons. They do however have some of the finest leather workers, due to the cultural differences, many different types of leather are made here, fine works worthy of even the wealthiest men, or strongest warriors. There are also many Blacksmiths, who create common tools and everyday items.

Terrain Mountains, RIvers, Glaciers


There is a large range of terrain, from the highest mountains of Denali, or the Great one, in various native tongues. To the Frozen permafrost of the Slope, where the ground becomes like steel, frozen in time. To the dense forests and flowing rivers, which open into the sea. It is here that mountains of ice cities long called glaciers, slide slowly across the land melting and inching forward decade after decade, some pre-date the second world war.

Culture Religion 


Religion varies, some worship gods of nature, and some are indifferent. The most commonly worshipped animal is the Ghost Wolf.
A common tale regarding the Ghost Wolf, about how it came to be, a God among the people is the Wolf and the Raven. The Raven angry, and disgusted by the events after the great war, spread it’s wings to engulf the world, and wipe it clean. The Wolf took pity on man; believing they still could be saved. The two fought for years, with each passing year the Raven grew stronger, with it’s wings and talons it tore apart the Wolf. The Wolf did it’s best, but the Raven had the sky. And with it his eyes could pierce the thick forests. The Wolf had nowhere to hide, yet he still clung to the hope that he could save man.
Without wings of his own the only chance he had was to kill the Raven on the ground. But the Raven was too crafty to land where the Wolf could strike. The Wolf’s desire to protect the humans grew, and soon took form, one day the Raven couldn’t find the Wolf, almost as if he had disappeared. The Raven circled the forest until it’s wings grew tired, it landed in a clearing; believing that it could see the Wolf before he reached him. As he rested the Wolf’s jaws appeared before him, and closed before he could react. The Raven struggled and clawed at the Wolf, but it was too late. The Wolf consumed the Raven, and took it’s power.

Culture Daily Life


Many hunt, and survive off the land, giving many a respect for nature, seen in very few places. Some tribes, offer totems to gods, as thanks for good harvests, and nothing goes to waste. Many Native Villages lost much of their heritage in Pre-War times, those who remembered what they had learned as a child, taught what they could, salvaging some of it in the process.




I would imagine that unlike the rest of Post-War America, places isolated like Alaska would use Military grade Ammo as currency, much like Metro. Unlike Metro, it would be the most common rounds used, like. 9 mm as pennies, 10 mm as nickels, 357 magnum as dimes, and 44 magnum as quarters, with 5.56 $1, 20 gauge $5, 12 gauge $10, 45-70 $20, 308 $50, and 50 MG, as $100. There is of course more ammo types, but these will be the most commonly made for currency. And there of course would be non military grade rounds of these used in everyday life. That or possibly furs. Though a simple barter system would be more likely. Until an actual government forms.

Writer's note still need to expand upon this idea.
Naval Robotics Warfare Complex
Pre-war military base co-opted by West-Tek and RobCo personnel in the research and development of experimental semi-aquatic robots to combat Chinese Naval Ships and Coastal Installations.


History: Vault 118


Vault 118 Continued
An excerpt from Vault-Tec Records. Vault 118, was designed by Dr. Harry Lanaster. His hypothesis was that the subjects could preform a variant of the natural law of Survival of the Fittest. By hunting each other in a huge underground labyrinth. Doing this would allow the strongest survivor the right to rule as Overseer, thus bringing the other subjects completely under his command, until the next selection, where he would once again fight for survival. End excerpt.
The Current occupants of Vault 118 know nothing of this, nor would they care. As the Underground cavern meant to house the labyrinth was excavated but never finished. The Rangers use the cavern as a training ground ironically. The facility is also used as a Manufacturing plant for simple things, like Ammo, and guns mostly bolt action rifles. Tradesmen have set up workshops to apply their trade. As such Blacksmiths work in safety working with mined ores and metals. While Leatherworkers shape leather and furs. They often work together to create light leather armors with protective plating, while not as effective as combat armor, they provide more protection than most reinforced armors Raiders may wear.

History: Nome


The City Of Nome - Continued
And the city of Nome, which is the collection of Native tribes that gathered to form a community. Calling it a city would be well, false. Nome itself is around 500 people living there daily, I suppose that you could consider that to be large enough for a city. The reason it's called a city is actually because of the other nomadic tribes which before winter migrate to Nome. Sometimes bringing the population upwards too 3000-6000 during this time. This is to allow a faster response time in the event of dangers or emergencies. During this time the communities share resources to last the long winter, and hunters who are now able to travel longer in groups can reach areas too dangerous for them alone. Here underground cellars which stay frozen all year long, preserve meats and fish like natural freezers. Since many tribes congregate this is often the best place to learn new crafts and skills to a trade. Secrets to working metal or leather are shared here quite often, as often as the beer flows one might say. Drinks and flavored beverages are common, things like blueberry ale, or mixed harvest mead.



Most Raiders are Tribals who just do what's necessary to feed their people. Most who are like this are not always hostile, but it should be assumed so. Unless you feel like asking them. These are Tribals who are constantly under attack by other raider tribes. And because of this settling down and farming just isn't an option, sometimes these sort of raiders must leave their territory in search of safer lands. And eventually they may find land to settle of their own.
The second type of raider tribes is simply the chem fueled psychos who in a chem fueled state often maim themselves, these psychopaths simply do not care for their own lives or those around them, all they care about is killing any who cross paths with them for the next fix. And as such they concoct various deadly weapons which more often than not end up killing the wielder. They like attaching melee weapons on dismembered limbs things like axes or chainsaws. Buzz Saws or even explosives. Because of their erratic behavior it is advised to avoid them at all costs, or kill them at a distance.
Then we have the third type, those who posses religious beliefs about fictional gods. These fanatics will only listen to their gods, and fervently obey any commands they believe that their gods give. Some search out others to convert, others simply kill any non believers.
The weapons they use vary, but firearms are the most common. Most tend to make homemade weapons, combining firearms, pipes, and even debris. To made odd combinations of deadly and absurd.

History Cult


The Cult of the Twin Serpents once tried to detonate a missile that failed to launch. Very few knew of their plans, but one man came from the North, his will forged in fire, body carved in stone, he carried a sword of fine steel. He slew their leader and thwarted their plans. No one knows his name, only that he left as quickly as he arrived, his deeds will never be forgotten.

Autleeir Tah


"They came from the Mountains, the cliffs and peaks. They're Demons with black horns, and they'll kill us all." Referring to the Autleeir Tah and their first appearance. Around 183 years ago. Or in 2117.

Culture Dogs


You may only see a puppy. But to any Alaskan, a bond with his dog, is like a bond with his family. Dogs are the reason any Alaskans still thrive today. Without them our lives would have been long lost, they serve as loyal friends and are eager to pull our sleds. They saved many lives hauling medicine to remote areas of our State. And Dogs are the only animal universally respected, no Raider in his right mind would ever consider harming a dog, he considered a friend.

Barrow, Alaska, the most boring city in the world. In this day and every other.
Culture Fishing Hunting



Fishing has been a major staple of Alaska, but Pirates like the Reds have held onto a large majority of ships. Nevertheless. Fishing thrives. Trawlers for Fish, Lobsters and Crabs haul goods to Canneries where they’re handled and canned. From there they’re sent to major cities to be sold.

