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Gopher's Minions

THE WITCHER 3 - Wild Hunt 129 : Missing Son

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i believe Geralt was poisoned by his own bomb (in the fiend fight)

this actually brigs up an idea for a possible tactics -

- lets say we drink that Oriole potion an then start using poison bombs ...

(althou personally i do not like bombs)


as for a possible counter vs fiend's hypnosis, you might check Cat description

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Hi Gopher, -Thank you for breaking your rule. Your Missing Miners quest did glitch out.

Most have to fight him at the start until 1/4 to 1/2 of his health was down then the talk starts.

This is not an easy task since Wham a Wham has a high critical hit chance that can take you out in one punch.

You barely scratching him and the talk triggered. Then the fight continued after the talk.

That is not suppose to happen if you choose to let it slide as you said.

Most excellent episode lots of excitement. Nice job on that Named Fiend.


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