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texture mods ( lite & full ) now have at the top ( just under disc / files etc.) have complete versions as well as stand alone ( cites / dungeon etc ) versions  but the tutorials says to do single ( there is no complete version option to be seen in vid ) mods. does the complete version you now can get actually compact all the single mods in one package? 

or is it like getting the unofficial skyrim patch which nexus says "no longer supported get legendary patch" so you do & get the legendary patch but the skyrim dlc remain red in the plugings until you ignore the  "get legendary" message & download the "no longer supported" unofficial patch which then turns the dlc black like all the other plugings.  

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Are you talking about any specific mods? I guess it would differ from mod to mod. If I had to choose, I would probably take the full version after checking when it has been last updated. And since textures mostly come without esps, I think it doesn't even matter that much what you take. Maybe try some packs out and pick what you like best and what your PC can handle best.

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