The Hunters and Trappers of Alaska have always been resourceful, but they’re means can differ greatly. Most use both means to acquire food, or pelts. And Hunters will usually have a Carrion Pigeon to guide them. Whilst Trappers favor dogs. A Hunter actively seeks animals, whereas a Trapper sets his traps and waits. They even travel in groups, depending on current circumstances. Often times a handful of families need meat desperately, and they’ll form a Hunting party, where Big Game is on the menu. But more often than not a lone Hunter seeks food for himself alone, and what better way to increase your odds than a few traps along the way.


Culture: Dead Man's drink.


Dead Man's drink is a game in which a group sits around a table each with a shotglass, a coin is tossed into the air and the last to finish his or her drink gets to tell a tale. Those who pass out, or can’t finish their tale lose the game.

Culture: Alaskans brew meads, and ales because they don't freeze in sub zero temperatures, and they're packed with nutrients. Many hunters don't have time for a full meal so they load up on such things, and keep going until they can rest, that's what they're brewed for. The alcoholic content is rather low, as they aren’t brewed for getting drunk, rather for surviving.
Culture: The PFD, or Permanent Fund Dividend



So. You wish to hear the legend of the PFD do you? Well we all know the legend, who hasn't. A vault filled with Pre-War gems, gold, silver, coins. Every imaginable treasure. They say that Six brave heroes would venture into it's depths every year gathered by the state, to prove their worth and bring the treasures to the light of day. They carried a torch that was meant to light a massive fire below the earth thus opening the sealed vault. Though dangerous traps and perilous paths they went until they cracked open it's contents.
Upon returning to the surface they would distribute the treasure willingly to the masses of Alaska, as they were instructed. Such generosity has not been seen since those Pre-War days, and shows how kind and Noble these Heroes were.

Yeah the real history of the PFD isn't that exciting, but hey I figure that Natives would tell quite the tall tales trying to explain such things.





The Snow Tiger APC/IFV, once used to transport troops across the battlefield armed with high tech weapons. Has since been stripped of parts. Some can still be found in working order, but the powerful weapon systems that made these fearful now reside in towns or in use by raiders. Like the 20-60mm autocannon, Long Range Missile Rack, Plasma Cannon to name a few.  The Snow Tiger uses tracks to get around the varied terrain and is powered by fusion cells.

Snowmobiles have since been converted to use either Fission Batteries or Microfusion Cells. And with enough upkeep can run for a good five years on average before replacement parts are needed.

Snowcat see Snow Tiger..

Snowshoes, during heavy snowfall. Orin places untraveled by normal men. Snowshoes are essential for movement on deep snow. Without them travel would be difficult and at time nigh impossible. Skis are also used for lighter faster travel. Though unlike snowshoes the amount of weight they can bear is limited.


Tech/Culture: Enhanced Evolutionary Virus


Enhanced Evolutionary Virus. Or E.E.V. It works similar to FEV, except it was never meant to force evolution only speed up the process. Thereby bypassing the sterilization side effects. Though no one has ever been dunked in a tank of it. Created by Dr. Winfried Stroheim, one of the Original Scientists who developed the Forced Evolutionary Virus. He was Fired after he fiercely defended his stance regarding the faults that lie in the current strain. The sterility and uncontrollable mutations that it created. He proposed several changes that would negate these defects in the formula, the Military however just wanted a weapon. And FEV provided just that. His dismissal came soon after and he returned to Big Mountain to continue his research before he was relocated to Alaska to according to his peers ‘Study Radiation and Mutations on Wildlife and it’s effects.’ It was just a reason to remove a thorn in their side. Regardless he continued his work, albeit in a slightly downgraded facility. He eventually completed his new strain of F.E.V. Calling it the Enhanced Evolutionary Virus. It's all quite contained in a Laboratory that no one knows about where Dr. Strohiem can work on his projects. It basically builds up over generations until it begins to manifest changes where appropriate. Such as extreme conditions. A cold resistance or enhanced effects from chem overuse. Such as the Bloodpack. It also enhances natural mental abilities, so more possible Psykers.



The dwarves of Fallout are short humans who have, through radiation, mutated to grow decisively shorter than the average human. They are in all other respects human. Since the Great War a great number of Dwarves have appeared over the years in Alaska. Often enough the gene responsible is passed down through the generations, though it's not always dominant. That means every so often Normal Human children are birthed, though they too still carry this gene. They have managed to etch out a living. Most notably as Lumberjacks. Though small groups have been hired to work in various mines, these are the minority however.
Though they still are Human, if just a tad shorter. So they have held various jobs aside from Logging. The most Notable Dwarf is William Ted Stanton, the founder of the Stanton settlement based in Anchorage's Port. 
Other races included. Samoans, Filipinoes, and Mexicans  despite being a small ethnic group they had a large population in Alaska compared to most other states. These races survived, and although it's not always common to see them, they exist to this day.




Weapons And Armors



Tactical Sniper Rifle

 TKRF-848H Thornweld Sniper Rifle

Armor: Therma-Line (Working Title)

Therma-Line was developed before the great war and was intended to be used by United State military personnel in arctic conditions. It is a suit similar to the Chinese Stealth Armor, but it is worn underneath combat armor, almost like thermal underwear. What makes this suit so useful in arctic climates is the patented Therma-Vein technology that pumps super heated water through out the suit through "veins" that run all around the wearer. The suit also adjusts the temperature of the suit to the outside air temperature. So if a soldier comes back from patrol and sits around a fire the suit will then cool the water in the suit to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for the wearer. Immediately warming it up again when the air temperature drops.

Shock Gauntlets

Shock Gauntlets much like power fists, emit an electrical shock enough to stun a man like a taser. Due to the fact that they are unarmed weapons they require a very close proximity to the wielders target. Useful in close hand to hand combat, they feed off energy cells, and are worn on both arms. Activated by a switch under the forearms on each gauntlet.

Bone Antler Leather Armor
A combination of Leather armor with an added layer of harvested animal bones and antlers strategically placed to protect key location of the body.

Great Mountain Bear gauntlets. Think images like this One or two gauntlets that are made similarly to the Deathclaw and Yao Guai ones. Just bigger.

Tactical Nuclear Sea Mine

Nuclear equipped sea mines secretly deployed in the Bering Sea and near the Aleutian Islands to destroy enemy vessels. During the Great War the Ocean was littered with mines, but during the assault of Chinese forces, many such were destroyed. Some were replaced before the War abruptly ended, and some were lost after. Even in this day and age. Some Mines still float in Alaskan waters waiting for someone to come close enough to detonate the payload. These have hampered Alaska's ability to fish. But some brave Seamen brave the waters in search of these Mines to detonate them from a safe distance. To protect the Fishermen and create new jobs.


