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So I noticed while browsing the forums, that there are Mod subsections to some of the games (namely Bethesda titles) in the Games section of the forum.

Better demonstrated with a picture so everyone knows what I'm talking about.


^ That is what I meant, you can see the "Mods" and "Mod Development" subsections for those.

Now my request would be to add such a subsection to the Witcher sub-forum for any minions (such as myself) who mod the game extensively, be they users or developers. That part, if added may get more use than the main sub-forum and it would help distinguish mod posts from story and / or lore discussions or what have you.

I, for one, would definitely use it to keep sort of a contribution page for the mod I'm developing where the community could enhance it with ideas which they may want added to the game, be they new mechanics, new stats or whatever else they may think about.

It would also provide a better place where people could get modding help or suggest / review already existing mods.

I like the community because it's mature and friendly, so such discussions would be very beneficial to everyone who plays. I just registered to the site the other day, but I've been a member of the community since just before the first Skyrim mod review when Gopher started them and the Twitch one since he first streamed, so I know the people here are not fans of drama, but of friendly and beneficial discussion.

Not sure how others see it, but I think it would be a worthy addition (this isn't a complaint either, more of a suggestion because I love the design of the site overall).

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