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So Random post, GoG is doing something interesting and probably the main reason why I haven't used it more. I have many games on steam and as such it's not really in my interest to give my money to some other platform to provide me games. GoG however has started a new program and if they stick with it I think I will be switching. You can link your gog and steam account and they will GIVE YOU FOR FREE any game you already own that they are doing at that time and you can come back and add more once they do. In theory eventually you could move over your whole game library. So link down below do it or don't just thought I'd share. Have a good one.



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GOG connect? Interesting. I don't own any of the GOG games listed on their site.

I moved my Witcher 2 from Steam to GOG, using my W2 steam key and it cost me nothing. I see no reason to pick one or the other. I'm a member of both groups and could not be happier.

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