Guns: Manufactures 


Now lets talk guns, Energy, conventional, experimental.
Alaska itself is a harsh land, in the winter it is imperative you have a functional firearm at all times. Your life will depend on it. But what firearms does Alaska have? The most popular for hunting is bolt action rifles, everything from the late 1800s up. Why bolt action, simply because they are easier to maintain in extreme cold conditions, as moisture accumulated within the action can cause the bolt to freeze shut and may render operation of the weapon impossible. With Bolt Action cleaning and maintaining them are easier compared to their automatic counterparts. But all firearms suffer this problem.
A common problem is the sluggishness of the operation of the weapons in extreme cold. Normal lubricants thicken in low temperature and stoppage or sluggish action of firearms results. During the winter, weapons must be stripped completely and cleaned with a drycleaning solvent to remove all lubricants and rust prevention compounds.
Another problem in the areas of severe cold is a higher rate of breakage and malfunctions. These can also be attributed primarily to the cold, although snow in a weapon may cause stoppage and malfunctions. The tempered metal of automatic weapons, for example, will cool to a point where it cannot be touched by human flesh. This extreme cold makes the metal brittle. When the weapon is fired at subzero temperatures, the temperature of the barrel and gun will rapidly rise to between 200° and 750°, depending upon the number of rounds fired.
This again reduces the temper and, because the parts are working, breakages will occur early in the firing while the weapon is warming up. Many malfunctions also occur during this period due to the presence of ice or snow in the weapon or freezing of working parts. The weapons should first be fired at a slow rate of fire. Once the parts have warmed up, the rate of fire may be increased to the cyclic rate. One of the main problems is to insure that snow and ice do not get into the working parts, sights, or barrel. The weapon must be carefully handled during movement through the snow-covered woods, and especially under combat conditions in deep snow.
Now you can find a wide range of firearms just like the ones in the states, but you also find many Chinese and Russian models as well.
Energy weapons are common enough as well, though the cold affects the lasers more, as the plasma tends to be flowing all the time thus keeping the gun at a controllable temperature, while the laser rifles fire quick bursts of lasers which can damage the weapon in Sub Zero temperatures.
And finally experimental
No one is sure of how many experimental weapons Alaska has seen, some say they made lever action laser rifles, or energy revolvers. Some say a cryo revolver was designed here. Others lighter framed flamers. What ever the case the Government Kept a tight lid on these experimental weapons, perhaps these rumors aren't too far off, and maybe, just maybe there are more outlandish weapons floating around in the hands of scavengers or Raiders.
Lets talk Gun manufacturers. We all know most records of who manufactured what gun remains scrutinized  in this Post-War world. But
Alaska's records are better kept than most. But most of the manufacturing work was sub-contracted by in-state companies. It was a decision made by larger government funded Gun Manufactures to reduce costs, and laws shipping guns over state lines, and before Canada's annexation.
Kannon Arms Developed many Military firearms, like Machine guns,  carbines, battle rifles, assault rifles, and the all important sniper rifles. They had a few shops in town where they produced these arms. Many of which were either raided for parts, by various groups like Vault 118 the Arctic Rangers. Or are controlled by Raider Tribes.
Kannon Arms Developed mostly shotguns, submachine guns, multiple barrel firearms, and pistols. For the Military. As in the case of
Kannon arms their various locations were raider or are currently occupied by Raider Tribes.
Henderson and Family, unlike their Military counterparts focused more so on Bolt action firearms and pump guns. Guns more suited to function in even the coldest of Alaska's Winters. Guns like the Colt Defender Mark I an eight barrel shotgun, or revolvers. Guns with blade attachments or bolt action pistols. As well as multi barreled firearms. A revolver Gatling pistol prototype, a revolver shotgun. Guns that were concept-ed to be used in frozen weather as well as collector pieces. Fancy engraved weapons.
Cobalt was a company contracted to develop Energy weapons and prototypes designed to function in sever weather, guns that could fire in the freezing cold or melting heat. Many energy based experimental weaponry, like Gauss or Laser. As well as things like power fists, and other weapons.
Many of these places are under the control of different Tribes across the state, some manufactures have buildings out away from the cities while others have them in multiple cites. Whatever the case many variations of these guns have surfaced cobbled together by Raiders of Tribals lacking the correct parts. Perhaps later Alaska will find a way to produce the parts for these guns later, but who knows how long that will be?

WIP Complete Weapon Listing of all known Alaskan Firearms. MASSIVE NOTICE. This will take awhile. Note to self pick off in the Melee weapon category of Fallout 3. Rarity by color. White is common. Cyan is Uncommon. Dark Orange is Rare. Violet is Unique. For links that alter color text. I added () to the end to indicate rarity.



Unarmed. Brass knuckles. Power fist. Spiked knuckles. Ballistic fist. Bear trap fist. Bladed gauntlet. Boxing gloves. Boxing tape. Displacer glove. Dog tag fist. Industrial hand. Zap glove. Impact gloves. Lacerators. Punch dagger. Mace glove. Razor claws. Sappers. Shredders. Punch gun. Shock Gauntlets.

Melee Weapons. Cattle prod. Club. Combat knife. Crowbar. Knife. Ripper. Sledgehammer. Super sledge. Spear. Throwing Knife. Auto axe. Axe - Fire Axe. Chinese officer's sword. Trench knife. Katana. Shishkebab. Shovel. Switchblade. Baseball bat. Lead pipe. Nail board. Police baton. Pool cue. Rolling pin. Tire iron. Bowie knife. Bumper sword. Chainsaw. Cleaver. Hatchet. Knife spear. Machete. Straight razor. Thermic lance. 9 iron. Dress cane. Rebar club. Nuka Breaker. War club. Tomahawk. Shiv. Axe handle. Claw hammer. Monkey Wrench. Butterfly Knives.

Pistols. .223 pistol. 9mm Mauser. 10mm pistol. 12.7 Pistol. Desert Eagle .357 - .44 - 50. .32 pistol. Silenced 10mm pistol. Dart gun. Scoped .44 magnum - 44 magnum. 357 magnum revolver. .45 Auto pistol. 5.56mm pistol. 9mm pistol. Hunting revolver. Silenced .22 pistol. Police pistol. Casull .45 revolver. RHINO .45-70 M1 Revolver.(RA) Dan Wesson P.P.C. .357 Revolver. (UC) Colt 1849 Pocket (UC) Smith n Wesson Model 29 .44 (UC) Flintlock Pistol (RA) Antique Revolver (RA) Spike Gun (UC) Brass Knuckle Revolver (CM) Mini Gun Revolver (RA)
SMGs. 9mm SMG. 10mm SMG .12.7mm SMG. H&H Tools nail gun. Silenced .22 SMG. .45 Auto SMG. MP38. UZI. Scorpio. Sten gun. Kriss Vector. (RA) Metro Bastard Gun (CM) Suomi M-31 (UC)

Rifles. Assault rifle. Hunting rifle. Red Ryder BB gun. Red Ryder LE BB gun. Sniper Rifle. DKS-501 sniper rifle. Chinese assault rifle. Lever-action rifle. Railway rifle. Anti-materiel rifle. Assault carbine. Automatic rifle (BAR) Battle rifle. Brush gun. Cowboy repeater. Light machine gun. Marksman carbine. Service rifle. Trail carbine. Varmint rifle. FN FAL. AK47. M-14 rifle. Gewehr 43. K98 German WWII rifle.(CM) M40a5.(UC) Mosin Nagant (CM) SVD sniper rifle (UC) Lee Enfield No 4 (CM) Kar 98k and Type 99 (CM) Lee Enfield Mk 1 Rifle (CM)   PKM (UC) L96A1 (CM) Mares Leg (CM)   1874 Sharps Falling Block Rifle (UC) Browning 1885 High Wall (UC) Farquharson rifle 600 (RA) Compact Sniper (UC) Thornweld Sniper Rifle (UC) Reduced Recoil Anti-Materiel Rifle (RA)

Shotguns. Combat shotgun. Winchester City-Killer combat shotgun. Winchester Widowmaker double-barreled 12 gauge shotgun. Double-barrel shotgun. Sawed-off shotgun. Caravan shotgun. Hunting shotgun. Lever-action shotgun. Riot shotgun. Single shotgun. Serbu Super Shorty (CM) Winchester M1897 - Trench Gun (CM) KS-23 Grenade shotgun (UC) Metro 2033 double barrel - Duplet (CM) Remington 870 Sawed-off (CM) The Thunderpipe (UN)

Big Guns. Minigun. Flamer. Rocket Launcher. Rockwell CZ53 Personal Minigun. Flambe 450 model flamethrower. Rockwell BigBazooka rocket launcher. Gatling laser. H&K L30 Gatling Laser. Heavy incinerator. Rock-It Launcher. Fat Man. Missile launcher. Tesla cannon. Shoulder mounted machine gun. Arc welder. Plasma caster. Bren gun. Browning M2. M249 SAW. MEC Gauss minigun. Grenade Gatling Gun (RA) 50 BMG Machine Gun (RA)

Energy Pistols. Laser pistol. Plasma pistol. Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol. Glock 86 Plasma Pistol. Laser Blaster (Alien Blaster alternative.) Flare gun. Compliance Regulator. Plasma Defender. Recharger pistol. Flamer pistol. PPK12 Gauss pistol. MNK-RHINO Gauss Revolver (RA)

Energy Rifles. Laser Rifle. Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle. Winchester Model P94 plasma rifle. Plasma Rifle. modified winchester P94 plasma rifle turbo plasma rifle. Gauss rifle. Tri-beam laser rifle. Laser RCW. Multiplas rifle. Recharger rifle.
Throwing Weapons. Flare. Rock. Spear. Throwing Knife.
Traps. Bear Traps. Rock Traps. Snares. Grenade bouquets. Hanging Traps.

Explosives. Frag grenades. Plasma grenades. Pulse grenades. Dynamite. C4 Plastic explosives. Bottlecap mine. Frag mine. Plasma mine. Pulse mine. Nuka-grenade. Smoke grenade. 25mm grenade APW. Grenade machinegun. Grenade launcher. Grenade rifle. Fire bomb. Flash bang. Incendiary grenade. Long-fuse dynamite. MFC grenade. Tin grenade. Demolition charge. Detonator. Fat mine. Gas bomb. MFC cluster. Satchel charge. Time bomb. Grenade pistol. Spud Grenade Launcher (RA)

Multiple Weapon Sheets. (Note these are for general references, not the actual weapon model) Sniper Rifle pack 1. Scrap Pistol pack 1. Scrap Shotguns pack 1. Scrap Sniper pack 1. Scrap Rifle pack 1Revolver pack 1.


Concept Characters and Character Art



Vault 118 (Needs a name change since well Beth now has a Vault 118.)

North Ashland

Map Link

Ashe Bloodborne

Barron Vanderbilt

Elizabeth “Nuke” Mouser SFW Version There is an NSFW version as well I do not suggest looking for it unless you like certain types of things. Hermaphrodite warning 

Vivian 'VI' Ashland

Got a new character. and a Long Bio. Schrodinger Zell of the Tahs.


Notes from the desk of Dr. Winfried Stroheim Head Researcher for Mountain Genetics a subsidiary of Big Mountain.
It's amazing what a few altered strands of DNA can do. I worked on the imperfect F.E.V. Strain, those fools. Using it only as a weapon when it can be so much more than that. I'm referring to of course the ability to play GOD. Mankind will be elevated above the realm of mere mortals, first comes the testing; to see the limits of our current technology, then surpass them. To that extent I evolved a multitude of animals, in my endeavor to create Humanoid life.
It's been sometime since my last greatest achievement, not that anyone is alive that's sophisticated enough to honor my works. I fear the Silence from Big Mountain means my former Colleagues have perished during the Great War. No matter. They were fools to exile me here in this frozen wasteland. Oh but I digress.
As I said it's been sometime since my last great achievement. The Humanoids I spliced alongside a modified F.E.V. Batch. How now taken to calling themselves. Autleeir Tah. Odd name for a race. But they've adapted well enough. Certain echelons of their race have developed various quirks. Some have enhanced intelligence, others increased fear and social dependence. This image from an Eye-Bot, is of those with increased aggression.
This.. Female is of what they call Huerra. They form a outer circle maintaining a barrier between the weaker of their kind and the outside world. Like Castle Walls. They are the first to meet and push back any Human forces that enter their territory. Quite fascinating. Each sub race depending on another making up for any deficiencies. I'll need to do further studies to understand the full extent of their development. End of Dr. Winfried Stroheim's notes.
Although not much is known about the Autleeir Tah. Schrodinger is the Clan leader of a Huerra sub race. Honor and Duty separate them from being wild beasts. While the rest of their race is more intellectually developed, the Huerras while not wholly lacking either don't have as much mental ability. They follow a code of conduct among themselves to prevent unnecessary violence, and maintain their sanity.

Ranger Claire



Name: Claire

Age: 28

Physical Description: With short unkempt crimson hair and light beard. He has black eyes and think brows. His smile is both charming and deceiving. He has a medium build with scars all over his body as he lived as a slave for a number of years. Other than a beaten face and slightly broken nose he looks rather handsome.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 190 pounds

Background: A born Con Man. He conned his way in and out of trouble for many years racking up a fortune only to lose it every so often after running afoul with various groups and individuals. He thought his charm and parlor tricks would always see him through but his luck finally ran out. He Conned the wrong people and ended up in the hands of Slavers. For six years he toiled in back breaking labor whipped and beaten to an inch of his life his will nearly drained. He prepared for one last Card trick. One he'd hope would free him from his servitude. A complex scheme was set into motion using the various slaves in custody he hoped to collapse the compound into chaos by simultaneously freeing every slave. It worked for mere moments the gap he'd hope to create presented itself but as it did the Slavers re organized far too quickly coming down on everyone locking down everyone's escape path. Claire ran not looking back as the gunfire continued to echo far into the forest.

It was by pure chance he ran into a Ranger patrol days later. Exhausted, Starved and bloodied he recanted his tale. And as the Rangers came down on the Slaver camp, the captors had already moved out. The slaves all dead and various equipment  lay scattered about. Claire knew that his life hung in the balance that day and he decided to turn his life around. To do that he joined the Arctic Rangers.

Personality: Calm and calculating. He masks his devious plans with a cheerful smile. He almost never loses his Poker Face as he can't afford to left his tells be known.

Occupation: Ranger
Combat Preference: Ranger. Likes long range Sniping, and quick rapid close range shots with his revolver. Prefers to maintain distance and or movement. If brought into close range he'll use his revolver to take accurate and fast shots, able to reload quickly by swapping cylinders he keeps things fast paced until he can once again engage at a distance.
Weapons and Armor: He uses a SVD sniper rifle, and a .357 Custom engraved and detailed revolver. As for armor. He wears a white button up shirt and  grey vest, along with grey trousers and black boot like dress shoes. Over that he has the Ranger armor the top vest for protection and Ranger coat.


Basilio Favale



Name: Basilio Favale

Age: 49

Physical Description: With graying hair neatly combed back. He has a full beard at times wrapping around his face about seven inches long at the chin, his mustache covers his upper lip. He'll shaves and trims it once in a while. His face is weather worn and brown eyes sharp but menacing. His build is a rather large and still muscular build with fat gathering in his gut.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 230 Pounds

Background: Born into the mercenary group the Dragon Zars. He rose through the ranks showing exceptional skill and battlefield tactics. There's not much to say regarding his life. He practiced a strict lifestyle following training, eating and combat missions. And as he got older and became more talented and respected as a Merc he eventually became the leader of the Dragon Zars.

Personality: A rather rational man, who rarely lets his emotions take hold of him in his decisions. Always Calm and collected. Although this was not always so in his youth he was rash and short-tempered. He has learned many things over the years to calm and sharpen his mind. His past as an Dragon Zars Merc gives him extensive knowledge on war and tactics. Once long ago he was known as Basilisk a Dragon Zars Merc so violent and dangerous he'd leave a trail of death and destruction behind him, now that name has been almost forgotten but some still tell rumors of his exploits.

Occupation: Mercenary Leader

Combat Preference: Warlord. He commands a large force of Mercenaries who at his commands preform many successful missions. Proficient in all manners of firearms and battlefield tactics. Now too old to be in direct combat he uses close quarters weapons in personal defense.
Weapons and Armor: He uses a PPSH-41 and a Serbu Super Shorty (Sawn Off Pump shotgun) And a Desert Eagle. For armor he wears combat armor. And for casual wear a shirt and vest combo with dress pants.


Mako Ravencroft



Name: Mako Ravencroft

Physical Description: With light skin, and medium length side shaved purple hair, and brown eyes. She’s physically attractive enough, with a good bust. She may be short, but she has the muscle to back up her big mouth.
Born March 4 2281
Age 21

Female Human, Asian descent
Height 5’6”
About 140 pounds

Background: Mako grew up surrounded by people, born to a family of Japanese descent in the heart of Vault 121. Although there wasn’t much in the way of culture of Japan in a post apocalyptic America, what remained was bits and pieces of westernized fiction, but not all of it was so off the mark. Mako read books describing the world of old, she read tales of knights, and mages, monsters and legends of film. She however grew ever fascinated by what little Japanese culture she found, most of it described belligerent, honor bound delinquents, who formed gangs and fought claiming street justice.

And as such she grew into her role, surrounded by a father; a Ranger who was sent off always on missions aiding far flung villages, a mother busy with work and brothers chasing after women. She tried her best to fit in, to be praised by her academics and studies. Yet it was never enough, not in a city as big as this, and surrounded by her perfect brothers. Who even after flirting with every girl they saw, managed to ace test after test and score the highest marks in class. Eventually she had enough herself. She modeled herself after the delinquents of old, who she saw as strong and admired.

Mako founded her own gang, on the principles of loyalty, honor, and strength. Though in truth, she just found more trouble. Ascending upon Anchorage her and her motley crew fought gangs and thugs and a never ending amount of Raiders. Her father took notice soon enough, as he tried to straighten out his only daughter. He taught her to shoot, and survive off the land, and for a time this father daughter bonding lead to a decrease in her violent activities. She had only ever wanted the attention of her family anyways. Her father, with the iconic ranger duster dragged her along out into the wilds, as they sat by a fire. And his hyperactive, carefree, and loving little girl that he raised returned to him.

But nothing lasts forever. The Rangers sent her Father to rescue Caravaners who had ventured into Zhang territory by accident; a freak storm forced them to find shelter. The rescue mission almost went as planned, however they were unaware that Zhang forces were marching on their location. Apparently they knew the Caravan had not left their territory. They were ordered to capture and imprison the caravaners, as well as retrieve the goods. The team of Rangers were prepared to fight if need be, but all it took was a single bullet to end his life.

Mako was delirious when she heard the news, all she wanted was her father's love and attention. She wanted his praise, the thought that he could die so easily did not align with the image of him that was larger than life. There wasn't anyone else who she respected enough that she'd listen to. And one day she disappeared. Her mental state became unstable, unhinged. She became insane to a degree. She's aware of who she is to a point, but she's lost her sense of fear. Her mind swirls in a state of constant movement where all her actions send adrenaline to her body pumping her full of chaotic energy. Always moving, always in a state of flux. Her enjoyment in life is the torment she inflicts upon the Empire of Zhang, as she rains down destruction and anarchy.

Personality: Chaotic, aggressive and ultimately unpredictable. Since her Father's death her mental state has become somewhat unhinged. Her hyperactive and carefree nature have turned violent towards just about anyone. There's always a chance someone will be shot in the back. Though she feigns innocence.

Occupation: Raider

Combat Preference: Unconventional, chaotic and highly dangerous. Closest DnD class Barbarian/Rouge. Likes dealing massive damage then retreating back into cover and disappearing.

Weapons and Armor. Her arsenal includes but is not limited to. Shock Gauntlets, Mini Guns, Rocket Launchers, various explosive grenades, Grenade Gatling Guns, and lastly her Gauss Revolver. She has been seen with a myriad of guns, explosives and energy weapons. Far to numerous to count. Though she'll always have at least her Shock Gauntlets, Grenade Gatling gun, and her Gauss Revolver.

As for Armor she wear something like this. With her Father's Duster hanging over her shoulders.


Barron Vanderbilt



Name: Barron Vanderbilt not his birth name he tossed it aside years ago
Age: 28
Gender: male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: about 215 pounds
Race: Caucasian

Occupation: Mafia Boss

Combat preference: DnD Class Fighter, Monk, And Warlord. Using a vast array of medium to close combat weapons. Barron is always in the thick of things. Causing panic with his 12.7mm Tommy Gun, rushing in with his 12 gauge. And subsequently pulverizing his enemies into a pulp with his fists.

Skills: He's an incredible boxer and more than capable of taking down larger opponents though he prefers shotguns and smgs as he's not particularly accurate with firearms, still he has a unique charisma that attracts like minded people. He's incredibly smart for a man who grew up with ordinary average parents who held no real potential. Perhaps he just got the better genes, or maybe whatever snapped in his mind unlocked his true potential. That's not to say he's able to hack computers or build robots. Oh no. While he's very intelligent for sure, his abilities are limited to understanding concepts and how things work. In short he's a brilliant tactician who understands that some things need a gentle hand and others a sledgehammer. Putting his higher learning to practical use he mastered Boxing using quick jabs putting his body weight behind each punch. 

Appearance: he has blonde hair neatly combed in a tunnel snake style, while his build is barrel chested a boxer's physique, with scars and cuts all over his body, he has average face with blue eyes.

Personality: Arrogant and cocky, brimming with confidence. He's psychotic, unpredictable, and a egotistical sadist. Driven by the need to kill, and his want fro power. He battles the two sides of himself to meet his end goal. Whatever they might be.

Weapons: A sawed off Hunting 12 gauge shotgun he calls the chieftain a pair of brass knuckles and a 12.7mm tommy gun called St. Valentines.

Clothing: He wears a variety of pre-war suits, under which he has a bullet proof vest. The suits are usually a variety of white, with a black tie, though he does wear black every now and then.

Bio: Barron began his killing spree when he was twelve after a raider attack he began to show psychotic tendencies and one night burned his parents in their sleep, after which he joined up with a few gangs and eventually ran them. Until he came across the Buckner Building. And Met Carol. He was infatuated, truly and utterly in love. And he put his moves on her without haste. Even though Carol's Father. Jordan Bates. Ran the joint. It didn't take long before Barron and Carol's relationship began to become toxic. Each of them had psychotic urges, violence and bloodshed, conquest and lust for power, freedom. And after a few weeks of sneaking around at night and finding places to sleep together. Barron put his plan into action. All went quick as Carol's Mafia Boss Father Jordan Bates was killed. Things were rocky during his ascension to power but he turned things around and soon enough won over the place.


North Ashland

Name: High Chief North Ashland



Species: Caucasian, with a mix of Yupik, It's a type of Eskimo.
Rank: High Chief, Highest position granted.
Age: 49

Occupation: High Chief of the Arctic Rangers

Combat Preference: DnD Ranger/Warlord. A Hunter by Nature. His tracking skills come in handy as he stalks his targets. Setting up battlefield tactics his men move in and complete their task all the while North picks them off at Medium to Long range.
Appearance: North, has a light brownish face. With a large bread that reaches down to his chest. His raven black hair is long and partially braided in the back, and his beard. His eyes are wide and has red cheeks, usually from the cold. He has a strong build standing at just 5'9".
Personality: North is very laid back, he treats his men like family, and often uses informal greetings with his men, and with those he knows personally. He has a strong grasp of knowledge regarding battlefield tactics, having fended off multiple sieges on Vault 118, by the more hostile tribes, outnumbered and out gunned. Although he doesn't always look like it. He trusts his men with his life, and they trust him all the same.
Abilities: He possesses a grasp of warfare that the other tribal chiefs lack, along with his aim with a rifle, he can make quick and decisive judgments on the battlefield. He once was a great tracker now his skills have dulled, but they still find use, every now and then.

Armor: He wears, the Arctic Ranger Combat Armor, with a fur over coat. The coat covers his shoulders and bulges at the top, with tails and paws of various animals hanging from the front. The coat itself is a dark gray, with spots of white and brown.
Weapons: A Mosin Nagant, with wrappings and scope and belt. And a Colt 1911. Along with his multitude of combat knives, and folding knives, as well as a pocket multitool, or Leatherman. But I'm going with Multitool. And flashlight.
Bio: Born in a small village. He was related somehow to just about everyone. The village had been isolated for a hundred a three years so the population had dwindled. It wasn't always like that. Once long ago they had plenty of trade and contact with the rest of the world. But severe weather, dangerous animals and lack of food forced them to continually move. When the Arctic Rangers rediscovered North's village. He was a boy of just 16. Thankful he would finally see girls not related by blood, he went off to see the world. Joined up with the Rangers soon after. He was smart, and was a quick study. He learned and mastered various combat and tactical knowledge. And became a fine leader in the process. He rose through the ranks, making Arctic Wolf somewhat young but it not unheard of. Eventually with age and wisdom he became a tribal chief, serving his people well. It wasn't until the current High Chief died, that he was chosen to take his place by the former chief himself. Many didn't approve of his climb through power at first, but in time he proved himself capable.


Tenma Hoozuki



Name: Tenma Hoozuki
Race: Of Japanese descent.
Age: 36

Occupation: Ghost Squadron Leader. Head of intelligence and Internal defense.

Combat Preference: DnD Rogue/Assassin. Using stealth and suppressed weapons he moves in for the kill. Slashing at necks or vital organs, he uses his 9 MM Machine pistol and swan off shotgun to cover his retreat.
Appearance: Standing at 6 feet, he is tall and rather slender looking. Always clean shaven, with medium length black hair. Although he has what some people consider good looks, he almost never smiles, or shows much expression of any sort. If he was a gambler he would have the perfect poker face.
Personality: Calm, serious-minded, and Sadistic, the only things he seems to care about is Alaska, and his pet birds.
Abilities: As the head of the Ghost Squadron, he manages all incoming Intelligence, collected by his agents, some of whom North has never heard of before. Mr. Hoozuki, as he is often addressed. Operates men, without North's approval or knowledge. He has done things for Alaska that will never be known by the public. Mr. Hoozuki is a torturer, a assassin, and drinker. His job is the protection of Alaska, from foreign invaders, or even from itself. He is very cunning and intelligent often understanding things before anyone else.
Armor: The Arctic Ranger Combat Armor.
Weapons: Two Karambits, meant to slash necks, and vital organs in close combat. A converted Automatic 9 MM Machine pistol. A hand held Spike gun, for interrogations, it uses compressed air. And a sawn off pump action shotgun.
Bio: Long before the Great War, Tenma's family moved to America, his ancestors had various jobs in the corporate sector. They settled down in what was once Seattle, once the Great War was over events began spiraling out of control, various forms of government, and ruling powers began imposing rules, and culling those they deemed mutants. His family before he was born, fled north, eventually settling down in Alaska. Tenma himself grew up like any other child would, except he took interest in other things. He took joy in sadistic acts, often no more than pranks, things like chili peppers in eye drops, or verbal belittling. The only things he seemed to like was Alaska's nature, and birds. He didn't care for people much and soon joined the Rangers, his intelligence and cunning gave him the edge he needed to climb the ranks, until he was given his own unit, which allowed him to secretly conduct operations with little outside knowledge.


Victoria Bearhorn



Writer's Note, outdated will need to re-edit later

Name: Victoria Bearhorn
Race: Native
Sex: Female
Age: 32

Occupation: Leader of Clan Bearhorn.

Combat Preference: DnD Barbarian/Psionicist or Psyker. Using her Gattling Laser she rushes into combat, saved from major injuries only with her Foresight ability. Her sawn off shotgun destroys anyone at close range. 
Appearance. She has light brown skin, with her body tattooed completely with Bears, and cultural markings. Her right arm was severed, replacing it, a sentry bot arm, with basic movements and a gatling laser which she has to fire manually. Essentially it’s a regular gatling laser, mounted to her arm. She has short black hair, and hazel eyes, with a face covered in scars.
Personality: Headstrong and cocky, she is often playful with her people, but crossing her is dangerous. As she gets her way, and often demands blood as retribution.
Abilities: She is a great leader of her people, but often charges head first into danger. Her skill and luck have so far kept her alive.

Special Ability: Pysker power Foresight. It grants her a one minute window into the future. It's not fully mastered and often gives her migraines. Though it's not a overbearing power, however most seem to believe it is always active as she reacts to things that have not yet happened. Regardless she becomes cocky, and it leads her to be careless.

Weapons and Armor: She wears a fur armor set, much like this. And a gatling laser mounted to her arm. A sawn off shotgun is her only other weapon.
Bio: As the leader of Clan Bearhorn, Victoria commands her people, waging war to appease her gods. And die in glory. She has grown up with the clan ever since she was born. When she was young in her late teens, she first tasted battle, it wasn’t until she was 22, when she lost her arm from a Bloodpack raider, one of the chemed up raider tribes, who sought nothing but death. After receiving some medical aid and a new replacement arm, the job was sketchy at best, with some whack job of a scientist installing a sentry bot’s arm. But it worked. It’s function is limited, and often needs to be led by her left arm to hit anything but it does it’s job. And now after being a leader for five years, they still remain strong. Although some worry about the future.


Deraid Cobra



Name: Deraid Cobra
Age: 36
Physical Description: With a dashing smile and a neat and trimmed face. His good looks and roguish nature make him incredibly popular with women. Broad shoulders and a physically fit muscular body. He has short well groomed hair in a business casual hair style. Combed back and greased. His hair color is black and his eyes are a light blue.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 210 pounds mostly in muscle.

Background: Over a hundred years ago his great grandfather Roberto Spaceman Cobra, left his Raider/Pirate life behind to raise his daughter. His skills and talent were quite renowned and although initially hesitant the Arctic Rangers offered him a place in Vault 118. This would be a boon for them. As his children and their children namely Deraid Cobra would become the most dangerous and feared Rangers in existence. Through Roberto he passed on his good looks, charisma and natural talent for ranged combat. Deraid  (OOC That's all for now. I'll expand on this later.)

Personality: He's a true Casanova who laughs in the face of danger, making casual remarks in the midst of heavy fire. He's quite the lovable rouge who always sees the mission through.

Occupation: Highest ranking Ranger. A  Arctic Wolf.

Combat Preference: Bard, Rouge. He's the suave individual who uses his words and his guns to fight his way through combat. Often provoking the enemy to attack so he could gain a favorable advantage. His skills with ranged laser rifles and revolvers make him deadly in any distance. Though his greatest ability is his use of words.
Weapons and Armor: He wears the Standard Arctic Ranger Armor and duster, and wields a Watts 2000 Laser Rifle with scope. And a Smith n Wesson Model 29 44 caliber revolver.


Elizabeth “Nuke” Mouser


Ever since Nuke was born she was an outcast, while her parents did love her they were also raiders displays of maternal affection was a sign of weakness among raider leaders. Add onto the fact that she was a real mutant of sorts meant her only friends were a bunch of bloodthirsty raiders. Her mutation left her somewhere between a girl and a boy, her body was almost entirely female except that she had male genitalia though once she became of age that didn’t stop raiders. Unsure of where she fit into the world and of her own gender she stumbled through life as she tried to gain the respect and affection of her parents by immersing herself into the raider lifestyle.
Her favorite weapons were always explosives, anything that went boom. As she constantly tinkered with explosives one day they blew up into her face or arm more like. As she laid curled in pain holding blood soaked rags upon her dismembered arm her parents rushed her to aid. While she would never be able to hold a rifle she did become adept enough with handguns to take care of herself, of course there are times where she uses grenades or Fatmans assuming they are already loaded.
When Nuke set out on her own she wandered and started her own raider gang until she moved to the City of Stanton a City of corruption and greed under the Iron Fist of Horrus Judge. Upon her time in Stanton she would eventually become the Deputy of the City. While various Sheriffs have come and gone Nuke has reminded behind enforcing the rules set forth by Judge whose word was law. Nowadays the only thing Nuke isn’t sure of is when the next pretty face will walk through her door or be thrown into a cell for her amusement and pleasure.

Vivian 'VI' Ashland



The Daughter of High Chief North Ashland. Vivian or 'VI' as she likes to be called is the troublemaker of the Vault. Often possessing far more energy than she can normally dispense during training. She'll find herself quickly bored and in a mess of trouble. She's the lovable prankster. Who finds ways to constantly amuse herself at the expense of others. While her fun is usually harmless. There was the incident last year in which she replaced the drinking water with a powdered flavor packet that just so happened to shoot it's way out of a water fountain into a poor Vault Engineer's nose. He never did regain his sense of smell. 

Regardless most find her antics most amusing. Especially the Mayor of Nome. Benjamin Black. A spy and master of a Thousand Faces. Vivian has learned a few tricks from him here and there. Much to the disapproval of her father. Mostly due to the prank Benjamin played on North. Which coated his beard in glue. In his effort to keep her out of trouble her father North has her learning Swordsmanship which requires great discipline and dedication. Vivian has still yet to learn of what those words mean, but her skill with a sword is no joke. Even her instructor agrees she is a capable swords-woman. If only lacking the experience. 

She enjoys her sword lessons with her Bastard Sword. A two handed sword. And enjoys causing great pain with pommel strikes to the groin. But she does aspire to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a Arctic Ranger just like him. Though that may take a while.







Constructed in old Alaskan mines outside Anchorage The Cooler was a fallback location for troops to resupply and counterattack a new Chinese invasion of Alaska. With the majority of Anchorage and other primary targets being hit with what survivors would come to know as dirty rad snow bombs, dirty bombs, and missiles instead of conventional nuclear missiles as seen unleashed in the continental USA. The Cooler is one of several secretly built fallback locations for USA soldiers to meet at with other being located outside the major cities and ports.

The Wednesday House


The Wednesday House. Located on the corner of Rabbit Creak  Road, and Elmore Road. Is an Old Victorian Manor. The grounds belonged to the mysterious Wednesdays. A large but welcoming family. Who were eccentric, and wealthy to the extreme. The Manor sits on a large plot of land where a small patch of trees grow, a lake is present on the property added by the owners. The house and property is decorated in a macabre fashion. With a Graveyard for the family. Those who entered the house shook in horror as items from foreign places fill the house. Taxidermy Animals, trophies that deal in death. Beds of Nails, swords, coffins. The floor creaks and exotic creatures once called the place home. Perhaps they still do? Ever since the war many have entered the dark creepy halls never to be seen again. Maybe the former residents aren't so former. Or maybe, just maybe. The House itself has come alive..

Cites: WIP


There are three main cities. Vault 118, Nome, and the city of Stanton, founded by William Ted Stanton, about 50 years after the Great War. It is now a city of vice and sin. Since it sits on the old Anchorage Port, it is a major trading hub, between other ships that travel up and down Alaska, as well as various ships from other unknown places. It sits between the various raider clans that inhabit the ruins of Anchorage. And the city of Nome, which is the collection of Native tribes that gathered to form a community.



Armacorp, the Pre-War Industrial Corporation that helped test and refine the Winterized sets of not only Power Armor, but the Arctic Ranger Riot armors. They were a rather new Corporation that built up a large customer base, many of those in high management came from other Industrial Corporations so skimming off the client list was easy enough for them.
They made under the table deals and met with powerful individuals so they grew quickly enough, though not enough to rival Industrial Giants, still they saw more than their fair share of military contracts. They tested guns and armor designs and had a competent R&D Department with talented engineers. Had the Great War never happened they could have been something great on their own, but since they worked with military contracts most of their work was unknown.
Armacorp has a few factories and a Regional Headquarters based in Alaska as they continued to work on improving armor designs after the Battle of Anchorage.

Location: The Greenhouse


Located in the Chugach National Forest it was a project to improve crop yields in cold climates as well on the effects of radiation.. Radiation had interesting results often mutating and rendering crops inedible by the days standards. With unhealthy doses of radiation lingering in the plants. Some work to improve the resistance of radiation was looked into but failed and was abandoned, though the crops did show improved results in colder climates.
The Greenhouse is a large Bio Dome, with it’s own artificial weather and climate. It’s remote location and Robotic Sentries protected it from many threats. As machines run automated cycles and tests regularly, though without human guidance they merely continue on with preprogrammed routines. The Dome houses hundreds of variations on plants, from Apples, Peaches, Corn, and Wheat. But the yield is small perfect for testing just not for harvesting.
The living quarters and rooms for the Scientists were decorated with living plants, trees that grew apples, bushes for berries. Entire bedrooms were lined with waterfalls and lush greens like lettuce as well as cherries. It was made to be relaxing enough to live and eat in, automated light cycles turned on the artificial Sunlight inside every room setting the sleep cycle for everyone. While most seemed to enjoy this, other became depressed and even paranoid. Perhaps there was more going on then a Garden of Eden? Regardless the research team hoped to find advances in agriculture and end world hunger, as was every botanist’s dream.

Location: The Buckner Building (Image)


The Buckner Building is an abandoned former U.S. military building in Whittier. It was constructed by the military in 1953 as a combined mess hall, sleeping quarters, recreational, medical and administrative facility and was formerly one of the largest buildings in Alaska, often being referred to as "the city under one roof".                                                                                                                                 
The building was slightly damaged by the 9.2 1964 Alaska earthquake, however damage was minimized by its reinforced concrete construction. There was no structural damage to the building itself, and subsequent inspections found the building to be in good condition. The building continued to operate until 1966, at which point it was shuttered due to the Port of Whittier being transferred to the Government Services Administration for disposal.                                                                                                                       
It subsequently has been renovated multiple times since and was reopened during the Great War, with new facilities and more additions.




Anchorage, believe it or not had casinos in the 50s. Two of them at least. The Gold Rush, and Klondike. Workers from the oil slope, would come to town, after weeks of working in cold or unfavorable weather. To relax, find some girls, and have fun. And if drinking your paycheck away wasn’t enough. You could try your luck at the two casinos in downtown Anchorage.

Anchorage, believe it or not had casinos in the 50s. Two of them at least. The Gold Rush, and Klondike. Workers from the oil slope, would come to town, after weeks of working in cold or unfavorable weather. To relax, find some girls, and have fun. And if drinking your paycheck away wasn’t enough. You could try your luck at the two casinos in downtown Anchorage.

The Gold Rush had a white exterior and simple Pre War decor. Located Downtown at sixth street.

The Klondike has that Rustic Cabin feel, on a grander scale. Mounts and Trophies along the walls and a central fireplace that has a 360 degree view. The wooden architecture and make it stand out.



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Got my latest character commissioned. Ranger Claire of the Arctic Rangers, Con Man, Gambler, sharpshooter and gunslinger what he can't talk his way out of he shoots. By the way anyone is welcomed to share ideas regarding my Fan Lore here, it doesn't just have to be all me.



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Right did some editing, hopefully it'll load faster and be easier to browse. Also new character time. There is a nude version out there by the artist but certainly not linking that here. Clicking the image will take you to the Deviant Art posting of below image all SFW. There is no 9 and 10, they are OCs for a RP I am in, and are not Fallout related.

Commission - vatrou 11

Victoria Bearhorn AKA Guild Leader

Born to her father Franklin Bearhorn she was poised to be his successor on the day of his death, death and combat were key roles in her religion growing up; war was revered, honored and those who fell gloriously were immortalized. Vtron the Bear God was their Odin their Valhalla, and they believed foxes who swoop down and pull warriors from the battlefield like Valkyries of Norse myth. Truth be told the first Bearhorn was just a charismatic raider punk who conjured up tales of myth and legend weaved from Norse mythology and present day happenstance. Mountain Bears unlike their smaller Yao Guai cousins were massive four armed goliaths who shook the ground with each step, it was easy to see why he had modeled the religion of Vtron after these creatures and pure luck other raiders believed him.

The Raiders Franklin led the ones the first Bearhorn Jack had managed to cobble together had grown into something not seen in the lower twelve commonwealths of 48 states. The petty shit raiders fought over would not fly in the harsh Alaskan state, everything including the flowers wanted you dead so raiders too grew smarter stronger; forming larger more organized bands and eventually guild like entities to those powerful enough to hold them. The Guild Victoria runs is the second largest in Alaska right below Stonewall in power, thankfully Stonewall was located in Juneau far from the Anchorage ruins they called home.

As you’d expect with organization raider guilds were more like factions as the strong absorbed the weak into themselves they regulated trade, agriculture and industry. While the strong got rich they turned this wealth onto the war torn state, improving roads, building jobs and ensuring neutrality to traders passing through their lands for a fee. Guild roads were safe, and easy to travel. They had been repaired by slaves who are now free due to an agreement that saw Bearhorn’s alliance with the Arctic Rangers one secured by North Ashland himself. And one that saw the death of Franklin Bearhorn.

Bringing this back to his daughter Victoria the terms of the alliance was simple, Bearhorn would ally themselves and implement a feasible plan to end their slavery within an acceptable timeframe. Only if North could fell Franklin in battle. One would assume young Victoria who watched her father be slain before her to harbor resentment but her belief in her religion was deeply rooted as was her father's, his death was glorious a fight that left North scars and one she was sure her father was pleased to have before he died of age. Some would question her ability others find her battle prowess fearsome, as she flaunts her strength and boasts her power. But most agree she is calm and composed even in the face of death, for as she would say. “Acting calm and composed is a privilege of the mighty.”

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Mako Ravencroft

Fallout Alaska OC

Name: Mako Ravencroft

Born March 4 2281

Age 21

Female Human, Asian descent
Height 5’6”
About 140 pounds

Background: Mako grew up surrounded by people, born to a family of Japanese descent in the heart of Vault 121. Although there wasn’t much in the way of culture of Japan in a post apocalyptic America, what remained was bits and pieces of westernized fiction, but not all of it was so off the mark. Mako read books describing the world of old, she read tales of knights, and mages, monsters and legends of film. She however grew ever fascinated by what little Japanese culture she found, most of it described belligerent, honor bound delinquents, who formed gangs and fought claiming street justice.

And as such she grew into her role, surrounded by a father; a Ranger who was sent off always on missions aiding far flung villages, a mother busy with work and brothers chasing after women. She tried her best to fit in, to be praised by her academics and studies. Yet it was never enough, not in a city as big as this, and surrounded by her perfect brothers. Who even after flirting with every girl they saw, managed to ace test after test and score the highest marks in class. Eventually she had enough herself. She modeled herself after the delinquents of old, who she saw as strong and admired.

Mako founded her own gang, on the principles of loyalty, honor, and strength. Though in truth, she just found more trouble. Ascending upon Anchorage her and her motley crew fought gangs and thugs and a never ending amount of Raiders. Her father took notice soon enough, as he tried to straighten out his only daughter. He taught her to shoot, and survive off the land, and for a time this father daughter bonding lead to a decrease in her violent activities. She had only ever wanted the attention of her family anyways. Her father, with the iconic ranger duster dragged her along out into the wilds, as they sat by a fire. And his hyperactive, carefree, and loving little girl that he raised returned to him.

But nothing lasts forever. The Rangers sent her Father to rescue Caravaners who had ventured into Zhang territory by accident; a freak storm forced them to find shelter. The rescue mission almost went as planned, however they were unaware that Zhang forces were marching on their location. Apparently they knew the Caravan had not left their territory. They were ordered to capture and imprison the caravaners, as well as retrieve the goods. The team of Rangers were prepared to fight if need be, but all it took was a single bullet to end his life.

Mako was delirious when she heard the news, all she wanted was her father's love and attention. She wanted his praise, the thought that he could die so easily did not align with the image of him that was larger than life. There wasn't anyone else who she respected enough that she'd listen to. And one day she disappeared. Her mental state became unstable, unhinged. She became insane to a degree. She's aware of who she is to a point, but she's lost her sense of fear. Her mind swirls in a state of constant movement where all her actions send adrenaline to her body pumping her full of chaotic energy. Always moving, always in a state of flux. Her enjoyment in life is the torment she inflicts upon the Empire of Zhang, as she rains down destruction and anarchy.

Personality: Chaotic, aggressive and ultimately unpredictable. Since her Father's death her mental state has become somewhat unhinged. Her hyperactive and carefree nature have turned violent towards just about anyone. There's always a chance someone will be shot in the back. Though she feigns innocence.

Occupation: Raider

Combat Preference: Unconventional, chaotic and highly dangerous. Closest DnD class Barbarian/Rouge. Likes dealing massive damage then retreating back into cover and disappearing.

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You're such an amazing storyteller, keep it up! I love the characterization! Really great character development for all your unique characters.

Edited by RΛY

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